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… clergy until the end of the 18th century, when Łódź was annexed by Prussia as a result of the second partition of Poland. Following the collapse of the independent Duchy of Warsaw, the city became part of Congress Poland, a client state of…

Zoya Solanki is a client service rep with an advertising agency, who loves everything about her job especially the brand she has been put in charge of – Zing Cola (Pepsi in a fictional avatar). But when she’s made to leave an ad film…

Zerodha has a client base of 350,000+ customers, and handles average daily turnovers of Rs: 10000 – 12000 crores in equities and Rs: 1000 crores in commodities. The company offers commodities trading via its wholly owned subsidiary, Zerodha Commodities Pvt. Ltd.It is also an official member of NSE’s consultative committee for growing business.

ZeroVM has been integrated with Swift, the distributed object storage component of OpenStack.When the ZeroCloud middleware is installed into Swift, a client can make a request to Swift containing a ZeroVM program. The program is then executed directly on the storage nodes. This means that the program has direct access to the data.

… and education in the classics, and were hired to perform to both male and female clients, as well as employed by the state. Though yiji could in individual cases choose to sell sexual favors to a client, this was not a part of her profession as a yiji, but a parallel favor outside of their profession as a yiji and regarded as separated from it.

… the police. Things take a turn for the worse when Yeo-jin gets distracted from her duty and the police raid the motel where Jae-yeong is meeting with a client. To avoid getting caught, Jae-yeong jumps out of a window, fatally injuring herself.

Ye-na is described as pure and someone who helps others to whatever she desires. She is a client of Kang So-bong and Nam Shin’s fiancée. Her father is a high-up director at PK Group.

Xunlei Kankan, also known as Kankan, is a video-on-demand service with a web interface as well as a client application. Xunlei Kankan is also available on mobile platforms including Android and iOS (including iPhone and Kankan HD for iPad).

XKB also improves upon the core protocol’s handling of bells; the core protocol only supports one bell, and the only action a client can perform is to ring the bell. XKB supports multiple named bells and allows a client to deactivate some of them and to be informed when a bell is rung.

XKB allows a client to query the physical shape of the keyboard, including the shapes of individual keys. In particular, keys are arranged into sections, possibly rotated (as an example, the numeric keypad is typically considered a…

XKB allows a client application to explicitly latch or lock a modifier. Moreover, an application can bind a key press or release to a modifier state change. This way, a modifier may automatically become latched or locked whenever a key is pressed or released.

Diamond Appraised was translated into Japanese, the Hanshin Tigers of Japan’s Central League became a client of his consulting service. The other client of Wright’s business that was not a major league team was STATS, Inc.. For a dozen years they used Wright as a consultant to design their products for major league teams.

Wrap services are online services where investors access their account details online. Fund Supermarkets are generally more transactional and are used for buying funds cheaply online – either by a financial adviser (on behalf of a client) or by the investor themselves.

… (1990), a later word painting bearing the broken word FOOL, sold for £4.9 million ($7.7 million). In November 2013, art dealer Christophe van de Weghe bought Apocalypse Now (1988) for $26.4 million on behalf of a client at Christie’s New…

Wood was a client of Sir Joseph Duveen. Like most of Duveen’s clients, Wood donated his paintings to public institutions, including his residence that was distinguished by the Beaux-Arts architecture, influenced and built by William Adams Delano and which now houses the Crescent School.

Wolpe found that if he presented a client with the actual anxiety inducing stimulus, the relaxation techniques did not work. It was difficult to bring all of the objects into his office because not all anxiety inducing stimuli are physical…

Wolfe won’t take Hattie on as a client, but he allows Archie to accompany her to her boardinghouse and investigate. Once there, Archie meets Hattie’s boarders: Raymond Dell, Noel Ferris and Paul Hannah, three actors, and Martha Kirk, a…

Within the first decade of business, anchored by a client roster including Andersen Windows, Land O’Lakes and Northwestern National Bank – Ray Mithun, at the age of 34, was named president and billings had grown to $2.7 million by 1943. A 1274% increase since 1933.

Withdrawal from representation, in United States law, occurs where an attorney terminates a relationship of representing a client. There are two types of withdrawal: mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory withdrawal occurs where a circumstance…

… bishops of Kuyavia. In 1806 Łódź joined the Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw and in 1810 it had approximately 190 inhabitants. After the 1815 Congress of Vienna treaty it became part of the Congress Kingdom of Poland, a client state of the Russian Empire.

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