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… channels. As well as programs on gender issues which tackle the typical machismo perspective, it hosts programs that talk openly about homosexuality and others that address Indigenous and Afro-Venezuelan rights. The channel tries to broadcast a closer or more approximate vision of the working class and particularly the world of young caraqueños.

… used as a starting pitcher as well as a closer in tight games. Zimmermann attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and was drafted by the Washington Nationals in the second round of the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft.

Orioles in the third round of the 2006 MLB draft. Initially a starting pitcher, Britton converted to a closer where he has been very successful – leading the American League in saves in 2016 and being named to the AL All-Star team in 2015 and 2016.

… and servant are enchanted by Camille, whom Mirakle plans to become Erik’s mate. He invites her to come and take a closer look at Erik, who grabs Camille’s bonnet. Dupin tries to get it back, when Erik tries to strangle him. Mirakle backs him…

… there was a closer link between early nonconformist chapels and public houses than has been thought. The chapel was built in 1862 by David Morgan of Treorchy and named Ynyslwyd after the estate which owned the land. The first minister was Thomas Davies.

… who possessed greater political credentials and a closer relationship to the President. In fact, Yeutter argued that his independence from Reagan reflected his success in the position.

Yellow Pages group was a division of Bell Canada until 1971 before they had become incorporated as Tele-direct Inc. In 1999 the company changed the name for Bell Actimedia Inc to reflect a closer alliance with the Bell family.

… who advocated for a closer alliance with other opposition groups (Yashin is no longer a Yabloko member, while Reznik stayed as a leader of its St. Petersburg branch, but later excluded from the party for supporting electoral fraud of St.

X-rays have been detected from V473 Lyrae during a survey looking for x-rays from young main sequence companions to Cepheid variables. However, the x-rays in this case appear to originate from the Cepheid itself, not from the companion. There may be a closer unseen companion or the x-rays may have another cause.

X-rays – X-ray images will allow the physician to have a closer look on whether or not the bones are growing abnormally.

… strongly supported a closer political union between the nations of the Caribbean. He was knighted for his services to cricket in 1964.

Woodroffe’s work also includes Tomographs (not to be confused with the medical scan – according to his book A Closer Look Woodroffe believed he had ‘invented’ the word in the seventies from the Greek words for ‘cut’ and ‘drawing’, until he…

… to the remaining genus of the tribe, Neesia. Camptostemon and Papuodendron are often included in this tribe as well. However, certain characters (pollen morphology, androecial vasculature, and wood anatomy, for example) support a closer relationship to the Malvoideae than to the Helicteroideae for these two genera.

Within Bosawás live an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 insect species; the number is believed to be higher, however a closer estimate is not possible due to the area being relatively unexplored. The botanical diversity of Bosawás is very…

… welding them together in a closer union than had hitherto been deemed attainable. For some time he carried on his labors in conjunction with Pestalozzi, but incompatibility of disposition soon induced them to separate. The scheme of Fellenberg…

With the rise and subsequent election of the conservative National Party in 1948, the new government began passing legislation that allowed for a closer relationship between the police and military. There were moves to militarize the…

With the introduction of the Surface 3, Microsoft aims to make the Surface more affordable for those who don’t need the power of the Surface Pro 3, at the expense of some performance. Surface 3 can be considered a closer competitor to traditional tablets like Apple iPad, with Surface 3 offering full desktop OS capabilities instead of a tablet’s mobile OS.

Teresa finds an empty overturned vehicle which resembles Joe’s car. Upon a closer inspection, they realize it was not. Back in town, a man who Joe helped change a tire recognizes Joe from the images of him on TV. The search and rescue team…

With the election near at hand, a closer look was needed to better see the ebb and flow from day to day. Since each pollster may have had a different set of parameters, it was useful to look at line graphs of a number of them on one page to better discern trends. Horizontal dashed lines represent actual final voting.

… experience in government, he had little interest in policy except for Cold War anti-communism, ignored majority views of his party and fellow parliamentary colleagues and further alienated party members by trying to forge a closer alliance with…

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