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… the rustling movements and calls of a cloud rat, which were clearly distinct from those of tarsiers. For three nights, as dusk fell (local time 17:55-18:35 hr), they recorded the same sounds. On 8 January (18:05 h) the actual cloud rat was…

Zone 22 – A place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form or a cloud of combustible dust in air is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur, will persist for a short period only.

Zone 21 – A place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in air is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally.

Zone 20 – A place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in air is present continuously, or for long periods or frequently.

… couples dance sensually and sometimes a cloud of generated smoke covers the dance floor. Touching and kissing between couples of the same sex is highly tolerated in many of these clubs. Some also have “dark rooms” where patrons can find privacy for more intimate acts. A number also have unofficial dress codes.

Zettagrid Pty Ltd is a cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider. The companys management, architecture and apps divisions operate from Perth, Western Australia with a sales office in Sydney, New South Wales.

ZERO VFX developed Zync in 2011, a cloud based rendering tool for VFX and was sold to Google for an undisclosed sum in August 2014.

She floats across the snow, leaving no footprints (in fact, some tales say she has no feet, a feature of many Japanese ghosts), and she can transform into a cloud of mist or snow if threatened.

Yellow: Fire Blaster, which shoots a fixed-range bolt that erupts into a cloud of yellow fire. Bomb: Chain Reaction, a sphere of yellow energy that can replicate as it destroys foes.

Yandex.Disk (Яндекс.Диск) is a cloud service created by Yandex that lets users store files on “cloud” servers and share them with others online. The service is based on syncing data between different devices. Yandex.Disk was launched in English in June 2012.

Xeround provides a cloud database service for applications based on the open source edition of the MySQL database (MySQL is currently owned by Oracle). The product addresses two related problems: it is complex to run databases on the…

Xenbase runs in a cloud environment. Its virtual machines are running in a VMware vSphere environment on two servers, with automatic load balancing and fault tolerance. Xenbase software uses Java, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, and CSS. It also uses IBM’s WebSphere Application Server and the IBM DB2 database.

Xcel Energy performed an emergency shutdown in late January 2015 of the Unit 1 reactor after a cloud of steam built up in the pressurized cooling system following a cooling-down process to replace a seal in one of the reactor cooling pumps. The plant returned to full power in February 2015.

… before immigrating to the United States in 1848 under something of a cloud in disagreement with the French Government; he settled in Texas four years later and became a naturalized citizen in 1855. Debray published a Spanish language…

… in a cloud, which would be incorporated into the space phase. It helped orchestrate such gravitational dynamics as orbits, nebula formation, star formation and particle streams from sources like pulsars and black holes. ParticleMan was…

… the outer membrane breaks down as a result of the actions of the bacterial protein listeriolysin O which punctures the vacuolar membrane. A cloud of residual donor cell-derived actin persists around the bacterium for up to 30 minutes. The…

With this background, the 2001-02 season began under a cloud. Only 745 fans turned up to see Chester lose their opener 2-0 at home to Woking, and the eight league matches in September passed without any wins. However, at the start of…

With the discovery of the pion in 1947, the search for new elementary particles became a popular research topic. By operating fast ionization chambers within a cloud chamber, Herbert showed that the bursts of ionization they recorded were…

With the creation of NetHosting, Fibernet expanded its product line to include Dedicated, VPS, Virtual Hosting, and a cloud computing platform.

With handheld computers and smartphones becoming more ubiquitous, business card data is increasingly exchanged electronically via direct wireless connections (e.g. infra-red, Bluetooth, RFID), SMS, specialized apps (e.g. Bump) or via a

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