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…Žikica Vuksanović (born 11 May 1974) is a retired Slovenian football defender. He spent most of his career playing for Maribor in the Slovenian PrvaLiga. After his retirement as a player, he was a member of the board at his first club, Železničar Maribor. He was also a coach of NK Maribor youth selections.

…Ščasný has won the Czech league championship five timesthree times as a player and twice as a coachand the Czech Cup three timestwice as a player and once as a coach.

…Štilić began working as a coach with former team Željezničar, first with the youth sides then as assistant to Jiří Plíšek. In early November 2004, the Czech was sacked and he was appointed as his replacement, going on to act as caretaker for several matches, and eventually returning to the youth team.

…Šmarda became a coach at Hradec in the Czech 2. Liga in 2008 immediately after ending his playing career. Due to injury problems in the first-team squad, Šmarda played the full 90 minutes in a friendly match for Hradec Králové in February…

…Šimundža began his coaching career in 2003, when he was a coach of the youth selections at Železničar Maribor, where he started his career as a player. He started his senior coaching career in 2008, when he was appointed as an assistant…

… there were playing players like Jerzy Klempel, Daniel Waszkiewicz, Zdzisław Antczak, Zbigniew Tłuczyński, Andrzej Sokołowski, Bogdan Kowalczyk. And in 1978 Slask played in final of Champions League! But it lost with German club SC Magdeburg. Slask won last Polish Championship in 1997, with Jerzy Klempel as a coach.

…Ōzutsu remained in sumo as an elder of the Japan Sumo Association, and worked as a coach at Taihō stable, initially under the name Ōtake Oyakata. In 1997 he switched to the Tateyama kabu when it was vacated by the former ōzeki Daiju. In 2003 Taihō retired as head coach and the former Takatōriki took over, renaming the heya Ōtake stable. Ōzutsu continued to work as a coach there until 2008 when his Tateyama stock, which he was only borrowing, was needed by the retiring Tamakasuga. Ōzutsu had to leave the Sumo Association as a result. He now runs a French-style restaurant in Yokohama.

… sanshō or special prizes. He wrestled for Taihō stable and after his retirement in May 1992 he worked there as a coach before leaving the Japan Sumo Association in 2008.

… from sumo at the age of 38. He said that although he would have liked to have reached a san’yaku rank, he left with no regrets. He has stayed in the sumo world as a coach at Irumagawa stable, having purchased the toshiyori name of Wakafuji. His danpatsu-shiki, or official retirement ceremony, was held at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan on 30 January 2010.

… championship with a perfect score and became the sport’s 62nd yokozuna. However, he was able to win only one more championship before his retirement in 1991. He has remained in sumo as a coach and in 1999 became the head of Shibatayama stable.

…İn 2015 May Gabriela Paz confirmed today her retirement from professional tennis. She will become a coach now.

…Čedomir Đoinčević (Чедомир Ђоинчевић; born 5 May 1961) is a Serbian retired footballer who played as a central defender, and a coach.

…Özarı’s career as a player ended early due to his desire to become a coach. In 1961, he attended a coaching seminar in England, led by Walter Winterbottom. When he returned home, he became Galatasaray’s assistant coach. Three years later, he took over the head coach position from Kılıç and led the team to four championships.

…Óscar Martínez Diéguez (born 9 March 1974) is a former professional tennis player from Spain and now a coach.

…Óscar Javier Tabuenka Berges (born 24 April 1971 in Bilbao, Basque Country) is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a central defender, and a coach.

…Óscar Emigdio Benítez (born October 6, 1948 in San Vicente, El Salvador) is a former Salvadoran (El Salvador) football player and manager. Benítez became a coach and has spent almost two decades managing several clubs in El Salvador and Honduras.

… veteran midfielder Falcão. However, Édson’s injury ultimately led to the début of Josimar, at right-back, for the next game against Northern Ireland. Édson, as luck would have it, never played for Brazil again. Since 1998, he is a coach.

Zug has written an obituary on a South African communist; a review of a travel book on Siberia; a magazine article on the last player of an obscure racquet sport; an essay on Quaker education; an appreciation for Doris Lessing’s forgotten first novel; and an interview with a groundhog handler in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. His latest book is about a coach who has overcome tremendous adversity to lead his team to the all-time collegiate record for consecutive win streaks.

Zueva left Russia in 1991 to work as a coach and choreographer in North America. She currently coaches at the Arctic Figure Skating Club in Canton, Michigan as part of the International Skating Academy. In 2001, she began coaching in partnership with Igor Shpilband. On June 3, 2012, she confirmed that they were no longer working together.

Zubair Jahan Khan lives in London and is a coach at Cumberland Lawn Tennis.

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