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Zuojiang Zhuang is not a coherent group of languages. See Tai languages#Pittayaporn (2009) for a classified list.

Zoline hired French Olympian skier Emile Allais to scope out the ferociously difficult terrain and resolve lifts and runs into a coherent ski mountain. Additionally, he hired ecologists and environmental planners to protect the mountain.

Horacio Garcia Rossi and Joel Stein, seeking to develop a coherent abstract visual language composed of simple geometric elements.

Yoshida Kanetomo (1435-1511) was a Japanese Shinto priest of the Sengoku period. He was a seminal figure in the evolution of a coherent descriptive and interpretive schema of Shinto ritual and mythology.

… photometry, photometrie, fotometria. Photometria was the first work to accurately identify most fundamental photometric concepts, to assemble them into a coherent system of photometric quantities, to define these quantities with a precision…

Words for Battle was produced with the purpose of raising morale and is an example of compilation documentary, in which various film extracts are assembled into a coherent whole, accompanied by a commentary to explain the intended message…

Wooloowin State School’s 1914. 1918 and 1925 buildings form a coherent group of one and two-storeyed classroom blocks linked together by verandahs. The buildings are masonry constructed on brick piers, which form an undercroft play area.

… literature with an accompanying cloud of definitions of what is meant as an industrial district characterised the international dabate, e.g. Cluster. Industrial districts in Italy have a coherent location and a narrow specialisation profile, e.g. Prato in woollen fabric, Sassuolo in ceramic tiles or Brenta in ladies’ footwear.

… identity, and in the creation and construction of memories; it is thought by some to be the fundamental nature of the self. The breakdown of a coherent or positive narrative has been implicated in the development of psychosis and mental disorder,…

Within its efforts regarding a coherent European legal frame work, the European Commission published a Green Paper for a European contract law in July 2010 where it puts seven options for the further handling with the prepared Draft Common Frame of Reference up for discussion.

… in education, publication, and consulting for governments and private businesses: indeed, she has established a coherent doctrine based on Law, economics, and politics, on the rules and decisions characteristic of regulated sectors (such as…

… have thus far been more successful than attempts with digital Manga publishing in Japan, which have lacked a coherent strategy to create successful digital platforms in which to publish, and had revenue considerations from the impact of…

With the formulation of a coherent development plan and the establishment of the SCECOs, the Government was able to bring electricity to the towns, villages and settlements throughout the Kingdom.

Popolo and the Italian Anarchist Union were born in the period 1919-1921 to combat the nationalist and fascist surge of the post-World War I period. Thus as soon as fascism coalesced into a coherent ideology, a militant leftist opposition sprouted in response.

With the Cold War as an engine for change in the ideological competition between the United States and the Soviet Union, a coherent space policy began to take shape in the United States during the late 1950s. Korolev took inspiration from the competition as well, achieving many firsts to counter the possibility that the United States might prevail.

With neither a pressing moral mission, nor a united leadership, nor a widely read official organ, nor an active membership, nor a coherent program, nor financial resources, the Social Democratic League rapidly withered and died during the first half of 1920.

With advances in the theory of electromagnetism and in quantity calculus, it became apparent that a coherent absolute system of units could only include one electromagnetic base unit. The first such system was proposed by Giorgi in 1901:…

… pick lines from The Tempest they thought they might have use of, and then put them together into a coherent synopsis. An influence for the visual style was Jules Verne’s Propeller Island from 1895.

With, Clarke aimed to combine his passions into a coherent philosophy by which to guide his new e-commerce site. Clarke believes that his efforts have helped both publishers and readers understand and achieve their specific goals.

… experience is fundamentally ineffable, it is impossible to hold a coherent discussion of it using public language. This means that religious belief cannot be discussed effectively, and so reason does not affect faith. Instead, faith is found through experience of the spiritual, and so understanding of belief is only gained through the practice of it.

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