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…Ōwani occupies the hilly southern border between central Aomori Prefecture and northern Akita Prefecture. The town has a cold maritime climate characterized by cool short summers and long cold winters with heavy snowfall.

Vaudron after its founder. There his artistic talents were discovered and encouraged. The next year, a cold kept him in his father’s apartment, where he began stamp collecting, a hobby that would become his sole source of income several times in his life.

Zicam is marketed as a homeopathic product which the maker claims can shorten the duration of a cold and may reduce the severity of common cold symptoms. It is marketed in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States,…

Zhao Yiting lives a cold and meaningless life as he tries to pursue the only goal he knows: destroying the person, who took everything from him. As he lost his father because of Lin Man, he decides to take revenge on her. At the same time,…

… because of childhood experiences. In his early teenage years, Yanzu was separated from his childhood friend, Jojo, because of his mother. Jojo lived at the Zhao household for a few years, as Jojo was the daughter of a woman Erxiang had an affair with. Yanzu maintains a cold, icy exterior, although inside he is a thoughtful person.

Zhang Zhen’s family had fallen on hard times but remembering the bethrothal agreement between his father and the prime minister, Master Chin, he set off for his fiance’s home. When he arrived, he was distressed to receive a cold reception…

Zanjan has a cold semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification BSk) with hot, dry summers and cold, moist winters, often with snowfall. Precipitation is very low, and mostly falls between October and May.

Zamyn-Üüd has a cold desert climate (Köppen climate classification BWk) with very warm summers and very cold winters. Most precipitation falls in the summer as rain, with some snow in the adjacent months of May and September. Winters are very dry.

Zamora has a cold semi-arid climate (Köppen: BSk), with cool winters and hot summers. Precipitation is mainly recorded in the two seasons, spring and autumn, with summer characterized by droughts.The highest temperature ever recorded is 41.0 °C on 24 July 1995 while the minimum stood at −13.4 °C on 16 January 1945.

Zaisu are very common in Japan, particularly in houses with traditional Japanese-style rooms (washitsu) where low tables and sitting on a floor of tatami mats are commonplace. They are for relaxing on a cold night under a heated kotatsu table.

Picton, to be a cold war hospital in case of war.Today, the School has around 600 pupils and 50 members of staff. The staff levels have decreased due to the recession.There is talk around the local area of merging Ysgol Bro Gwaun with Ysgol Dewi Sant because of the amount of surplus places.

… was actually Fang Kai. In memory of the boy, she keeps several tortoises as pets. As a result of the trauma from the kidnapping experience, she develops claustrophobia and a general distrust towards men. She puts up a cold exterior in…

… and his mother opens a small restaurant. He is a capable person at work but he has a cold exterior and it is difficult to read his mind.

Yoon Tae-young as Yeon HogaeDamdeok’s cousin and rival. At first he was very open and pleasant towards Damdeok, but after his mother’s death he resolved to take revenge. This was combined with his character changing devastatingly to a

Yomogita occupies the eastern coastline of Tsugaru Peninsula, facing Mutsu Bay. The village has a cold maritime climate characterized by cool short summers and long cold winters with heavy snowfall.

Yokohama occupies the northeastern coastline of Mutsu Bay, at the entrance to Shimokita Peninsula. The town has a cold maritime climate characterized by cool short summers and long cold winters with heavy snowfall (Köppen climate…

… kidnapping orchestrated by his own mother and one of her boyfriends when he was young has left him traumatized for the rest of his childhood and left him with mental issues. Unable to trust anyone he puts on a cold persona when dealing with people. After another kidnapping orchestrated by his chauffeur he is left over traumatized and unable to function.

Yeon-ae introduced a friend of hers to Young-min in her shop. The man offered to shake his hand with Young-min, but Young-min gave him a cold look. At home, Young-min advised against his sister to continue their relations with the man.

Xion the Unborn – a cold and reserved man who plots to exterminate all other Zoanthropes. His Zoanthrope is the Unborn.

… her as a cold, conniving, calculating woman wearing a death mask of white powder she insisted makeup artist Perc Westmore create for her.

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