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Zverev is a colleague of prominent Russian Soviet hairdresser and designer Dolores Kondrashova.

Zhu Zhixin (12 October 1885-21 September 1920) was a colleague of Sun Yatsen in his early organizing of the anti-Manchu revolutionary party the Tong Meng Hui and helped Sun develop and spread his revolutionary philosophy. In 1918 he…

… the early part of his military career. Yue drank in great excess because he believed it fitted the image of heroes of old. However once he nearly killed a colleague in a drunken rage, the emperor made him promise not to drink any more until the Jurchen invaders had been driven away.

Years later, Inspector Ho Ka-On (Andy On) is investigating the case of Wong Kwok-Chu (Lee Kwok-Lun), a colleague who went missing when he and his partner, Ko Chi-Wai (Lam Ka-Tung), were in pursuit of a suspect. Wong has been AWOL for 18…

Yasushi Kataoka (Kataoka Yasushi) (4 June 1876 – 26 May 1946) was a Japanese architect, and a colleague of Kingo Tatsuno.

Dajian (李大簡), and he became a colleague of Li’s after he came to serve under Lü, and he took the opportunity, on one occasion, to batter Li severely along with his guards, almost causing Li’s death. Lü, however, favored his talent and did not…

Wriothesley was the first secretary to share the office with a colleague.

Woodcock worked in Potenza for about ten years where he was a colleague of the former magistrate Luigi De Magistris, now mayor of Naples, and they cooperated in anti-mafia investigations.

Wood was president from the institute’s inauguration in 1852 until 19 December 1865 when he died aged 70. Robert Stephenson, son of George Stephenson, a colleague and contemporary of Nicholas Wood, was his pupil at Killingworth Colliery…

… philosophy his own system is a modified version. At Halle, Wolff at first restricted himself to mathematics, but on the departure of a colleague, he added physics, and soon included all the main philosophical disciplines.

… advise on camouflaging the build-up of forces. In November 1944 together with a colleague, he set up and ran a new camouflage training school at Scottish Command, Edinburgh.

With his wife Emily, and a colleague Orange Smalley, Davenport received the first American patent on an electric machine in 1837, U. S. Patent No. 132. He used his electric motor in 1840 to print The Electro-Magnetic and Mechanics Intelligencer – the first newspaper printed using electricity.

With a colleague, G. E. Maxwell Keys, Robinson was responsible in 1936 for the establishment of vocational guidance nationally as part of the Ministry of Education rather than the Ministry of Labour, significantly changing its role.

With Tinus van Bakel, a colleague in tobacco and art, he regularly traveled to Belgium in the 1930s to buy art. One of the places they visited (in 1936) was the artists’ colony of Sint-Martens-Latem.

With Ellen Porter, a colleague from the Girls’ Friendly Society lodge, Smith established a movement to promote Mothering Sunday, collecting and publishing information about the day and its traditional observance throughout the UK. The movement established Mothering Sunday as a widely observed day throughout the British Empire.

… limitations did not apply. He sent a colleague, Dr Luis Thomasset, to Russia to work on AI with the Soviets. He himself introduced AI to other countries, such as Argentina.

Wirths was a colleague of Nikolaus Riehl, who was the director of the scientific headquarters of Auergesellschaft. Auergesellschaft had a substantial amount of “waste” uranium from which it had extracted radium. After reading a paper in…

Winckler was a colleague of Bach at the Thomasschule. He was a versatile scholar whose interests included experimental physics, and he was later elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

… and Salonika. During the conference Wilson passed a note to a colleague describing it as “a mass meeting between two vomits”.

… the Amazon and was assassinated on July 21, 1980. He was a colleague of Chico Mendes, the President of the Xapuri Rural Workers Union, who similarly lost his life defending the Amazon.

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