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… in Hyrule as punishment. Although Link’s whereabouts are still unknown, a comment by Lady Alma prompts Zelda to throw her mirror against the wall, and as it smashes, Link magically materializes, seemingly having been trapped in the mirror. They then start laughing because they’re happy that all is well again.

… 2001.The album’s title is taken from a comment made from the stage by Crass singer Steve Ignorant whilst trying to stop a group of skinheads in the audience from fighting.

Users can also customize their streams as well as their communities. In addition, members can also respond to Yookos’ activities by simply posting a comment through email.

Yoko Aki, songwriter. Her husband, Ryudo Uzaki sat behind Yoko. He made a comment that he was impressed with Ichirō Toba’s song.

Written in the volume in an eighteenth-century hand is a comment which includes a brief description: Diary affords a lively picture of the sordid and selfish views of the writer and of his friends for his advancement, in seeking for a rich…

… become offended at a comment Herbert had made in We Chose the Country, one of his works, and he left the couple to build the house themselves without his guidance.

Woyzeck is a comment on social conditions as well as an exploration of complex themes such as poverty. Woyzeck is considered as morally lacking by other characters of higher status, such as the Captain, particularly in the scene in which…

Their strategy was to give Karl a forum to speak his mind, building a storyline from interviews in which he leaped from one topic to another, and then periodically pop up to make a comment on Karl’s views. Their original intent was for Karl to be the only voice in the film, but during editing they decided to include opening narration to introduce Karl.

… overseas for business, he tells Bobbie that by the time he gets back, she should now be willing to marry him. Alex, who overheard the incident, gave a comment with which Bobbie dismissed. Later on, Alex went to see Chad and asked him to marry her. Chad disagreed with the idea.

While taping a 2007 comedy special for Logo, Smith disclosed that he is suffering from a neurological disorder. He described his symptoms at that time as slurred speech, making him sound inebriated. In response to an August 2012 New York Times article on openly gay male standup comedians, Smith posted a comment stating he has ALS.

While at the BBC, Gilbert also produced an arts magazine programme called Mainstream, a programme described by The Sunday Times TV critic as ‘the worst programme in the history of television’; it is a comment Gilbert still treasures.

While a Nieman Journalism Fellow at Harvard University, studying digital media and citizen journalism, a blog post by Thomas reporting a comment by P.J. Crowley received wide coverage, and resulted in Crowley’s resignation.

… to undermine Maxwell’s business partner C.C. Babcock (Lauren Lane) who has her eyes on the very available Maxwell Sheffield. Niles is often seen making witty comments directed towards C.C with C.C often replying with a comment of her own in their ongoing game of one-upmanship.

When he returned, he posted the images to Flickr, with a comment about how lucky he felt to finally get the image in four years of macro photography. Shaun Winterton, a senior entomologist at the California Department of Food and…

When a news crew from KSTP-TV entered the school grounds to ask for a comment about the MDoE findings, school director Asad Zaman and another school official grabbed the crew’s camera. Police were already in the area at the time of the incident. No charges against KSTP (for trespassing) or the school officials (for assault) were pursued.

When Taylor was ten years old, several years before started the sport, her grandmother made a comment to her after having seen the game that Taylor could play and one day make the Paralympics. Only when she got to high school, in August…

When Browning died in 1889, he was regarded as a sage and philosopher-poet who through his writing had made contributions to Victorian social and political discourse – as in the poem Caliban upon Setebos, which some critics have seen as a

Wendy Davies in her Wales in the Early Middle Ages (1982) mentions the Cantiorix inscription parenthetically as part of a comment on people and communities. She says generally that there is very occasional mention of cives (citizens) as…

We know Buttery was still in the Straits in 1880 from a comment made by W. G. Gulland, during the 20 August session of the Legialative Council. Gulland had brought up the matter of the purchase of Sandilands, Buttery & Co.s land in Penang…

WGBH requested a comment in 2013 from Zebbler to reflect back on the incident, and he stated he thought the overreaction by the government was a greater symptom of the American culture during that time period. Zebbler said he would take part in a subsequent guerilla marketing event if there was a benevolent motivation behind it.

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