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Zemsky’s research focuses on assisting institutions of higher education in balancing a commitment to their mission with market success, and he pioneered the use of market analyses in higher education. He is perhaps most famous for his…

… which advocates for a public health approach to drug policy that reduces the harms from drug use and abuse. Harm Reduction Coalition is “driven by a commitment to drug user rights and social inclusion of marginalized communities” and has…

… and parents. Terry met Jackie Reger in 1995 and the two held a commitment ceremony in 1996. The family lived in Marshfield, Wisconsin, and moved when he was nine years old to Iowa City, Iowa. He was raised as a Unitarian Universalist and identifies himself as a member of that church.

ZLHR has stated a commitment to upholding respect for the rule of law and the unimpeded administration of justice, free and fair elections, the free flow of information and the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms in Zimbabwe and the surrounding region.

Youth work is historically said to focus on five areas, including a focus on young people; an emphasis on voluntary participation and relationship; a commitment to association by youth and adults; friendly and informal atmospheres, and; acting with integrity.

Youth Theatre Fellows Program – The Detroit Center conducts a summer theatre camp for high school students. For the 2014 camp, the Detroit Center has secured a commitment to partner with WSU’s Department of Theatre and Dance to assist with the facilitation of design workshops.

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah aims to nurture the development of well rounded B’nei Torah instilled with a commitment to making an impact on the Jewish people.

Years pass by and Debo becomes almost blind. Bulara is shot by a group of terrorists which, as a matter of co-incidence, is led by Kangan. after recovering at Kangan’s den, Bulara returns to Debo before she dies. He makes a commitment to fulfill her last desire by building an Eye Hospital in the village.

Xavier School considers commitment as the theme of its athletics program. The biggest, and maybe the only, incentive of Xaverian student-athletes in making a commitment is the privilege of carrying the school flag in interscholastic…

XJTLU aims to bring together the best research practice at Xi’an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool, and aspires to be a leading research-led university that combines a strong international profile with a commitment to the economic and social development of the area of China in which it is located.

United Kingdom and a commitment to direct rule as the norm. By the 1990s the Ulster Clubs had all but disappeared. The group no longer exists.

World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde is a novel by Christie Golden set in the Warcraft Universe. It was published in December 2006. Golden also has a commitment with Blizzard Entertainment and Simon & Schuster to write a StarCraft trilogy.

… countries. Sponsors make a commitment to contribute $39 monthly to programs that benefit the child, their family and their community.

Wookiees greatly value morality, courage, compassion and loyalty. A sacred and ancient Wookiee tradition is that of the honor family. An honor family comprises a Wookiee’s closest friends and companions. These family members pledge a

Without a commitment from financial services companies, the decision was made in 2009 to expand the Wall Street West mission to include healthcare, advanced materials and diversified manufacturing, and logistics and transportation industries.

Within their respective spectra of efforts, each of these projects has a panoply of information models for manufactured objects, materials and product characteristics, and for manufacturing and assembly processes. Each also has a

Within the last several years the Institute made a commitment to foster collaborative ties with the Ladies of Charity, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, and the Sisters of Charity Federation in the Vincentian-Setonian tradition. Sister…

… some librarians, while others view them as a natural extension and outgrowth of their own deeply held library ethics. Librarians in the United States who as political actors in our times provide examples of a commitment to equality, the…

Within 100 days of joining the Department, he had published three reform plans for a radical transformation. They included 8,000 more prison places; a 40 per cent reduction in headquarters staff by 2010; a commitment to making the…

… of new players became a factor in the 1992 draft. Prior to the draft, Jeffrey Hammonds of the Stanford Cardinal baseball team sought a signing bonus of $1.8 million ($ in current dollar terms). Derek Jeter, a high school player who had a

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