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… political and social equality for women, until 1927. The organization spread across the country and served as a means of uniting their varying cultures to a common cause. She saw socialism as a means of reorganizing society’s attitudes…

…Łódź Ring Road (Obwodnica Łodzi in Polish) is a common name to the complex of motorways (A1 and A2) and expressways (S8 and S14) in Poland, being build in order to decrease the traffic in the city of Łódź and neighbouring regions of Zgierz, Pabianice and Rzgów.

… of a literary language. Štúr’s codification work was disapproved by Ján Kollár and the Czechs, who saw it as an act of Slovak withdrawal from the idea of a common Czecho-Slovak nation and a weakening of solidarity. But the majority of…

…Ľuboš Neslušan (Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences) suggests that 14P/Wolf and this comet are siblings which stem from a common parent comet.

…Český dřevák was a group of Czech photographers that existed in 2000-2008. Its members were not connected by a common manifesto, but by the technical way of creating photographs. All of them worked with wooden large-format cameras (using negative formats such as 13×18 – 24×30 cm) and their resulting photographs were usually contact prints.

… punchline Ĉu vi pretas? is an idiomatic way of asking one whether they are ready. It originally appeared briefly in a song by La Mondanoj, an 80’s Esperanto hard rock band, and has now become a common catch phrase among Esperanto users.

… played 10 seasons in the top-flight Danish football championship from 1928 to 1950. ØB was a founding member of the Sports Confederation of Denmark (1896) and the Copenhagen Football Association (1903). The football club predominantly played its games at the Fælledparken, a common shared by the smaller Copenhagen clubs.

… with all études of Opus 25 in 1837, in France, Germany, and England. The first French edition indicates a common time time signature, but the manuscript and the first German edition both feature cut time. The first four bars that characterize the melody were added just before publication at the advice of Charles A. Hoffmann, a friend.

…Æbleflæsk is often served with beer and snaps. It is a common dish for pre-Christmas buffets (julefrokost). It is not clear where the dish originated. It is beloved in some regions, such as Funen, and less common in certain other parts of the country.

… ark.Beowulf calls Heremod a Scylding and calls his people were Scyldings, which should mean Heremod was a descendant of Scyld. But that may be anachonistic usage of a common term.Edda: The forms used indicate an English source. Of the three…

… summer, autumn and winther. Season songs have since the late 19th century been a common theme in children’s songbooks, and in 1943 the song was the first song in the Nu ska vi sjunga songbooks.

…Ásgautr was a common name which appears in about 30 runic inscriptions. Gauti (modern Göte) was, however, rare in the runic inscriptions of the Viking Age and the only additional runestone where it appears is on U 516 (although damaged or…

Zygaena filipendulae is a common species throughout Europe , except the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, northern Scandinavia and the Great Russian North. It is also present in Asia Minor, through the Caucasus to Syria and Lebanon.

… jamaicensis). Golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) are a common site soaring high above the prairie. The Zumwalt also supports important breeding populations of grassland songbirds, including Savannah sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis), western…

Zouebeïda Bittari was born into a lower-middle-class family in Algeria. She attended a French-run school. When she was twelve years old, her parents withdrew her from school in order to be married. Child marriage was a common practice; however, it was resented and discussed by many women such as Huda Sha’arawi.

Zoran (Cyrillic: Зоран; Ukrainian: Зорян) is a common Slavic name, the masculine form of Zora, which means dawn, daybreak. The name is especially common in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Zora spinimana has a Palearctic distribution. In Europe this is a common species in western and central Europe but in Great Britain it is commoner in the south and in eastern Scotland but it becomes more localised in northern England and western Scotland.

Zooming is a common writing skill especially used in descriptive writing that gives the reader the feeling of moving through space towards or away from a character or object. It can be divided into two types, zooming in and zooming out.

… throughout the zoom range. A more typical consumer zoom will have a variable maximum relative aperture since it is harder and more expensive to keep the maximum relative aperture proportional to the focal length at long focal lengths; 3.5 to 5.6 is an example of a common variable aperture range in a consumer zoom lens.

… birds (although officially discouraged) is a common family activity. However the water enters the Lake after passing through the grounds of the Zoo next door, and it is currently too polluted to permit angling or swimming. Efforts are underway to implement a sustainable eco-friendly filtration system.

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