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…Ụmụagbala Amautazi Amankalu Alayi is also a community in Alayi which observe a unique culture known as Ekete. This is performed by playing a particular drum by men, performing magical acts (spiritism) and also dancing. During this festival…

… the believers gather on Pentecost every year. Beside its religious importance, the pilgrimage has also become a community event demonstrating spiritual unity of Hungarian people living in and outside the historical region of Transylvania.

…Ōtara long had some of the highest crime rates of the country, but recently a major action against the Tribesmen and Killer Beez gangs (in 2008), and 2010s increases in police force numbers in the area, combined with a community policing approach, have been credited with both reducing crime and establishing less hostile attitudes between the locals and the police.

… of the soccer pitch is a community hall that hosts many events such as a craft market and it is available for sports and private functions. The Ōhope Craft Market is held every second Saturday over summer and once a month over winter and…

…Čobanković pleaded guilty and he was sentenced in March 2013 to one year in jail for corruption. The sentence was consequently reduced to a community sentence in an exchange for full cooperation with the prosecutor in the corruption case against the former Croatian premier Ivo Sanader.

… sense, it is an exonym referring to a community of the Istro-Romanians in the village Žejane in a small part of eastern Ćićarija and the villages around the former Lake Čepić west of the Učka range in Istria, Croatia.

…Ötzingen is an Ortsgemeinde – a community belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde – in the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

…Édilivre is part of the AParis company (along with Édithèse, Édidoc, ADomicile and Édifree). It is relied on a community of more than 12,000 authors through 27 authors clubs in every region of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, North Africa and overseas through social networks.

…École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges or ESCBD (Béatrice-Desloges Catholic High School), is a French language high school teaching grades 7-12, which also houses a community child day care centre, in the community of Orléans in the…

…Çelik now works on IndieWebCamp, an effort to coordinate a community of people to build tools to complement and eventually provide an alternative to social networking services like Twitter and Facebook.

…Ås Abbey was founded as a Cistercian monastery in 1192 and settled in 1194 by a community from its mother house, Sorø Abbey.

…Álvarez, Tamaulipas is a community located in the Nuevo Laredo Municipality in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. According to the INEGI Census of 2010, Álvarez has a population of 1,714 inhabitants. Its elevation is 141 meters above sea level.

Zygmunt Milczewski (1 October 1905 – 2 June 2001) was a Polish historian associated with Pomerania, a community leader in the Second Polish Republic, and World War II resistance fighter in the underground Home Army (Armia Krajowa) with the…

Zvërnec (Σβέρνιτσα Svernitsa) is a community in Vlorë County. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Vlorë. It is situated northwest of the city of Vlorë.

Zurich, Ontario, is a community in southwestern Ontario, Canada, in the Municipality of Bluewater in Huron County, about six kilometres inland from Lake Huron, on Ontarios west coast. Zurich was founded in 1856 and is known for its Swiss…

Zuozugu is a community in Tamale Metropolitan District in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Zuo is a community in Tamale Metropolitan District in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Zujung is a community in Tamale Metropolitan District in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Zugu-Yipelga is a community in Kumbungu District in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Zugu is a community in Kumbungu District in the Northern Region of Ghana.

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