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…Žižek shows the cultural and political forms of these stages of ideological avoidance and political protest, from New Age obscurantism to violent religious fundamentalism. Concluding with a compelling argument for the return of a Marxian…

Lanka.With Suresh Raina scoring a century on Test debut and Cheteshwar Pujara making a compelling case for higher honors with his consistent first-class performances, Yuvraj was dropped from the Test squad for the two-match series against Australia. In October 2010, Yuvraj Singh won the Irani Cup as the Captain of the Rest of India team and scored 204 not out.

… imagination and a compelling creative impulse, his essays are characterised by a conventional aesthetic of the Chinese essay which comes across as gentle, lyrical, and showing much finesse. His long essay My Father’s Generation and Me Wo yu…

… philosophy, which shakes the reader’s complacency. She concludes that the book is a difficult one to enjoy, but a compelling one to contemplate.

Writing for The Hollywood Reporter, Tim Goodman noted that Taboo is a solid if slow, in the early going, entry in FX’s stable of series, with a compelling turn by Tom Hardy. Kevin Yeoman of Screenrant wrote in his review that it all added…

With the huge transformation in the visual medium due to the onset of digital photography Gajdel left photography temporarily to explore the different ways that people communicate visually. The written word has been a compelling vehicle for him.

Cole’s, but the prosecution presents a compelling case that Santa doesn’t exist, leading Henry to confide in Bryan that he would be forced to rule against Kris.

Wing Chris Ashton scored two tries as England kicked off the Six Nations with a hard-fought win in a compelling encounter in Cardiff.It was England’s first tournament win in the Welsh capital since their 2003 Grand Slam before the World…

Williams-Yulee v. Florida Bar, , was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that the First Amendment did not prohibit States from barring judges and judicial candidates from personally soliciting funds for their election campaigns, provided the restriction on speech was narrowly tailored to serve a compelling interest.

… social alienation. As a result, the story transcends its simple framework, and serves as a compendium of relevant contemporary observations, and as a compelling plea for understanding and self-exploration.

While initially praised as a compelling account of Yanomami culture, in 1983 controversy broke out when an article in American Anthropologist accused the book of not being based on original ethnographic work, but instead being a patchwork…

… understanding of Gödel’s theorem dates from this paper. Smullyan later made a compelling case that much of the fascination with Gödel’s theorem should be directed at Tarski’s theorem, which is much easier to prove and equally disturbing philosophically.

… the elements in verdant paletteThe strange vortex of the painting Seoul, Korea is a compelling vignette, the colours perfectly capturing the loudness, and busy colours of a city. The simplicity, bright palette and contemplative tone of Q.

… be described and however well directed its procedures might be, in itself must be regarded as highly questionable and not a compelling claimant for survival.

When selecting a winner, the judges look for a novel with a compelling narrative, arresting character, and which is both vividly written and confidently realised.

… fundamental right, the highest level of review—strict scrutiny—is used. To pass strict scrutiny review, the law or act must be narrowly tailored to further a compelling government interest.

… used. To pass strict scrutiny, the law or the act must be both narrowly tailored and the least restrictive means of furthering a compelling government interest.

… the Boy Scouts’ First Amendment right of expressive association because Dale’s inclusion would not significantly affect members’ ability to carry out their purposes; (2) determined that New Jersey has a compelling interest in eliminating the…

What would you do if you discovered that thirteen people slated for execution had been found innocent? That was exactly the question that Illinois Governor George Ryan faced in his final days in office. Deadline is a compelling look insider America’s prisons, highlighting one man’s unlikely and historic actions against the system.

… audience. But due to the fact that the 3D film never took off commercially as the conventional 2D version did, including such details would not make for a compelling myth.

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