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… incurred by defensive mainstay Faruk Hadžibegić, thereby causing a bit of a surprise by having a debutante in the starting lineup of a competitive match. In fact Šabanadžović was one of three players to get a start on their debut that day…

…Čech also kept a clean sheet for Chelsea in the 2007 FA Cup final against Manchester United. He and United’s Edwin van der Sar shared the honour of being the first goalkeepers to keep a clean sheet over 90 minutes in a competitive fixture…

…Ögelman loved music, literature, sports, and was very concerned about finding a sustainable solution to the world’s energy needs. He was a competitive wrestler in college and a black belt in judo.

Action. The school also has a competitive Improv team which competes regionally and in the province. The school has a large auditorium due to the building’s previous use by the University of Windsor.

…Árbenz sought to transform Guatemala from a feudalist to a capitalist economy by distributing capital and creating infrastructure to increase production. The wish to transform Guatemala into a competitive capitalist nation led Árbenz to…

Zézé made his debut for 1. FC Köln on 22 August 1964 in a 2-3 loss to Hertha BSC. He played one more game for the club in 1964, in December against 1. FC Nürnberg. Zézé’s next appearance in a competitive match for Köln was on 20 February…

Zivin, Just, and Zilberman (2006) investigates the Coase theorem under stochastic externality. Ronald Coase famously won the Nobel prize for his work claiming that a competitive system with well-defined property right assignments, perfect…

Zimbabwe, however, still had their captain Taibu in, and joined by the hard-hitting Coventry he set out to give Zimbabwe a competitive score. The pair batted responsibly, yet did not stay away from punishing the balls delivered on an…

Ziliak’s other contributions include a competitive learning game he calls renganomics. Renganomics is a combination of economic science with an ancient Japanese poetic form called renga. The idea is to create a spontaneous, collaboratively…

… centers on a 12-year-old dancer, Harper, whose family relocates to a new state. Harper must negotiate pre-teen challenges, like making new friends, while earning her place on a competitive dance team. The first novel is titled The Audition.

Zhuqiu was commonly performed at court feasts celebrating the emperor’s birthday or during diplomatic events. A competitive cuju match of this type normally consisted of two teams with 12-16 players on each side.

Tulane University, University of Maryland, and New York University. In his free time, Zhitomirskiy unicycled and was a competitive ballroom dancer.

… distance. Tarasenko teaches ski orienteering at the Academy of Winter Sports and at the Siberian Federal University in Krasonyarsk. She has a son, born in 2010. Her husband is also a competitive ski orienteerer.

Youth players who played a competitive match for the club in 2015.

Youth players who played a competitive match for the club in 2014.

Youth players who played a competitive match for the club in 2013.

Youth players who played a competitive match for the club in 2011.

Youth Education in the Arts makes Allentown its home. YEA sponsors The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps, a ten-time DCI world champion, as well as a senior drum and bugle corps, a competitive scholastic marching band circuit, and the Urban Arts Center of the Lehigh Valley.

… in 40 years; at the same time, YHC added women’s basketball. The college added men’s and women’s lacrosse teams and a competitive cheerleading team in the 2012-13 academic year.

a competitive society where sexism, racism, machismo and other ideological forms affect outcomes. Indeed, criminal behaviour could be characterised as the operation of capitalist principles, i.e. the investment of labour for a return, but in an illegitimate form.

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