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…Λ is a complete Noetherian local ring with residue field k, and C is the category of local Artinian Λ-algebras (meaning in particular that as modules over Λ they are finitely generated and Artinian) with residue field k.

…Żuławski’s most renowned work is, undoubtedly, The Lunar Trilogy, which was first published as a complete set in book form in Lwów in 1912. While, on the surface, it is a work of vibrant and exciting science fiction, deeper down, it…

…Šimek also won a complete set of medals in the C2 event at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships with a gold in 1993, a silver in 1991, and a bronze in 1997. He earned seven other medals in the C2 team event (3 golds and 4 silvers).

… service in the city, the State Railways executed a complete overhaul of their two lines within the city. On 23 July 2006 the State Railways temporarily suspended all rail service into İzmir. Regional and intercity trains would terminate at Çiğli in the north and Gaziemir in the south.

…Čair Stadium (Стадион Чаир, Stadion Čair) is a multi-purpose stadium in Niš, Serbia. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Radnički Niš. After a complete reconstruction that began in 2011, the newly renovated…

…Épicure (Epicurus) is an opera in three acts with music by the composers Étienne Méhul and Luigi Cherubini. The libretto is by Charles-Albert Demoustier. It was first performed at the Opéra-Comique, Paris on 14 March 1800. It was a

…Émilie du Châtelet also made a translation of Newton’s Principia into French. Unlike LeSeur and Jacquier’s edition, hers was a complete translation of Newton’s three books and their prefaces. She also included a Commentary section where…

…Émile Zola’s novel Au Bonheur des Dames was inspired by the Bon Marché; he wrote to the store in March 1882 and was given a complete tour. The owner of the store in the novel, Octave Mouret, is loosely based on Boucicaut.

… category of Borel spaces) to the underlying Borel space of a complete separable metric space. Mackey called Borel spaces with this property smooth. This conjecture was proved by James Glimm for separable C*-algebras in the 1961 paper listed in the references below.

Zürich Airport completed a major expansion project in 2003, in which it built a new parking garage, a new midfield terminal, and an automated underground people mover to link the midfield terminal to the main terminal. In November 2008 a

Zygiella atrica, like other Zygiella species, builds an orb web with two missing sectors, and a signalling thread in the center of those, leading to its hideout, whereas young spiders build a complete web.

… 1529, and later parts of the Old Testament, with a complete translation in a single volume first printed in 1531, with an introduction by Zwingli and summaries of each chapter. This Froschauer Bible, containing more than 200 illustrations,…

Zwingenberg has at its disposal a small sporting ground with grass and a complete athletics facility, a paved ground and a field. Moreover, there are several tennis courts and two sport halls. Rodau likewise has a grass playing field.

Zuul is a genus of herbivorous ankylosaurine dinosaur from the Campanian Judith River Formation of Montana. The type species is Zuul crurivastator. It is known from a complete skull and tail, which represents the first ankylosaurin known…

… permitted to keep 10 songs per month even after their subscription ended, however the incentive was ultimately discontinued. On October 3, 2011, the Zune Music Pass price was lowered to $9.99/month, and the 10 song credit was removed. On October 15, 2012, Microsoft re-branded Zune as Xbox Music on the Xbox 360 with the promise of a complete rollout on October 26.

… justice. Although Michael Psellus claimed the joint reign was a complete failure, John Scylitzes stated that they were very conscientious in rectifying the abuses of the previous reigns.

Zozulya also won a complete set of medals in the women’s singles event at the FIL World Luge Championships with a gold in 1978, a silver in 1977, and a bronze in 1981.

Zortrax was founded by Rafal Tomasiak and Marcin Olchanowski. An idea for company came from online store supporting DIY licensed 3D printers. They run the shop and worked on the new machine simultaneously. The idea was to create a complete 3D printing environment, which would allow to distance themselves from the DIY industry.

Zoologische Mededelingen is indexed in The Zoological Record and BIOSIS. A complete backlist of published volumes is presented on the institutional repository of Naturalis.

… justice. Although Michael Psellus claimed the joint reign was a complete failure, John Scylitzes stated that they were very conscientious in rectifying the abuses of the previous reigns.

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