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…Ȧ (minuscule: ȧ) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, derived from A with the addition of a dot above the letter. It is occasionally used as a phonetic symbol for a low central vowel, ä. As a character in a computer file, it can be represented in the Unicode character encoding, but not the standard ASCII character encoding.

…Šakić was imprisoned in Lepoglava prison and kept in a cell that came equipped with a television set and a computer for him to write his memoirs. He was allowed to visit his wife, who had been placed in a home for the elderly, several…

…Šakić served his sentence in Lepoglava prison. His cell came equipped with a television set and a computer for him to write his memoirs. He was allowed to visit his wife, who had been placed in a home for the elderly, several times a month.

…Ýmir Vigfússon is an Icelandic hacker and a computer security expert. Currently, Ýmir is an assistant professor at Emory University, where he leads the Emory SysLab (System and Security Lab), and a member of ICE-TCS (Icelandic Center of Excellence in Theoretical Computer Science) and of the ALNET Group (Research Group for Algorithms and Networks).

…Ó Guilín grew up in Donegal though he went to school in Clongowes Wood College in County Kildare. He is now based in Dublin where he works for a computer company. Raised speaking Irish and English, Ó Guilín is also fluent in French, and…

…Éric Wenger is a computer programmer, artist and musician based in Paris, France. He produces creative software tools exclusively for the Macintosh platform.

Zzoom is a computer game developed by John Gibson, Mark Butler and Steve Blower for the ZX Spectrum and released by Imagine Software in 1983. It is a combat flight simulator in which the player controls an aircraft to protect refugees from enemy forces.

Zzap!64 was a computer games magazine covering games on the Commodore International series of computers, especially the Commodore 64 (C64). It was published in the UK by Newsfield Publications Ltd and later by Europress Impact.

Zvezda contains the ESA’s Digital Management System, a computer that controls ISS.

Zuse’s coworker Helmut Schreyer built an electronic digital experimental model of a computer using 100 vacuum tubes in 1942, but it was lost at the end of the war.

… and explained his vision of an electronic computing machine – but since the largest operational electronic devices contained far fewer tubes this was considered practically infeasible. In that year when presenting the plan for a computer with…

Innovation in Engineering Education. Prior to his current post at Princeton, from 1997 to 2000, he was professor of management at the Harvard Business School and a visiting professor at Princeton University. Zschau’s business experience is extensive. He founded and served from 1968 to 1981 as CEO of System Industries, a computer products company.

Zoo Vet is a computer game designed by Legacy Interactive. In the game, you play a vet recently hired by a zoo, and have to give the animals vet care. Each level has five different animals to care for, and some animals get treated twice. Some of the missions include a chimpanzee with a sore eye and a giraffe with loose stool.

Zombie Zombie also presented two notable innovations. The first was the use of two-channel sound, a then unheard-of feat of a computer equipped with only single-channel 1-bit sound from a tiny speaker. The second was that, through the use…

Zoltowski conducts these searches from his home with a charge-coupled device camera. He is a prolific discoverer of asteroids. He authored CCDTRACK, a computer program that auto-guides electronically controlled telescopes by tracking a user-selected celestial object.

Zlob trojan, or just Zlob, downloads itself to a computer via an ActiveX codec and reports information back to Control Server. Some information can be the search-history, the Websites visited, and even keystrokes. More recently, Zlob has been known to hijack routers set to defaults.

… in homes and in offices. The control includes adjusting dimmable lights, color lights, and color or scene. The networks allow a set or subset of lights to be controlled over a smart phone or via a computer. The home automation market is tipped to exceed $16 billion by 2019.

Zhi-Li Zhang is a computer scientist, the McKnight Distinguished University Professor and the Qwest Chair Professor of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. He leads the Networking Research Group at the university.

… developed because there was no product on the market that could defeat the rapidly growing level of hacking variants. Instead of just updating a virus database with known virus variants, Zemana founders came up with a product based on behavioral characteristics, so any unexpected activity on a computer is blocked automatically.

Zeland states in his autobiography that he used to be a quantum mechanics physicist and later a computer technologist.

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