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…Ḥeḥu and Ḥeḥut have no readily identifiable determiners; according to a suggestion due to Brugsch (1885), the name is associated with a term for an undefined or unlimited number, ḥeḥ, suggesting a concept similar to Greek aion. But from…

…Śabda (शब्द) means relying on word, testimony of past or present reliable experts. It is also known as Agama in Madhva’s Dvaita tradition, and incorporates all the Vedas. Hiriyanna explains Sabda-pramana as a concept which means reliable…

…Åsmund Frægdegjevar is the first full-length album by the Norwegian folk metal band Lumsk. It was released on August 25, 2003 by Spikefarm. A concept album, it adapts the Norwegian legend Åsmund Frægdegjevar into an experimental folk metal project.

Zion is a concept album written and performed by the guitarist Phil Keaggy as a tribute to the master guitarmaker Ken Hoover at Zion guitars. Though Ken is being racked by a progressively destructive disease, unable to handcraft guitars himself, he still works at the Zion guitars workshop.

Zero moment point is a concept related with dynamics and control of legged , e.g., for humanoid robots. It specifies the point with respect to which dynamic reaction force at the contact of the foot with the ground does not produce any…

… the season. Without the prison home base or an obvious major villain (goodbye, the Governor), we need something to create structure—a group of psychos who harvest human flesh seems like too good a concept to dispose of immediately.

Young, G.L. (1996). Interaction as a concept basic to human ecology: An exploration and synthesis. Advances in Human Ecology 5, 157-211.

Young children do not typically have a concept that their feelings and thoughts are not all-powerful, and that every one of their actions does not affect the world and people around them. Due to this misconception, some children conclude…

You’re Dead! is an electronic, jazz, jazz fusion and hip hop album. It is also a concept album about death and afterlife.

Yo! I Killed Your God is a concept album by Marc Ribot, recorded live between 1992 and 1994. It was released May 18, 1999 on Tzadik Records.

… well as it enables a concept of modular construction where designers and customers can specify 4 and 6 wheel drive, as well as various length wheelbase combinations.

… previous album With Teeth (2005). In contrast to the introspective style of songwriting Reznor used on previous albums, Year Zero is a concept album that criticizes contemporary policies of the United States government by presenting a dystopian vision of the year 2022.

Yakuza Graveyard, known in Japan as Yakuza no Hakaba: Kuchinashi no Hana (“Yakuza Burial: Jasmine Flower”), is a 1976 Japanese yakuza film directed by Kinji Fukasaku. The screenplay by Kazuo Kasahara is based on a concept by Norimichi Matsudaira, Naoyuki Sugimoto and Kyo Namura.

Yahoo! described the Rocketman as ‘the weirdest concept Mini yet’. It was expected that the concept car would reach production, but in early 2012 it was confirmed that the car would remain a concept only.

Yadin Dudai’s research interests encompass the neurobiology of learning and memory, memory as a concept and as a brain faculty, and the interrelationships among the two. He is also interested in collective memory, and in the evolution of ‘cultural organs’, such as the cinema.

Y-aromaticity is a concept developed to explain the extraordinary stability and high basicity of the guanidinium cation. Guanidinium is not a ring molecule, and is cross-conjugated rather than a linear π system, but is reported to have its…

… cuff. Spurs may also be seen on the underside of the acromion, once thought to cause direct fraying of the rotator cuff from contact friction, a concept currently regarded as controversial.

Wyrd is a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly corresponding to fate or personal destiny. The word is ancestral to Modern English weird, which retains its original meaning only dialectally.

Written, according to lyricist Bernie Taupin, in chronological order, Captain Fantastic is a concept album that gives an autobiographical glimpse at the struggles John (Captain Fantastic) and Taupin (the Brown Dirt Cowboy) had in the early…

… to Nashville, Tennessee, Nelson attended a party in Harlan Howard’s house, where he sang the song along with others that he planned to include in a concept album. Another guest was Atlantic Records vice-president Jerry Wexler, who previously…

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