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… towns led to a conflict between Zeta and Bosnia, led by Ban Tvrtko I. The fight was eventually won by Bosnia, supported by Hungary, after Đurađ’s death in 1378.

…Čukur Fountain is a monument that was built to commemorate events that occurred on 15 June 1862, starting with the death of a boy and growing into a conflict that was part of the larger struggle between Serbia and Ottoman Empire. The statue is located in Dobračina Street in Belgrade, Serbia.

…Öffnungsrecht in the Middle Ages was the right of a liege lord, more specifically a territorial lord or protective lord, in the Holy Roman Empire to have gratuitous use of a vassal’s castle, fortified house or fortified town as a fighting base in the event of a conflict (e.g. war or feud).

…Äva Records was a short-lived American record company and label founded in 1961 by Fred Astaire, Elmer Bernstein, Jackie Mills, and Tommy Wolf. The original name was Choreo Records, but it was changed in 1962 to Äva Records, after Astaire’s daughter, to avoid a conflict with Choreo Records in Dallas, Texas. Astaire was president, Mills vice-president.

Infantes de Carrión, a conflict perhaps based on the historical antagonism between El Cid and Álvar’s father-in-law Pedro Ansúrez, uncle of the Infantes. Of particular note, he is credited with the reconquest of Guadalajara, Spain, where a Moorish tower, the Torreón de Álvar Fáñez, is named after him.

Zürich was expelled from the Confederation from 1440 to 1450 due to a conflict over the territory of Toggenburg (the Old Zürich War). The Confederation’s power and wealth increased significantly, with victories over Charles the Bold of Burgundy during the 1470s and the success of Swiss mercenaries.

Zygmunt Gloger in his monumental book Historical Geography of the Lands of Old Poland provides this description of Volhynian Voivodeship: “After Liubartas seized northern Volhynia, the Kingdom of Poland captured Red Ruthenia. A conflict between…

… in al-Qarqisiyah (Circesium) and led the Qays tribes against the Yaman, launching several raids against the latter in the Syrian Desert. By 688-689, he also became entangled in a conflict with the Banu Taghlib. Zufar made peace with the…

… preface, Zimmer instead demonstrates his mastery of world building by using oral history, songs and poetry to sketch an impression of a conflict that has raged for thousands of years, in the same way that warriors of times past would, in reality have passed down such lore. Thus he adds a realism and density to his world-building.

Zijlstra is known for his pro-Israel views. He sees the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a conflict in which the world denies that for the Arab side it is a conflict of religion rather than territory. He sees no solution for peace before this world opinion is changed.

Zhao and his brother Zhao Erfeng extended Qing rule into Eastern Tibet (Kham) and sent an army to Lhasa in 1908. This initially worked with the restored 13th Dalai Lama but later drove him out after strong disagreements about a conflict between…

Zhan Chao-Wei (Mr. Zhan), played by James Wen: The ace among the math teachers in Li Ren, a strict math teacher who is supported by many parents of the students. After he has a conflict against Jay, he only want to assure his benefits and the status quo in the school; therefore he unscrupulously goes on the attack against Jay.

Sułkowski. He quickly rose through the ranks, partially thanks to his family’s wealth. In 1786 he held the rank of Staff Captain. In 1791 he was involved in a conflict between his superior and a foreigner, which resulted in Zeydlitz being…

Zeniff, whose original mission was to spy on the Lamanites, saw the good among them and desired that they not be destroyed. This led to a conflict in his party which ended in bloodshed. He and those who were not killed in the conflict,…

Félix Avellaneda to take over drums. Some rumors suggested that Rodríguez had left the band due to a conflict with Dreissing; Dreissing left the band not long after, leaving the band without a lead vocalist.

… military coup and convicted in absentia for a conflict of interest. He was born in Bangkok and started his career as actor. He was elected as party-list MP again in 2011 general election, substituting resigned Police Lieutenant General Chatt Kuldilok.

Yunadi’s relationship with her father, Fredrich Yunadi, hasn’t been very harmonious, due to a conflict between the two. She was raised only by her mother, Linda Indriani Campbell, after her parents’ divorce when she was three years old.

… 200,000 Serbs to flee the country. The Bosnian War ended that same year, with the Dayton Agreement dividing the country along ethnic lines. In 1998-99, a conflict in Kosovo between the Yugoslav Army and Albanians seeking independence erupted…

Hu. In 520, after a conflict with her lover Yuan Yi (元懌) the Prince of Qinghe, he killed Yuan Yi and put Empress Dowager Hu under house arrest, effectively taking over as regent. In 525, a countercoup by Empress Dowager Hu restored her, and bowing to public pressure, she forced him to commit suicide.

… arrangements. Arab citizens of Israel are also exempted, in order to avoid a conflict between allegiance to their country and to their Arab brothers (a decision originally taken by Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion). Historically,…

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