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…Šulentić was an important figure of the second generation of Croatian Modernism, the creator of a series of iconic works in his own signature style. He was also a contemporary artist. At the end of the sixties he was a master of expressive colour and portrayed in-depth content in human, painterly gestures.

…Ľuba Lesná (born March 21, 1954) is a contemporary Slovak investigative journalist, filmmaker, novelist, and playwright. While her earlier work focused on plays, since Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution she has worked primarily as a…

…Čalgija or Chalgiya is an old part of the whole Macedonian and Bulgarian folklore art (this includes the rural folklore as well) and it should not be confused with Chalga (a contemporary Turbofolk music style in Bulgaria).

…Ājīvikas was a movement (extinct from at least the 13th century CE) whose founder, Makkhali Gosala, was a contemporary of Mahavira and Gautama Buddha (the central figures of Jainism and Buddhism, respectively). Gosala and his followers also denied the existence of a creator god.

…Ājīvika philosophy is credited in ancient texts of Buddhism and Jainism to Makkhali Gosala, a contemporary of the Buddha and Mahavira. Exact origins of Ājīvika is unknown, but generally accepted to be the 5th century BCE.

…Þórbjǫrn Hornklofi (Modern Norwegian: Torbjørn Hornklove) was a 9th-century Norwegian skald and one of the court poet of King Harald Fairhair. His poetry has sometimes been regarded as a contemporary source of information regarding King Harald, although it is only preserved embedded within 13th and 14th century king’s sagas.

…Ørestad is a contemporary urban development to the south-east of the Copenhagen’s city centre. Its origin is connected with the building of the Øresund Bridge linking Copenhagen to Malmö in Sweden, completed in 2000. After initial planning…

…Örebro has hosted a contemporary art exhibition called Open Art on four occasions: in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013. In 2013, the exhibition featured works by 90 artists from Sweden and many other countries throughout the world. The fifth edition of the exhibition is planned for the summer of 2015.

…Óláfr Þórðarson was an Icelandic skald and scholar who was born about 1210 and died in 1259. He is usually called Óláfr hvítaskáld (“Olaf the white skald”) in contrast to a contemporary skald called Óláfr svartaskáld (“Olaf the black…

…Évelyne Lever (known simply in English as Evelyne Lever) is a contemporary French historian and writer. She is married to a French historian, Maurice Lever, who is the author of Sade.

… 1551, she broke the cross off the crown’s peak for her son, John Sigismund. According to a contemporary Polish chronicler, John Sigismund wore this cross on his chest till the end of his life, “…because he who possess this cross will again come into possession of the missing parts which, subjected to the power of the cross, had belonged to it”.

…Étienne Péclard (born 21 December 1946 in les Deux-Sèvres) is a contemporary French cellist.

…Éric Le Sage (born 15 June 1964 in Aix-en-Provence) is a contemporary French classical pianist.

Zlatko Kopljar (born, 1962 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a contemporary artist living and working in Zagreb, Croatia. He works in a variety of different media including photography, video and performance.

Ziedan has also written fiction. His novel Zil al-Af’a (“Shadow of the Serpent”) treats the notion of the sacred female through a contemporary setting with humdrum personae in the first part; in the second part, letter fragments from a…

Zhu Lan Qing, (Chinese朱嵐清; born 1991, in Fujian, China), is a contemporary Chinese photographer and now living in Taipei. She graduated with a Master’s degree from the Department of Photojournalism at Renmin University of China in 2012 and moved to Taiwan to study at the Institute of Applied Arts in Fujen Catholic University.

Zhivago Duncan is a contemporary artist currently based in Berlin. His works range from paintings, sculpture and mixed media to substantial installations including complex, mesmeric mechanical fantasies.

Zhang Chengzhi (Xiao’erjing: , born 10 September 1948) is a contemporary Hui Chinese author. Often named as the most influential Muslim writer in China, his historical narrative History of the Soul, about the rise of the Jahriyya (哲合忍耶) Sufi order, was the second-most popular book in China in 1994.

Zero Visibility Corp is a contemporary dance company based in Oslo, Norway which was founded in 1996 by its choreographer Ina Christell Johannessen and lighting and set designer, Jens Sethzman. Their productions are developed from…

Zeno mainly wrote about the history of Rhodes, and was a contemporary of Polybius. Polybius made extensive use of Zeno’s historical work, especially on the dealings Rhodes had with Lycia and ancient Rome.

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