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Zephyr has a continuing commitment to the development and promotion of contemporary classical music and often commissions and performs works by living composers. Zephyr is also committed to presenting concerts in an education context and often performs for primary and secondary school students as a part of the Musica Viva in Schools program.

… before the economic crisis triggered by the 1973 oil shortages, the second part of his chairmanship coincided with a continuing period of profitable growth for the company which was able to accumulate substantial financial reserves: these…

Xin Xin is artificially inseminated annually with sperm from Chinese panda Ling-Ling as part of a continuing effort to breed pandas in Mexico. Mexico’s Chapultepec Zoo has had one of the most successful panda-breeding programs outside of…

Botanical Garden is a nature lover’s paradise. The Buddhist Nanputuo Temple, dating back to the Tang Dynasty, is a national treasure. Xiamen is also well known as a continuing frontline in the Chinese Civil War, with the nearby Jinmen Islands…

… equivalent to 148.507 votes. These results hint at a continuing and still fluid change in the correlation of political forces in the country.

… climatological and ecological pressures. C. l. hattai (formerly native to Hokkaidō) was significantly larger than its southern cousin C. l. hodophilax, as it inhabited higher elevations and had access to larger prey, as well as a continuing genetic interaction with dispersing wolves from Siberia.

Wolfsohn brought the behavioral financial social work model to the University of Maryland as a continuing education training in 2008 and then as a graduate level course in January 2009. The University of Maryland School of Social Work…

Woke is a slang word from African American Vernacular English which refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice. The related phrase stay woke refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. Its widespread use since 2014 is a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.

… were changed to the duration of the war but no longer than three years. The pay and rank differences between Navy and Coast Guard personnel were also a continuing problem for Bertholf during this time and were not completely solved during…

With the conference committee unable to report a bill, the Senate passed a continuing resolution on June 25 which would continue to fund highway construction in 30 states for four more months at 1970 levels. The House was reluctant to…

… university means a continuing and growing commitment for academic excellence and quality, research, and productivity, community involvement and partnership for national development and global competitiveness. Evidently, he emerged as a dynamo, leading the people of Zamboanga del Norte and adjacent provinces towards improved quality life.

Revolution—it was meant to be a continuing process of empowerment of the peasant class. However, with the aggressive failure of his Cultural Revolution, Chinese support for the party and for Zedong waned. Continuing struggles after his death would undermine his communist system, allowing a more democratic, yet still one-party ruled, system to continue into today.

With a large space of land and a need to expand and modernize, the 1990s also saw a continuing effort to update its facilities. Changes to the school have included construction of the Marie Esser Hansen (HA 1943) Library, a computer laboratory and business computer classroom in 1996, and the Rose A. Monaghan Science Center and lecture hall in 1998.

With a continuing desire to see the world however, Schlage signed on as a ship’s engineer and sailed for Brazil, the West Indies, and Central America. Eventually, Schlage worked his way to California and San Francisco, where Western Electric Company again employed him.

… girl. In 1860, she was taken prisoner in a raid on the Pease River by a contingent of Texas Rangers, led by Sul Ross, and United States cavalry. Carlson and Crum re-examine the plight of Parker and reveal a century of historical falsifications that have made the facts of the case a continuing mystery.

Wingate was killed in an aircraft accident late in the war. A continuing controversy over the Chindits has centred around the casualty rate the force suffered, especially from disease. Wingate believed that resistance to infection could be improved by inculcating a tough mental attitude, but medical officers considered his methods unsuited to a tropical environment.

Williamsport is the home of Lycoming College and Pennsylvania College of Technology, The Commonwealth Medical College, as well as Barone Beauty School and Empire Beauty School. There is also a continuing education center of Pennsylvania State University located in Williamsport.

Williams then withdrew from the Kremlin Cup citing a continuing left ankle injury and a desire to give her body time to recover from a packed playing schedule.

Wiligut’s convictions assumed a paranoid trait in the 1920s as he became convinced that his family was the victim of a continuing persecution of Irminists, at present conducted by the Roman Catholic Church, the Jews, and the Freemasons, on which groups he also blamed the defeat of World War I and the downfall of the Habsburg Empire.

… free-trade issue was also a continuing feature of the election with Sir Alfred Mond, still at that time a Liberal but to defect to the Tories in 1926, delivering a speech on the subject and on 13 June in the Committee on the Finance Bill, the silk duties were carried, providing ammunition for Wiggins’ campaign.

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