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…Čabrinović’s father was a Sarajevo police official. In Tuzla, Čabrinović bumped into one of his father’s friends, Sarajevo Police Detective Ivan Vila, and struck up a conversation. By coincidence, Princip, Grabež and Čabrinović boarded the…

Zélie and her friends arrive at the White Coffin. Watching Pierre win a knife fight and performing a wild dance with one of the club’s showgirls, she is intrigued and strikes up a conversation with him. Pierre recognises her from the…

… to tag her along. Both do not attempt to make a conversation, as Zoab is worried what to do next and Nayab is shy to initiate any talk by herself. They walk out slowly trying to find a way back, Zoab walking ahead and Nayab holding his…

Zhzhonov spent his 90th birthday acting in the Soviet Army Theatre. Later that day, he was invited to the Kremlin to be invested with the highest civilian decoration of Russia. During a conversation that followed, President Putin admitted that Zhzhonov’s roles had prompted him to become an intelligence officer.

Zee, a middle-aged musician who was abandoned by her husband, goes to a cafe in Manhattan where she orders the entire dessert section while crying. Eli, a middle-aged divorced social worker, notices this and and comes over to start a

Zane, however, has had a conversation with Gaea, the Incarnation of Nature, who has demonstrated to him the absolute power each Incarnation wields in its own sphere of influence. Zane eventually realises that the office of Death is…

… of ZST, had a conversation after a Shoot Boxing event, and they announced that SBA would support ZST. For this reason, ZST promoted some matches under shoot boxing rule early on.

Yu Rou(Ruby Lin), a struggling mother who takes extreme measures in ensuring her daughter Xiao Hong (Ni Ni), who is diagnosed with Bardet-Biedl syndrome, to have good health. While working as a part-time taxi driver, Yu Rou eavesdrops on a

Young-min saw Ahn-chae playing volleyball in the stadium. The subsequent scenes show Hee-ju having a conversation with Yujin at the bistro, and then Ahn-chae’s close-up shots of playing volleyball. Young-min then left the scene.

Young-min met Ahn-chae with a boyfriend as they walked along. The show hopped into the next scene showing Fengguan sitting in the classroom, and Young-min came into strike up a conversation with him.

… sorrows in alcohol, but at the bar accidentally meets Ivan Petrovich Prokhorov, pensioner, whose wife in his time was also unfaithful. In a conversation with the nice old man, Oleg learns that Prokhorov punished his wife by slipping poison…

Youcat, short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, also styled as YOUCAT, is a 2011 publication that aims to be an aid for youth to better understand the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The book, drafted in the form of a

Yoon felt an inordinate pressure from her parents and the Korean American community to marry after turning 30. She first responded by making a calendar full of bachelors who wanted to propose to her to start a conversation with her father.

… about Uma, Shanti wants Uma to take tuition for Geetha; Uma accepts the request. She is shocked to learn that Geetha is Sundar’s child when they accidentally meet along the road. Sundar goes to Uma’s home, where they have a conversation about the past. Hearing this, Geetha realises that her father was once in love with her teacher.

Ye-eun records a conversation on her teddy bear while telling Hwi-do that her mother is not a bad person. Hwi-do and his girlfriend form a friendship with Ye-eun. Still, Ye-eun uses the girlfriend’s cellphone to text Yeon-hee the consonants of the location of Hwi-do’s auto repair shop.

… cancer. Fuck Cancer aims to engage millennials through social media to have a conversation about early detection and acute awareness of cancer.

Xiang Yu did not care much about, and this greatly hurt the Chu army’s effectiveness. On the other hand, Zhang Liang was successful in keeping the Han supply lines open. During a conversation, Xiang Yu’s archer hit Liu Bang with an arrow, which…

Written by Paul Gorman, the book incorporates an essay by Peter Saville, a foreword by Malcolm Garrett, an introduction by Billy Bragg and a conversation with US practitioner Art Chantry.

Written as an extract from the diary of one of Queen Elizabeth I’s ladies-in-waiting, the pamphlet purports to record a conversation between Elizabeth and several famous writers of the day. The topics discussed are entirely scatological, notably flatulence and sex.

Woo Media was created by Stephen Stokols, an American entrepreneur, technologist and executive in 2007 after a conversation with his sister about the difficulties using an online dating service. Stokols had been working on new web based…

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