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…Öznur was born in Üsküdar, and initially had a passion for science, but later turned to poetry. Öznur was influenced by the poet Bâkî. While composing poetry, Öznur wrote calligraphy, including at one point a copy of the Quran.

…Õhtuleht is available online at Initially, at first the online version was just a copy of the paper, but now is turning into an online news stream and an entertainment centre with approx. 150,000 users.

copy of the original Catalan for his Irish translation. Ó Maolchonaire omitted more than half of the original while making various additions of his own, one of which was specifically aimed at encouraging Irish Catholics to remain faithful.

… full reference information to the Zotero library. Zotero can also save a copy of the webpage, or, in the case of academic articles, a copy of the full text PDF. Users can then add notes, tags, attachments, and their own metadata.

Zippo Records’ former CEO Pete Flanagan has yet to release tracks he cut of originals by Gower, accompanied by Perry, Howell and ex-MM Ade Shaw on bass, and also is thought to have a copy of the UA sessions, featuring Gowers’ ‘TV Blues’.

… executed. Zhao Junsong (趙君宋), a teacher in Huzhou who reported the book, was also convicted and executed for secretly keeping a copy of the book. Li Jibai (李繼白), an official in charge of Xuyeguan Town (滸墅關鎮) in Suzhou, was executed for purchasing a

Zhou Botong has with him a copy of the Nine Yin Manual, the most coveted martial arts manual of that era because of the incredible inner energy cultivation techniques and extraordinary skills it records. He has been forbidden by Wang Chongyang to learn the skills described in the book so he lets Guo Jing learn.

Zhang Xuan 張萱 published a copy of the Yunji qiqian in 1609, and it was reproduced by the (1773-1782) Siku quanshu and (1919-1922) Sibu Congkan collections. The (1929) edition Sibu Congkan reproduced the superior copy in the Ming Canon, which was not marred by lacuna.

Zernez is first mentioned in 1131 as Gumpo de Ernece. In 1161-64 it was mentioned as Zarnetz though both references are found in a copy of the document from 1365.

Giuseppe La Farina and Francesco Miceli found in the camposanto of Messina, and the first of these at the Promotrice of Rome, won the silver medal of honor. He sculpted a copy of the Fountain of Neptune, (larger than life), to replace the…

Young makes a mistake in translating the obelisk setting back his work whilst Champollion using a copy of the obelisk creates a hieroglyphic alphabet that he uses along with Coptic to translate the name of Ramesses the Great from sketches…

… illegal before 1962, so all models had to wear posing straps. Since Young Physique was widely available in drugstores and magazine stores all over the United States, even in smaller cities and small towns, buying a copy of the magazine is the way most young homophiles in the 1960s made their first contact with the gay world.

Yet no more was heard for four years, until in 1937 Schott Music, the music-publisher in Mainz, sent a copy of the score to Yehudi Menuhin asking for an opinion. He played it through with Hephzibah Menuhin, and reported to the conductor…

Years later, Logsdon had a student from an old Louisiana family who brought a copy of the original 1853 book to class; her family had owned it for more than a century. Together Logsdon and Eakin studied Northup’s account, documenting it…

… but the family did enjoy an occasional night at the drive-in theater. In his early teens, Yeager saw the movie Boys in the Band. He found a copy of the play, and after reading it, decided he would like to be an actor. By the time he was sixteen, he was watching movies critically and reading books to better understand the medium.

Yahoo Axis is a desktop web browser extension and mobile browser for iOS devices created and developed by Yahoo. The browser made its public debut on May 23, 2012. A copy of the private key used to sign official Yahoo browser extensions for Google Chrome was accidentally leaked in the first public release of the Chrome extension.

Arts for a copy of the head of Ceres, and a second for an original group. In 1816 he was appointed assistant engraver to the mint, and in 1828 chief engraver. In 1831 he was elected associate and in 1838 full member of the Royal Academy. He…

… reveals the magnitude of the immediate impact of Wright’s architecture in European circles, since Behrens could have conceivably received a copy of the Wasmuth portfolio merely days or weeks after its publication.

Wreay is noted for St Mary’s Church, an adjacent mausoleum, and a copy of the 7th-century Bewcastle Cross.

Duchess of Augustenburg a copy of the original in the Hanoverian archives, and through Sir Augustus Paget was afforded access to the privy archives of Copenhagen. He also used the privately printed Memoirs of the Landgrave Charles of…

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