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Zouhair Yahyaoui (December 8, 1967 – March 13, 2005) was the first cyber-dissident to be pursued and condemned in Tunisia, a country that is often rated at the top of lists of Internet policing by independent third-party sources such as…

Zimbabwe is a country that has been fighting against many diseases, some of which are incurable due to their poor health care system.

… presentations in 35 states and 25 countries. His impact has been especially significant in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Jamaica, Northern Ireland, Britain, Ukraine, and New Zealand, a country that has restructured its juvenile justice…

Zaal also wrote a few books about Italy, a country that has always fascinated him.

Yuliet Rodríguez Jiménez (born August 24, 1977) is a former Cuban racing cyclist. She established herself as one of the most consistent Latin American cyclists in a country that has produced great female racers since the sport was first introduced to Cuban women in the mid-1980s.

Yemen issued its first stamps in 1926. International mail required additional stamps to be added from a country that was a member of the Universal Postal Union as Yemen did not join the UPU until 1 January 1930. International mail was…

… materials and natural resources that can support a larger population. Otherwise, he thought that we run the risk of underpopulating a country that could support a much larger population.

Worldwide, approximately fifty species exhibit amphicarpy, or 0.02% of the known species of flowering plants. Most of these fifty species occur in often disturbed or very stressful circumstances. In Israel, a country that harbors many…

Women in Macedonia are women who live in or are from the Republic of Macedonia. They live in a Macedonian society that is customarily patriarchal. Being in a country that was ravaged by internal conflict known as the Insurgency in the…

Women have been on the rise in India’s comedy as recently as 2016. In a country that has deeply entrenched patriarchal values, these female comedians face great amounts of cultural animosity. Despite this discrimination women such as Aditi Mittal and Neeti Palta have found success in an industry that did not readily accept them.

With the coup of Primo de Rivera away from politics to returning to the Second Republic was appointed between 1936 and 1939 ambassador to France, Belgium and Argentina, a country that when he went into exile to end the Civil War which would form part one of the governments in exile.

… corruption in Austria is situated. It must be noted that despite this recent escalation in police corruption prevalence, Austria still remains a country that is characterized by a low number of corruption cases compared to other countries throughout the world.

While the Irish banking crisis of 2008 isn’t much different from other banking crisis, it was unique in that it was the first banking crisis in a country that was a member of the Eurozone. Because of this the Irish government and central bank faced unique constraints when the crisis struck.

… analytical drawing. After establishing a long career in South American lands, Richter died at the age 87, leaving one of the biggest contributions she could ever do to a country that had no idea about art and its derivable, a school for artists.

While at Newcastle, Rutherford also played for England, making his debut against Wales on 9 April 1904. He went on to win eleven caps for his country and score three goals, making his last appearance against Bohemia, a country that technically did not exist at the time, in 1908.

… listed below. A country that issues a passport may also restrict its validity or use in specified circumstances, such as use for travel to certain countries for political, security or health reasons.

When the Portuguese royal family returned to Portugal in 1821 after an absence of 14 years, Carlota Joaquina met a country that had changed much since their departure. In 1807, Portugal had lived stably under absolutism. Napoleonic troops…

… and communities in Vietnam may have been more readily admitted to. Edwards argues, that the desire to establish a unique and distinct national identity is a natural reaction for a country that had been colonized and occupied.

When a country that maintains a fixed exchange rate is suddenly forced to devalue its currency due to accruing an unsustainable current account deficit, this is called a currency crisis or balance of payments crisis. When a country fails…

When Amenhotep III died, he left behind a country that was at the very height of its power and influence, commanding immense respect in the international world; however, he also bequeathed an Egypt that was wedded to its traditional political and religious certainties under the Amun priesthood.

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