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Zupan was featured as a customer in TLC’s Miami Ink during the first season. Parts of his documentary were shown as background information.

Zlatan is a pale, skinny black metal-guy that is employed at Jokke’s store, having been a customer for a long while. Despite his intimidating appearance, snaggletoothed and corpse-like features, he has quite a gentle and innocent…

ZipRefill – To alleviate the return delivery times, will (for qualified customers), send a replacement disc once a customer indicates (via the website) that a disc has been returned to, without waiting for it to actually be…

Zensar has operations and a customer base spanning across 29 global locations.

Zensar has a marketing presence in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa and Australia. The company has operations and a customer base spanning 18 countries, including software development centers at Pune and Hyderabad, India and Gdańsk, Poland.

… around 250 employees in 2012. In addition to the main Hunt Valley, Maryland based office, ZeniMax Online also maintains a customer support center in Galway, Ireland as well as an additional office in Austin, Texas.

Zappos has a customer base of over 24 million people. In January 2012, Zappos suffered a data security breach that gave hackers personal information of their customers. While the security breach exposed names, addresses, and phone numbers…

… in his glove. Immediately after the robbery took place, Vaillancourt saw his friend go back into the hall where a fight broke out between his friend and a customer. In the struggle, the customer was shot with his friend’s gun and later died of his wounds. Vaillancourt was caught by the police at the scene but his accomplice got away.

… help a customer by directing him or her to someone who can. Protecting humans is her top priority and will even ignore previous orders to make sure no human is harmed when in her care.

YourTradingEdge (YTE) began as a customer newsletter for the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) in 1997. SFE then began professionally publishing it as a magazine.

Yoon Dong-ha is a 25-year-old guy who runs a small errand center with his friend. Their store will do pretty much anything for a customer from dressing as Santa Claus to providing security for an idol star. Dong-ha seems happy-go-lucky,…

Yoigo addresses customers on familiar terms due to company policy. If a customer does not want the company to address them as such, they must explicitly request it.

… of his weapons on a counter-top in the store as he entered, after it had jammed. After Coulibaly proceeded to threaten a customer with a small child at the beginning of the attack, Cohen, an employee, attempted to grab the abandoned weapon…

… behaviour patterns of consumers, external environmental factors and market price to successfully gain the most profit. This strategy of yield management is commonly used by the firms associated within the airlines industry. For example: A

XLN began in 2002 when founder and CEO, Christian Nellemann, identified a gap in the market for a telecoms provider that focuses on small businesses. Nellemann started selling business telecoms door-to-door, and after building up a customer base expanded the product range to include card processing, energy, and fibre broadband.

XCON’s success led DEC to rewrite XCON as XSEL- a version of XCON intended for use by DEC’s salesforce to aid a customer in properly configuring their VAX (so they wouldn’t, say, choose a computer too large to fit through their doorway or…

Writer Jonathan Harvey appeared in three episodes; as a guest at the series 1 wedding, once as make-up artist Louis, and then as a customer in a sofa store.

Write μi for the service rate at node i and P for the customer routing matrix where element pij denotes the probability that a customer finishing service at node i moves to node j for service. To use the algorithm we first compute the visit ratio row vector v, a vector such that v = v P.

… inventory costs, shipping charges, accounts receivable and sales taxes. Users can also manage customer overpayments, provide customer loyalty discounts, and view a customer invoice history.

Horse. The telephone rings, and a customer asks if Woody has any wooden Indians for sale. Woody replies that he has one he has just finished.

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