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… marks. Once one was found, it was circled in a dark pencil to show that it had already been counted. The red dye was not easily removed, preventing any cheating. The only way to remove it was through certain acids such as vinegar.

Zsolt Bodoni paints on canvas with oil and acrylic. His works are gloomy and offer a dark, war-tainted picture of the post-Soviet era in Eastern Europe. He uses washed out colors to depict the disillusion of the failed Soviet utopia, with blurring effects and confusing situations.

Zoroastro appears and orders his attendant spirits to transform the grove to a dark cave, where he will try to restore Orlando to sanity. He knows that tempests eventually recede, and calm will return (Aria:Sorge infausta una procella).

Zombie Hunter (Shirei Kari) is a dark and violent comic by a collaboration between Japanese writer, Kazumasa Hirai, and Korean comic book artist, Yang Kyung-il.

Zoids piloted by higher-ranking officers have gold claws or spikes that can block metal Zi weapons, though these are rare. The pilots, unlike most Zoids, remain suspended in a dark cockpit, and wear bulky suits with connecting wires to…

Zinzolin or gingeolin, is an old or literary color name that once meant a dark red, and today usually means a reddish purple color. It is generally used to describe clothing.

Zinclipscombite is a dark green to brown zinc iron phosphate mineral with formula: Zn(Fe3+)2(PO4)2(OH)2. It occurs as fibrous spheres and exhibits tetragonal crystal structure.

… pointing to the positive results of gamification applied outside of the entertainment industry, although he has acknowledged that a dark side does exist to this technology. He also posits that gamification could be taken to online banking, charitable organizations, or any other industry. A system of rewards could encourage members of a gym to attend regularly.

Zeus was known as Zeus Moiragetes, which is to refer to the power of Zeus to know the fate of mortals. The newly-born Zeus himself learnt his fate by the night and, accordingly, by Phanes, while within a dark cave.

… pale brown in colour with irregular darker patches and a dark blotch towards the tail end. The maximum length of an adult fish is around 20 cm.

Zeugopterus punctatus is a small left-sided flatfish that is almost completely round in shape, with a broad body relative to its length. It is a mottled brown and white colour, a dark bar through the eyes, light wide fins all the way round…

Zeta Circini (ζ Cir), is the Bayer designation for a star located in the southern constellation of Circinus. With an apparent visual magnitude of 6.08, it is barely visible to the naked eye on a dark night. (According to the Bortle scale,…

… and leaves Hook in Emma’s house, wanting to get answers. Zelena steps back inside after Emma finds him. She brings in an enchanted dreamcatcher, which holds the memories of Hook becoming a Dark One (in Emma’s fault) in order to save him.

… solar energy, and used it to direct the sun’s energy to a small world he had enslaved in a dark nebula off in space, where he was having a massive Transtector constructed for himself. With the Transtector now powered up by the solar energy,…

Zapatero was a dark horse who had against him his inexperience and in favour his image of reform and being the only MP among the candidates. (All the Spanish opposition leaders had been MPs before winning the elections. A very important…

Zany appeared in the Steven Soderbergh film The Informant, released September 18, 2009. The movie is a dark comedy about a Decatur, Illinois agri-business giant’s price-fixing scandal, and the bipolar whistleblower, Mark Whitacre, who is portrayed by Matt Damon. Zany plays Whitacre’s lawyer, John Dowd, in the comedian-rich cast.

… of the Sith, she would need an apprentice of her own. During her investigations on Doan, she meets a Dark Jedi named Set Harth who collects Sith artifacts. After a brief duel, which Set loses, Zannah takes him on as her apprentice.

Zagreb was a dark bay horse standing 16.2 hands high with no white markings bred in Kentucky by his owner Allen Paulson. He was sired by Theatrical, an Irish-bred horse who won the Breeders’ Cup Turf and was named American Champion Male…

Zack Jennings, his dad, and his new stepmother Judy have just moved back to his father’s hometown, in Connecticut, not knowing that their new house has a dark history. Fifty years ago, a crazed killer caused an accident at the nearby…

Yuu is a dark pink haired nurse who works at the same hospital that Yotsuya was staying at after he was injured.

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