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… around the town a day or two before the event and then locked in the yard of the original Rose Inn which was situated on the site of the present-day Superdrug store. People travelled from miles around to see the dangerous spectacle. A number…

Within a day or two after arrival, DesRon 49 was dissolved; and Wickes was reassigned to DesRon 58. The war in the Pacific, though, ended before the destroyer completed her scheduled overhaul on 31 August 1945.

With the support of host institutions, the commission offers instructional workshops that cover online mapping. Workshops have been offered at universities or government mapping institutions in Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Cuba, Brazil, China, Canada, South Africa and USA. Workshops can be as short as half a day or up to two weeks.

… mornings. The poorer families with many children and little income even skipped a day or two. In this situation, the lunch provided by the school helped increase the students’ receptivity.

Vung Tau, a distance of some 7291 nmi km. The Pacific leg of the trip was for the most part smooth as glass for the whole crossing with the exception of a day or two of 15 foot swells. Since there were no docking facilities in Vung Tau, the troops were transported to shore on landing craft.

… period lasting for a week or two with lows in the −15-20°C range. Anticyclones with centres above Western Europe produce cold inversion fog with no change in day and nighttime temperatures, they stay around or a bit under 0°C. The fog can last for weeks. Mediterranean depressions moving above the inversion fog layer can bring a day or two of freezing rain.

… providing relief from the cool, damp temperatures. Snowfall is extremely rare. When it does snow, it usually lasts for only a day or two.

… thunderstorms occur during the cold season. Skies are moderately clouded for short spells of a day or two during cold season in association with the passing western disturbances.

Winter temperatures often show a higher variation in late winter than early winter, with a day or two in August occasionally reaching above 27 °C (81 °F), which is unknown in June and July. Winter nights average 6.9 °C (44.4 °F), although…

… regularly closed some weekdays even when they have snow, but the specific days of closure vary. The highway is frequently closed for a day or so following substantial snowfalls until plows can clear the road. Restrictions limiting travel to vehicles with chains or four-wheel-drive above certain elevations may also be in effect during these times.

Wings are formed within the Haibane’s body, first appearing as uncomfortable lumps on the back. Within a day or two of the hatching, these grow rapidly and put the Haibane into a state of fever, finally bursting through the skin in a…

… upon to shepherd convoys into port at Brest and Saint Nazaire, France. Although her duties appeared routine, they were strenuous. She spent many arduous days at sea in the stormy Atlantic with only hours or, at most, a day or two in port to…

While the storm was passing near Dominica, the San Juan, Puerto Rico Weather Bureau warned about the threat of the hurricane which would strike the island within a day or two. The advisory was sent via telegraph to 75 police districts and…

Lt. Col. Huntington led two companies of Marines and 40 Cubans in an amphibious assault on Hicacal Beach. It proved to be a bloodless encounter, since the Spanish had left a day or two earlier.

… longer the number of hours the fewer that will survive. An indirect way to destroy them is to place them in an environment that reactivates them to their vegetative state. They will germinate within a day or two with the right environmental…

… her parents withheld their permission. Despondent, young Walton started on his way out of Mississippi, but, after a day or two, came back to Carrollton to ask again, resulting in a secret engagement.

While Minister of Labour in 1923, Murdock was embroiled in controversy after he withdrew funds from the Home Bank a day or two before its collapse based on information he obtained as a member of the Cabinet.

While Bolognese are perfectly happy to lounge around the house, they should also have a daily walk. A suitable walk would be around 20-25 minute a couple of times a day or substitute 10-minute walks a few times a day.

… minutes a day or more, leading to losses of over £250,000 a month. When a carrier’s dial code table can contain three thousand items, comparing codes is a critical and complex part of the process. The theory of dial code relationships actually involves the mathematical theory of lattices and code comparisons have to be done with computer software.

When the invasion went ahead on July 10, 1943, rough seas disorganized the attacking boat waves, and the soft sand proved an impediment to movement. Fortunately for the attackers, the location was poorly defended and the Allies were able to consolidate their position in a day or two and move further inland.

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