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World Junior Championships he was 14th, while the team won the silver medal. On January 21 in Sapporo, he got a chance to debut in the World Cup. In his first start, he scored points (19th place). A day later, again, the last time in the…

…Šilalė district Kaltinėnai Aleksandras Stulginskis Gymnasium is a day, public, co-educational school. It is located at 22 Varnių Str., Kaltinėnai, Šilalė district. It offers primary, basic, secondary and optional education programmes. Institution code 190329256.

…İzmir Atatürk Lisesi (İAL) was established in 1888 as a 5-year preparatory school. The school was subsequently converted to a 7-year preparatory school in 1890 and became a high school in 1910. Serving more than a hundred years as a day and boarding school for boys, the school started admitting girls in the year 2000.

…Đukanović came out a clear winner from this political fight, as he never lost power for even a day. Bulatović, on the other hand, never held office again in Montenegro after 1997 and eventually retired from politics in 2001.

…Četverored was immersed in controversy in late 1999, while being aired on Croatian Radio Television as two-part mini-series. The second part was to be aired a day before the 2000 parliamentary elections, during electoral silence. Since…

…Česká televize stated that if ČT Déčko and ČT art proved successful, the two channels would broadcast from separate frequencies and allowing them to broadcast 24-hours a day.

…Česká televize stated that if ČT Déčko and ČT art proved successful, the two channels would broadcast from separate frequencies and allowing them to broadcast 24 hours a day.

…ČD pendolinos operate 9 times a day each direction on the route Prague-Pardubice-Olomouc-Ostrava, with some continuing to Bohumín and one continuing to Slovakia, the city of Košice. Twice a day the service is extended from Prague to Františkovy Lázně via Plzeň.

… television movie produced by Zdravko Šotra was also inspired by drama of the same name. Rescue movement of Ivanka Muačević from Central state hospital a day after she gave birth served as the inspiration of episode „Hospital“ while the assassination attempt on Đorđe Kosmajac for episode „Traitor“ of TV series „Castaways“.

… the number of cups he drank a day then had cups twice the size created for his personal use. When he died at dawn on 11 December 1241, after a late-night drinking bout with Abd-ur-Rahman, the people blamed the sister of Tolui’s widow and Abd-ur-Rahman. The Mongol aristocrats recognized, however, that the Khagan’s own lack of self-control had killed him.

…Älvsbyhus has its base in Älvsbyn, and one of its factories there too. It is Scandinavia’s biggest producer of prefabricated homes in wood. Their average production is around two houses a day, although much of the production is located at other factories closer to the market.

…Álvarez was promoted up to the majors on August 22 with first baseman Lucas Duda going on the disable list with a back injury. On August 23 he was sent back to the Las Vegas 51s to make room for David Wright who was making his return from Spinal stenosis. He did not make a single appearance when he was called up a day earlier.

Zyzzyx Road was shown once a day, at noon, for six days (February 25 – March 2, 2006) at Highland Park Village Theater in Dallas, Texas, a movie theater rented by the producers for $1,000. The limited release was deliberate: Grillo was uninterested in releasing the film domestically until it underwent foreign distribution, but needed to fulfill the U.S. release obligation required by the Screen Actors Guild for low-budget films (films with budgets less than $2.5 million that are not for the direct-to-video market).

Zwingli and his partner Leo Jud also introduced daily morning prophesyings, during which the Old Testament was expounded and the people invited to respond. In Geneva, Every Wednesday became a day of prayer which focused on day-to-day concerns.

… across the Zambezi in 1835 on a day when there was a total eclipse of the sun. Advancing north, ravaging the countries they crossed, they eventually arrived in the south west of what is now Tanzania. On the death of Zwangendaba, the Ngoni…

a day, so her mother, Aurora de Faiad was concerned to give him artistic training. At age seven, she entered the school of the Teatro Colón, where she studied choreography and perfected her acting vocation with the theater.

Zuckermann’s religious attitude was strictly Orthodox. Twice a day he attended the synagogue maintained by him in the house which he had inherited from his father, although he lived in the seminary building, where daily services were held…

Zowie breaks out of the veterinary clinic and kills three cats, before entering Chase’s home and attacking him. A day later, Jeff encounters Clyde – who is about to sever Jeff’s nose using the wheel-spokes of his own bicycle when Gus shows…

Zoomin.TV produces content in 20 languages from its worldwide network of Video journalists. It produces over 400 news video a day, localized in 20 languages through its in-house production facilities. Covering all types of subject matter…

Zomi National Day is observed as a day of deliverance, love, peace, unity, political retrospection and remembrance of the history of the Zomi.

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