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…Áed Sláine himself is said to have been High King jointly with Colmán Rímid of the northern Cenél nEógain branch of the Uí Néill, following the death of Áed mac Ainmuirech. Áed Sláine died circa 604, a death said to have been prophesied by…

…Áed Sláine himself is said to have been High King jointly with Colmán Rímid of the northern Cenél nEógain branch of the Uí Néill, following the death of Áed mac Ainmirech. Áed Sláine died circa 604, a death said to have been prophesied by…

… advances of NKVD police head Lavrentiy Beria, the affair was exposed resulting, initially, in a death sentence later reprieved to work camp imprisonment in Siberia; she was released after eight years. She was murdered in her Moscow apartment in 1981.

February 9, 2015, Zhao received a death sentence, was asked to pay 102,768 renminbi to the victims, had all political rights removed forever, and received a fine of 53,000 renminbi ($8,464 U.S. dollars).

… rights student group Students for Integration, a CORE Soul Force Member, a Freedom Rider, and one of the Americus Four who faced a death penalty for helping citizens legally vote.

Zero Time Dilemma is set between the events of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward. The game follows nine characters who have been locked up in an underground nuclear bomb shelter and are forced to play a death game…

Zauriel also confronted a version of the Spectre in JLA #31, stopping him from delivering a death blow to Triumph, a former superhero turned supervillain. Spectre told Zauriel that his insubordination would not go well for him in the Courts Of Light.

Yusheng also finds out about her parentage after the kidnap and in her quest to uncover the mastermind, becomes a murder suspect. She was given a death sentence, but after Anping decided to give in to Lishi, she was later acquitted of all charges and marries Yingjun.

Yunnan, with a population of more than 45 million, leads China in HIV/AIDS infections: primarily spread through intravenous drug use and unsafe sex, often involving the sex industry. According to official statistics, by the end of last year Yunnan was home to more than 48,000 HIV-infected patients, 3,900 patients with AIDS and a death toll of 1,768.

… challenging the enemy general to a battle of Chinese Checkers and winning. His tactics are brilliant, and often lead to a death toll of zero.

Yousuke’s parents had a divorce and his father remarried. However, Yousuke refused to accept his new mother and avoided her at home, eventually committing suicide. He is placed in a Death Game against Misaki where they must fight in an arcade game.

You are dead, and trapped in Papa Sangre’s kingdom in an afterlife filled with darkness, and need to save the soul most precious to you trapped in the palace while avoiding a death from dangerous monsters.

Yoshiko and Tom weather the elements and meet the people. With only one another to rely on, they brave everything. From close encounters with lions and elephants to a death defying illegal entry into Sudan, through the joy and the tears and the mind-boggling physical challenges, Yoshiko and Tom keep the camera rolling.

… stealingFills the soul with glory from yonder shore.There is a death, but it is only mortalThe soul lives on and on for evermore.How wonderful to dwell for aye with JesusEver and forever on yonder shore.ChorusSinging on that shoreSinging on that shoreHark, I hear them singingSinging, ever, singing on yonder shore.

Years later, the Montoneros’ leadership unofficially recognized their responsibility in Rucci’s assassination, which emotionally shook the unsentimental Perón, who cried for the first time in public. The majority of the Montoneros admitted this murder, which prompted Perón to support López Rega’s Triple A death squad, to be a major political mistake.

Years later, due to his excessive drinking and unhealthy living, Trick Shot developed cancer. Rather than die in a hospital bed, he decided to issue his former pupil with a death challenge, an honorable duel that he fully intended on…

Years earlier, Bill tells the young Bride of the legendary martial arts master Pai Mei and his Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, a death blow that Mei refuses to teach his students; the technique supposedly kills any opponent…

Yang’s trial was delayed on account of the 2008 Summer Olympics. On 27 August 2008, Yang was tried behind closed doors in a one-hour trial at the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court. Four days later, the official news agency Xinhua announced that he had been found guilty of premeditated murder and received a death sentence, as had previously been expected.

Xysma’s third album, Deluxe (1993), was no longer a death metal album, not necessarily even a metal album. The songs were hard-paced, in the vein of Helmet (band). Janitor no longer growled, as he sang in a clean style. The next album,…

… her as a cold, conniving, calculating woman wearing a death mask of white powder she insisted makeup artist Perc Westmore create for her.

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