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…Śārṅgadeva defines lāsya as a delicate dance that stimulates erotic sentiments. From bhāṇas there developed two minor dramatic types – bhāṇaka and bhāṇikā or bhāna and bhāni.

Zygaena ephialtes has a wingspan reaching 35 – 40 mm. The forewings are dark blue, with five or six spots very variable in the color, as they may be red, yellow or white. Usually these spots are red, while the ring segment (belt) on the abdomen may be yellow or red. The hindwings are red, yellow or completely black and have a delicate, black outer edge.

Young Sister Rosalie suffered from a delicate constitution which was weakened by the sustained seclusion required of the novices, and by a lack of physical exercise. On the advice of her physician and that of her Godfather, the Abbé Emery,…

… exchange of power for powerlessness was something audiences could relate to. Oiwa went from a delicate victim to a powerful avenger, while Iemon transforms from tormentor to tormented.

… his work enhance the power of the painting’s obscenity and political subtext. Xiaotao combines conceptual and political features in his work while portraying a delicate irony as well.

… incarceration (she is ultimately broken by the system and leaves jail a hard-edged, gum-chomping drug dealer), a chain-smoking, gum-snapping street-wise tough girl, and a delicate Southern belle reminiscent of Blanche DuBois. Lording over all is the sadistic matron and her tough-as-nails sidekick.

Moscow to find and possibly betray a former lover – a fiery ballerina whose own loyalties are in question – in a delicate dance that could destroy all he loves and honors. With his opponents closing in on him and the war itself rapidly…

With his visit to Washington in 1985 and the return visit of Secretary of State George Shultz, he revitalized Greek-American relations which had gone through a delicate phase during the previous years.

With great common sense, maturity and tact, this officer handled a delicate situation which otherwise would have created grave consequences in Leopoldville and many parts of the Congo. Colonel Ankrah, with complete disregard for his own…

With a talent for painting and portraying faces, Tournières enjoyed a great reputation during his lifetime. He left a considerable number of portraits which are mostly in notable collections. He showed a delicate colouring, a perfect…

With a delicate structure influenced by Gill’s experience of carving lettering for monuments and memorials, Perpetua is commonly used for covers and headings and also sometimes for body text. Perpetua was released with characters for the Greek alphabet and a matching set of titling capitals for headings.

Wilson made her Broadway debut in Picnic in 1953. Her stage credits include Desk Set (1955), The Good Woman of Szechuan (1970), Sticks and Bones (1972), Uncle Vanya (1973), Threepenny Opera (1976), The Importance of Being Earnest (1977), Morning’s at Seven (1980), You Can’t Take It with You (1983), Ah, Wilderness! (1988), and A Delicate Balance (1996).

Willy Rizzo’s furniture design channelled the sophistication of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, his pieces combining clean, simple lines with bold geometric forms and a delicate handling of materials. His lack of formal training in furniture design placed him outside Italy’s strong, indigenous design traditions, making his style utterly unique at the time.

White crab meat comes from the claws and legs of the crab and while predominantly white in colour it does have a naturally occurring red/brown tinge throughout. White crab is very low in fat and particularly high in protein, it has a

They form socially monogamous pairs and lay two or three eggs in a delicate cup-shaped nest. While the success rate can be low, the pairs nest several times during the breeding season.

While she was in a delicate condition, Rizal played a prank on her that was harmless in itself, which startled her so that she sprang forward and was struck against an iron stand. Though it was purely an accident and Rizal was scarcely at fault, he blamed himself for it, and his later devotion seems largely to have been trying to make amends.

While a master of the fundamental Kanō school style, and that of his father, Mitsunobu expressed elements of his own preferences and skills in his paintings. His color paintings of flowers, trees and similar subjects made extensive use of gold-leaf as most Kanō paintings did, but also displayed a delicate, elegant, and gentle lightness.

… on either side of Britannia on pre-1895 pennies, but with the sailing ship seen on Victorian pennies replaced with a modern warship. Officials felt this too aggressive at a delicate international time, and the ship was not restored, but the lighthouse was placed on Edward’s patterns, and would be kept on the penny until its abolition after 1970.

When relations between Portugal and the Dutch soured in 1624 because of the seizure of Bahia, Calabar found himself in a delicate position, torn between a loyalty to the place of his birth and a loyalty to the payer of his wages. By 1630,…

When Edward was four his father died and his mother moved to London. He was a delicate, neurotic child and was discontented at a number of boarding schools. But he was precocious and Mr Wallington at Baling encouraged him to publish, at the age of fifteen, an immature work, Ishmael and Other Poems.

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