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… to newly appointed priests (Поучение святителское к новопоставленному йерею, Pouchenie svyatitelskoe k novopostavlennomu yereyu) from 1742 and a description of Jerusalem from 1748 (Описание светаго божия града Йерусалима, Opisanie svetago…

…Çağla is a Turkish given name for females originating from the word ‘Çağlayinbrer’ which is a description of the way water flows in a waterfall (ie – full with life and energy). Çağla means the action of that flowing water. The name also means unripe almonds, which is a delicacy in Turkey. The male equivalent of the name is Çağlar.

Zulu orthography does not indicate vowel length or tone, but it can be important to note this in a description of grammar. The following diacritical marks are used throughout this article to indicate aspects that the standard orthography fails to.

Ziyaret Tepe is quite close to the town of Üçtepe, Bismil (in Turkish), located near Bismil, where in 1861 John George Taylor found the famous Kurkh Monoliths, Assyrian monuments that contain a description of the Battle of Qarqar — of…

… for a later stage. He has translated and interpreted a set of texts that offer, in his view, a description of decisive moments in human experience in general. He translated them with a view to conveying the sense and significance of these…

… the Academy. He was especially noted for his work in multisectoral (input-output) economics and for his concept of the multi-level economy, a description of how the planned economy of the Soviet Union actually worked.

… religious communities. These findings confirm a description by Francis Ching-Wah Yip that the Protestant population was predominantly composed of rural people, illiterate and semi-illiterate people, elderly people, and women, already in the 1990s and early 2000s.

… may use another method entirely. Thus it should be clear that maxdiff is a subset of BWS. The maxdiff model has proved to be useful in proving the properties of a number of estimators in BWS. However, its realism as a description of how…

Pakenham provides a brief sketch of Saga Krestos’ European life in his The Mountains of Rasselas, and the book ends with a description of Pakenham’s visit to Saga Krestos’ grave in Rueil-Malmaison.

XHTML Meta Data Profiles (XMDP) is a format for defining metadata ‘profiles’ or formats in a machine-readable fashion, while also enabling people to see a description of the definition visually in a web browser. XMDP definitions are expressed in XHTML (or possibly HTML). Examples of applications that use XMDP include XFN and hCard.

Written sources, however, do not give a description of the knyazes’ emblems. Depictions of the “coats of arms” of Rus’ knyazes are known to us by surviving coins and seals of the time.

… compared to the earlier texts. Particularly famous is a description of Ariwara no Narihira. Parts of volumes 15, 19, and 48 are incomplete.

Writing on 7 April 1853, P Ballahkristnah, a Hindu scholar of the Wesleyan Educational Institution, Bangalore, provides a description of the Bangalore Petah. Bangalore is a table-land, offering Europeans travelers from Madras, much relief…

Wozniak starts his autobiography with a description of his parents, some of their history, and describes how his father had a top secret job involving electronics. He goes on to describe how his father took the time to describe to him, in detail, how electronic components work. He cites this as a major reason for his later success.

… occurrences and antiquities. but it was largely used in A Description of Winchester (1750) and the History and Antiquities of Winchester (1773). The manuscript was among those in the library of Sir Thomas Mostyn, 4th Baronet by 1744, and was purchased by Winchester city council in 1974.

… publication was a description of the rock formations of Muldengaues and their influence on vegetation. This was published in 1845 and received an award from the Princely Jablonowski’schen Society in Leipzig.

… actually (not just apparently) non-gradual is increasingly common in the field of evolutionary developmental biology, particularly in studies of the origin of morphological novelty. A description of such mechanisms can be found in the multi-authored volume Origination of Organismal Form.

Wordsworth, in his poem, the Triad, has left us a description, or poetical glorification, as Sara Coleridge calls it, of the three girls: his own daughter Dora, Edith Southey and Sara Coleridge, the last of the three, though eldest born.

Woodhurst was not mentioned in the Domesday Book, but as the church was until 1968 a chapelry of St Ives, it is probable that the church and a description of the area and landowners are recorded under Slepe (the original name for St Ives).

… the 14th and 19th centuries. Presentation of the killed wolf to the authorities was obligatory. The authorities had to give an accurate testimony with a description of the presented animal (gender, weight, measurements, color, estimated…

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