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Zumwalt, Rosemary Lévy. American Folklore Scholarship: A Dialogue of Dissent. Ed. Alan Dundes. Bloomington and Indianapolis; Indiana University Press, 1988. Print.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh met separately with both TFG and ICU representatives respectively on December 5 and December 6 to see if rapprochement might be possible between the parties. However, for now, both parties said a dialogue was impossible because of increased tensions and fighting.

Xenophon’s (c. 430-354 BC) Oeconomicus (c. 360 BC) is a dialogue principally about household management and agriculture.

… present a dialogue between different mediums. Featuring established intellectuals and artists in the field as well as previously unknown individuals, the journal is a resource for hip-hop scholars and non-profits, representing current…

… teenagers within a cultural institution; the “Paris-Delhi-Bombay…” exhibition scheduled on May 2011, that stages a dialogue between the contemporary Indian and French scenes; the Centre Pompidou Virtuel, a new platform for the delivery…

… meant working between two communities that disconnected years before his return, the Francophone and the Métis. The Local 17 president gathered the two estranged communities to create a dialogue to improve living conditions. “The…

Maithripala Sirisena, in 2015, said he supports a dialogue on the introduction of the death penalty should it be approved by Parliament. The statement coming after a series of high profile incidents of rape, killing and sexual abuse.

With the creation of a population that is thinking and speaking for itself came the creation of a dialogue. With that was the desire of the population to point out what is unsatisfactory in society and to come up with an idea on how to change it.

With sixty-nine lines arranged in ten strophes, each separated by a horizontal line, the work is structured around a dialogue between two people, one of whom has lost favor with both his lord and his personal god, resulting in his intense…

… tract L’Hercolano, in the form of a dialogue between the writer and a conte Ercolano, discussed the Tuscan dialect as it was spoken at Florence, in the vulgar rather than in Latin, an innovation in works of linguistics; it was published posthumously, in 1570. He wrote a comedy La Suocera (“The Mother-in-Law”).

With Robin Skynner, the group analyst and family therapist, Cleese wrote two books on relationships: Families and How to Survive Them, and Life and How to Survive It. The books are presented as a dialogue between Skynner and Cleese.

… promising young actor Sydney Pollack, as a dialogue coach for the teenage hoodlums who needed an authentic New York City accents. The Young Savages was partly filmed on location in New York City with three-time Academy Award nominated…

… the first of the settlers to establish relations with the aborigines, with whom he struck up a dialogue and whose customs and nature he studied extensively. He later however fell out with his aboriginal contacts and instead undertook a mission to gather food which ended with an eleven-month stay on Norfolk Island after a shipwreck.

Lying: A Dialogue appeared in The Nineteenth Century, and Pen, Pencil and Poison, a satirical biography of Thomas Griffiths Wainewright, in The Fortnightly Review, edited by Wilde’s friend Frank Harris. Two of Wilde’s four writings on aesthetics…

… based on their explanations. In doing this, misconceptions and incomplete explanations are highlighted. The system then addresses these issues through a dialogue with the student and asks the student to correct their essay. A number of iterations may take place before the process is complete.

Why Tuesday? is a nonpartisan election reform organization. Their goal is to increase voter participation in the United States by creating a dialogue about election reform. The group publishes a weekly documentary video blog in order to highlight the state of America’s voting systems.

Rhetoric) (1642) by Ferrante Pallavicino; L’Ecole des Filles (The School for Girls) (1655), attributed to Michel Millot and Jean L’Ange and also known as The School of Venus; The Dialogues of Luisa Sigea (c. 1660) by Nicolas Chorier—known also as A

… his wishes. At his screen test, he was asked to walk in a certain fashion, utter a dialogue and toss a cigarette in his mouth. Impressed, Kanagal cast him in his 1972 film Naagarahaavu. The film also saw the debut of Vishnuvardhan, another actor who would go on to become one of Kannada cinema’s most popular actors.

While the Adventist church matured and institutionalized in the 20th century, opposition from other churches also declined. By the 1950s, Adventists and American conservative Christians were ready to begin a dialogue. A series of…

… philosopher Simone Simoni. A committed Aristotelian, he resolutely opposed the philosophical innovations of Petrus Ramus. He likewise was involved in a dialogue with Thomas Erastus concerning the ubiquity of Christ’s physical body in the Lord’s Supper.

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