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… hNEU substrate specificity. DANA is a pan-selective inhibitor for all hNEU isoenzymes, with a difference from 2 to 10 fold inhibition activity, most effective for hNEU3 and hNEU4. Several reports have tested DANA-derivatives as inhibitors for…

Zainah was appointed a commissioner with the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia or Suhakam. However, she left because she felt that as a movement, it was not making a difference.

Yusufzai Pashto has a difference in affricates: in other dialects t͡s, d͡z/z, ʒ, in Peshawari instead s, z, j. Such as in most Northern dialects, in Yusufzai is pronounced x and g instead southern ʂ, ʐ.

… education framework which is in brief: CARE, CO-OPERATE, CHANGE AND COMMUNICATE! An effective way to work on any social innovation. YSI believes that the more you practice social innovation, the better you are at it! Once you make a difference by…

Yet there is a difference between the value of labour power and the value produced by that labour power in its use. Unlike other commodities, in its use, labour power produces new value beyond that used up by its use. This difference is…

Yeoh Ken Nee, as Malaysia another medal prospect in the Men’s 1m Springboard Final event, got a 4th place, with a difference of 19.35 points behind Japan’s Terauchi Ken. Earlier in the preliminary round, Yeoh get a 3rd place, only slightly behind China’s Luo and Qin.

Yang is the author of a number of books that have made a difference in our understanding of China. His earliest book, Calamity and Reform in China was one of the first scholarly books on the Great Leap Famine, the worst famine in human…

Yakowa successfully ran for election as Kaduna Governor in the 26 April 2011 polls on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform.In a close race, he polled 1,334,319 votes to clinch victory with a difference of 200,755 votes over the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) candidate, Haruna Sae’ed, who came second with 1,133,564 votes.

… need for attention drives her every move, as it does for everyone.Heck, even bad boys like Skepta do what they do partly because they’re not supposed to and it makes people look. Or at least, they SAY they do the things they do because of that. There is a difference..

X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) is a difference spectrum of two X-ray absorption spectra (XAS) taken in a magnetic field, one taken with left circularly polarized light, and one with right circularly polarized light. By closely analyzing the difference in the XMCD spectrum, information can be obtained on the magnetic properties of the atom, such as its spin and orbital magnetic moment.

Wouthuysen-Field coupling, or the Wouthuysen-Field effect, is a mechanism that couples the excitation temperature, also called the spin temperature, of neutral hydrogen to Lyman-alpha radiation. This coupling plays a role in producing a difference in the temperature of neutral hydrogen and the cosmic microwave background at the end of the Dark Ages and the beginning of the epoch of reionization. It is named for Siegfried Adolf Wouthuysen and George B. Field.

WorldFish is committed to meeting two key development challenges: 1) Improving the livelihoods of those who are poor and vulnerable in places where fisheries and aquaculture can make a difference and 2) achieving large scale, environmentally sustainable, increases in supply and access to fish at affordable prices for poor consumers in developing countries.

World Water Day is an international observance day. It is meant to inspire people around the world to learn more about water-related issues, tell others about these issues and take action to make a difference, particularly in developing countries.

World Usability Day was started in November 2005 so we could change the world. Each of us can make a difference, whether we are developers or consumers, our actions shape our world. A humanistic approach to technology development can help to steer us in a positive direction. User centered design and development puts people first. When products and services are developed to enhance our lives, help us do our work more efficiently, and add enjoyment, everyone can benefit.

Working Assets was founded by Peter Barnes, Michael Kieschnick and Laura Scher in 1985 in San Francisco, as a business that would use its revenues to fund progressive social change work. Its idea was to give customers an easy way to make a difference in the world just by doing things they do every day. Each time their customers use its services—mobile, long distance or credit card—WA would automatically send a donation to progressive nonprofit groups. To date it has raised more than $81 million for groups like Planned Parenthood, Rainforest Action Network and Oxfam America.

Work of breathing of a rebreather has two main components: Resistive work of breathing is due to the flow restriction of the gas passages causing resistance to flow of the breathing gas, and exists in all applications where there is no externally powered ventilation. Hydrostatic work of breathing is only applicable to diving applications, and is due to difference in pressure between the lungs of the diver and the counterlungs of the rebreather. This pressure difference is generally due to a difference in hydrostatic pressure caused by a difference in depth between lung and counterlung, but can be modified by ballasting the moving side of a bellows counterlung.

Women were more likely to have: (a) a publicly viewable Facebook account, (b) more photo albums, (c) more photos, (d) a photo of themselves as their profile picture, (e) positive references to alcohol, partying, or drugs, and (f) more positive references to or about the institution or institution-related activities. In general, women were more likely to disclose information about themselves in their Facebook profile, with the primary exception of sharing their telephone number. Similarly, female respondents to Strano’s study were more likely to keep their profile photo recent and choose a photo that made them appear attractive, happy, and fun-loving. Citing several examples, Strano opined that there may also be a difference in how men and women Facebook users display and interpret profile photos depicting relationships.

Women took on leadership roles starting in the church. Women became involved with the church activities, a few went on to become president of the societies. The women who joined these societies worked with their members some of whom were full-time teachers, nurses, missionaries, and social workers to accomplish their leadership tasks and make a difference. The Association for the Sociology of Religion was the first to elect a woman president in 1938.

Witness has also experienced Billboard success with their albums He Can Do The Impossible, We Can Make A Difference, Love Is An Action Word, A Song In The Night, and Standard..

Within the human species, the greatest degree of genetic variation exists between males and females. While the nucleotide genetic variation of individuals of the same sex across global populations is no greater than 0.1%, the genetic difference between males and females is between 1% and 2%. Although different in nature, this approaches the genetic differentiation between men and male chimpanzees or women and female chimpanzees. The genetic difference between sexes contributes to anatomical, hormonal, neural, and physiological differences between men and women, although the exact degree and nature of social and environmental influences on sexes are not completely understood. Males on average are 15% heavier and 15 cm taller than females. There is a difference between body types, body organs and systems, hormonal levels, sensory systems, and muscle mass between sexes. On average, there is a difference of about 40-50% in upper body strength and…

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