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… regional designations (South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia). Along with its ecological diversity and its relation to states, it arouses a lot of interest. It stands for an original entity of study, a type of international appellation, and a different way in which to study regions.

XeTeX provides similar functionality, but in a different way.

X-Change Alternative 2 is another separate story from the X-change series yet follows the same plot in a different way under production, with a tentative Japanese release planned for 2008. A US release date has yet to be made. Peach…

… opinion… that his ideas were generally misunderstood and distorted even by those who professed to be his disciples. He doubted he would be better understood in the future. He once said he felt as though he was writing for people who would think in a different way, breathe a different air of life, from that of present-day men.

… in premium areas, which came into their own at the end of the 20th century as red Zinfandel wines came back into fashion. Although the two wines taste dramatically different, both are made from the same (red) grapes, processed in a different way.

While most metastable isomers decay through gamma ray emission, they can also decay by internal conversion, a process in which the energy of nuclear de-excitation is not emitted as a gamma ray, but instead used to accelerate one of the inner electrons of the atom, so that it leaves at a high speed and energy. This result occurs because inner atomic electrons penetrate the nucleus, where they are subject to the intense electric fields, which result when the protons of the nucleus re-arrange in a different way. In nuclei which are far from stability in energy, still other decay modes are known.

… experiences in the world that led to his taking an independent turn in painting. Bischoff’s quiet and lyrical paintings were serious in a different way from the painting which was being taken seriously at the time; and which saw the rise of Abstract expressionism.

… equations of Albert Einstein, had proposed the idea that photoelectrons emitted from semiconductors should behave in a different way than those emitted from other types of matter, and a very similar theory was advanced by Edward Condon in 1938.

USA, bikers modified their bikes (primarily English brands like Triumph, BSA, Norton and Matchless) in a different way, to achieve different looks, performance goals and riding position. The resulting bikes are known as café racers, and look very different from a chopper.

Whenever a 0 is sent, both outputs receive a 0. Whenever a 1 is sent, both outputs receive a 1. When a 2 is sent, however, the first output is 0 and the second output is 1. Therefore, the symbol 2 is confused by each of the receivers in a different way.

When the user gives a command, the shell searches for the command in the path specified in the PATH environmental variable and stores the location in the hash. This command can be used to search for the command given. The command is built into the shell. C shell implements this command in a different way.

When the data values are long (or variable-length) character strings—such as personal names, web page addresses, or mail messages—their distribution is usually very uneven, with complicated dependencies. For example, text in any natural language has highly non-uniform distributions of characters, and character pairs, very characteristic of the language. For such data, it is prudent to use a hash function that depends on all characters of the string—and depends on each character in a different way.

… a clerk there, Lisa hopes Drew will laugh at her. Things take a different way, as Drew doesn’t care about Mandy being a clerk there. They converse yet again, and Drew invites her to go to the Commons the next day.

When asked about his work in the nineteen seventies, Wiegman simply said: “I did not invent the phenomenon shadow, I just make holes in the light”.Wiegman demonstrates his vision of looking at seemingly general objects in a different way. Also, his light sculptures produce more than just a shadow, behind each work lies a concept.

… program, the ad agency used a number of “We Bring Good Things to Life” commercials, each telling the GE story in a different way. Aside from promoting products and services, GE commercials and print ads began to project a new corporate image,…

… a clone of Keroro, grown from a sample of Keroro’s DNA off the Kero Ball, enhanced by super carbon and educated in a different way then Keroro was. After the discovery, they witness Koyuki and Natsumi’s mindless battle with each other, this…

… if the receiver did not understand a symbol or the symbol had a different meaning to the receiver then it did to the sender, this would mean the receiver could encode the message in a different way to how the sender had intended.

Well, people have actually asked me before about doing a mix tape. I stepped of the scene for a minute. Teamed up with Young Empire and there is a demand for Mýa to come back but I had to come back in a different way. Because I have a fan…

… other had local exhaust ventilation(LEV) then recorded to see which typed of ventilation worked the best. In the results, they found that local exhaust ventilation reduced particulate concentrations but also the efficiency of either method depended on equipment maintenance and their own work practices because everyone has a different way of getting things done.

Bertin and her favourite coiffeur Léonard Autié. Countess Goyon de Matignon, known as Madame de Matignon gave hairdresser Le sieur Beaulard 24 000 livres a year for styling her hair in a different way every day of the year. Duchess de Chartres…

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