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…Τhe song was released as a digital download on November 09, 2015 and is the lead single of the album. The video clip of the song was announced on December 09, 2015, from Heaven Music’s YouTube Channel.

…Τhe song was released as a digital download on June 19, 2017.

…Τhe song was released as a digital download on January 17, 2017.

…Τhe song was released as a digital download on April 25, 2017.

…Štrba uses a digital camera to capture moments and figures in film and still, which she then colors with the aid of computer programs. This digital manipulation provides Štrba’s images with a sense of painterliness and allows her to…

…ČRo Jazz is a digital public radio station owned by Český rozhlas, and is dedicated mainly to Jazz music.

… has released a number of electro-pop outings. He is also active as a teacher in composition at the Edvard Munch High School and Barratt Due Institute of Music and is the author of a digital teaching tool featured by NRK.

… church was reopened. The altarpiece of wood was painted by Harry W. Smith. The textiles in the church were made by Christina Westman in Gothenburg. The original organ, a Grönvalls, was inaugurated in 1977, but it was sold in 1999 and replaced with a digital organ of the brand Ahlbom.

… and essays in literary journals and magazines such us El Malpensante, Número, Etiqueta Negra, Donjuan, Letralia, and the Rio Grande Review.He is the co-editor of the Hidalgo (Mexico) based literary journal, El perro and manages the DUD project (Drogas/Urtak/Drugs:), a digital platform for the construction of participative public opinion about drugs.

Zoom Out 25X – An Autobot that transforms into a digital camcorder. He has an image of Cybertron Override on his display.

… zombie apocalypse in London. It is also packaged with the Wii U ZombiU bundle; along with the Wii U Pro Controller, the special ZombiU art book, a digital copy of Nintendo Land, and the contents of the Wii U Deluxe Set.

Ziris Create allows for a user to add content to a centralised content library and create play lists that are the essence of a Digital Signage system.It has a folder based structure thus allowing the user to categorise and organise their…

Zippr is a company that creates 8-digit alphanumeric codes as an alternative to traditional addresses and a precise location overlaid over a digital map. It was developed by CEO Aditya Vuchi, which raised $1 Million in its first round of…

… students about the project through lecture-demonstrations and concerts. It has currently been established as a digital property which aims to attract more of the youth to start listening to classical music.Faizan is the only grandchild of…

Zibusiso founded Csonke Holdings in 2000 with R2000.00 capital at 17 years old. In 2007 he led a merger of his web development business and Csonke Holdings subsidiary with KRAZYBOYZ to form KRAZYBOYZ digital, a digital marketing…

Zest also published a digital edition via the Apple Newsstand and issues were downloadable via a Zest app. The magazine has also produced a book called Running Made Easy.

Zero is an expert computer hacker and cybersurfer, able to force his way both in and out of almost any system. As a digital psyche, Zero could surf cyberspace, access information, and exist without food, water or other sustenance.

Zephyr was released on 7 December 2009 by record label XL. Initially, the album was only released as a digital download, but a physical release followed in March 2010.

Zebralution is a digital distributor for independent labels.

Zahid Hossain Khan is a social entrepreneur and a journalist from Bangladesh. He is one of the co-founders of Moner Bondhu, a digital social support center operating globally from Bangladesh. He is one of the Bangladeshi young entrepreneur who has received the prestigious Professional Fellows Exchange Program.

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