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… souvenir shop, it also has aspects of a dime museum, and was for many years an important supplier of Northwest Coast art to museums. As of 2008, the store has been owned by four generations of the same family.

Woody is a tenant in a boarding house run by Wally Walrus, but his indoor game of golf quickly gets on the landlord’s nerves. Woody decides to take a bath, for which he has to deposit a dime in the water meter in his bathroom. When the…

While she attended the former Laredo High School, Sorrell covered football games for the local newspaper. She was paid a dime per column inch. In 1927, she graduated from high school and thereafter attended Rice University in Houston,…

… food. House and Wilson surreptitiously keeps her under observation after they think that there is a dime missing from the change, but they later realize that they had miscalculated the bill and that all of the change was accounted for.

… virtually tears the car apart to reduce its value and offers Sach a dime for it, just as the policeman finds and arrests him. The devil visits Sach in jail and gives him the name of another winning horse. When Sach’s horse wins, Tony and Al…

Wheelwright was descended from the 17th-century clergyman John Wheelwright on his father’s side and the 18th-century Massachusetts governor John Brooks on his mother’s side. He studied at Harvard University and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology before practising as an architect in Boston. He was editor of the magazine Poetry for a Dime.

Wassmer always had an interest in colors and the different color combinations. He would study the different colors and patterns found in nature. Wassmer recalls getting a dime for Christmas one year. Instead of buying candy like his siblings, he bought a box of crayons. He took an art class in the seventh…

Under Island’s aegis, Axiom released Sonny Sharrock’s Ask the Ages and Henry Threadgill’s Too Much Sugar for a Dime, as well as records by Laswell projects such as Praxis and Material. A series of world music titles were also released by…

Today the historic town center has several antique shops and a dime store candy shop that sells locally made maple syrup and jumbo jelly beans to a small but growing number of regional tourists.

… fine control over her powers, e.g. she could blast an enemy through a brick wall, but could not levitate small objects, like a dime, from the floor. As time progressed, Psylocke grew more proficient at using her powers, e.g. she could use her telekinesis to reshape a pistol into smaller metal projectiles.

To commemorate the International Year of the Volunteer, in 2001 the Royal Canadian Mint issued a dime in honour of the 50th anniversary of Ontario March of Dimes.

Thinking herself alone, Evvie goes about her routine at the apiary, but Traver surprises her and begs her for some honey. He gives her a dime in return. Traver winds up getting a meal back at the cabin, but when he wants to leave with a…

… in print for years, as well as being reprinted under different titles. Later, the weekly magazine format came to predominate. These libraries were 32 pages, and sold for a nickel or a dime. Both formats were printed on cheap acidic paper, and relatively few have survived the years, despite circulation measured in the tens of millions.

Theodore Roosevelt-Newett libel trial at the Marquette County, Michigan Courthouse. Roosevelt won the verdict, but was awarded a dime.

Burke). The terms stated that the family wouldn’t be able to collect a dime of their inheritance until they accepted Big Guy’s illegitimate son, Wild Bill Westchester (Jerry Hardin) and his good-natured but ditzy wife Bootsie (Ann Wedgeworth) into their family.

… to promise Jack Warner that he would not demand a dime for his little role before he was allowed to stagger into Spade’s office.

… and tortilla factory in southwest Los Angeles. Carranza found that the discarded tortillas, cut into triangles and fried, were a popular snack, and she sold them for a dime a bag at the El Zarape Tortilla Factory. In 1994, Carranza received the Golden Tortilla award for her contribution to the Mexican food industry.

The tones are made by playing back 1700 Hz and 2200 Hz tones together. One 66 ms tone represents a nickel. A set of 2 66 ms tones separated by 66 ms intervals represent a dime, and a quarter is represented by a set of 5 33 ms tones with 33 ms pauses.

The story of Mary Free Bed began in 1891 when a small group of women wanted to help people who couldn’t afford health care. They passed a purse and asked anyone named Mary – or anyone who knew someone named Mary – to donate a dime. It was…

Kord is an inventor wearing a pair of antennae. Guy Gardner is a Pinkerton detective hunting Flash. Hawkman and Martian Manhunter also appear. There is also a cameo at the end by Clark Kent, as a dime novel writer.

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