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… party during a dinner, although Đính and his accused colleagues denied that the meeting was anything more than social. The generals were flown to Mỹ Khe beach, near Đà Nẵng.

…Édouard and Caroline are preparing for a family evening during which Édouard will be expected to play the piano. Lacking a dinner jacket Édouard goes to borrow one from his wife’s cousin. In the meantime Caroline attempts to re-model her…

Zhao spent four years as a fitter in Hunan, at the Xianzhong Mechanics Factory. Zhao Wujun, the youngest of his four sons, worked with him (Zhao also had a younger daughter). While in political exile, Zhao’s family lived in a small apartment close to his factory, with a small suitcase in the living room that served as a dinner table.

Zacconi is a leading figure in the UK tech industry and is a proponent of the UK government’s efforts to establish a tech city in East London. According to an interview in the Daily Telegraph, he also has a positive reputation in San Francisco as a leading tech figure following a dinner with Mark Zuckerberg. He was reportedly identified as…

Yixin and Hu Guobin were classmates at design school and share a love-hate relationship. She Weixiang and his partner Victor run a dinner dress rental and auction business. Although from a wealthy background, he is estranged from his…

Ying Chang Compestine (born March 8, 1963) is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and TV host. She has written over twenty books including her novel, Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party, which is based on her life growing up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Rio down and offered to bring him in on their plans with Giunta and Aiello. After confirmation of the treachery, an elaborate ruse was developed to get rid of the plotters. At the climax of a dinner thrown in their honor, Capone produced a baseball bat and beat the three men within an inch of their lives, before two or three gunmen stepped in to finish the job.

… should tell him why they were meeting.The Kelvin family agree to a dinner with Raymond and bring a guest. Miss Nicole Springer, a broadway singer in the making. Raymond finds himself very attracted to her. To even the extent of Quinn and him…

… (Chinese chess). He and a band of friends formed an opera school and performed traditional Peking opera. Even after he retired, Yang and his Tsinghua classmate Ho Ping-ti sang arias together after a dinner at Ho’s home at the University of Chicago.

Xi attended a forum hosted by the Paulson Foundation, an economic think tank founded by Henry Paulson. He also attended a dinner organized by local Chinese.

… variety of different forms in Wythe County. There are numerous opportunities for those that enjoy outdoor activities including a variety of trails, campgrounds, and parks in the area. Its first winery opened in 2006 and a second opened in 2007. A dinner theatre is located in the county seat, Wytheville.

Wuerl has been a strong advocate within the Catholic hierarchy for confronting sexual abuse more directly. In September 1988 when he was serving as Bishop of Pittsburgh, he accepted a dinner invitation from a family suing the diocese for…

Writing in 1980, Ian McEwan reveals, ‘My intention was to take a television cliché – a kind of family reunion, a dinner party – and to transform it by degrees and by logical extension to a point where fantasy had become reality. The…

… released, angered that Catalina was arrested with the help of a dubious vigilante. After she was released, Tarantula aided Blockbuster in his revenge campaign on Nightwing. When ordered to kill Grayson’s girlfriend, Barbara Gordon, she instead manipulated a dinner engagement between the two in such a manner that caused Barbara to break up with Grayson.

Workers in the 3M incident provided a dinner of mussels and French Fries to their kidnapped boss while he was being held.

… occasionally singing in subway stations as well as working as a singing waiter on the Spirit of New York, a dinner cruise ship that circles Manhattan.

… him to bear. He was not averse to spending other people’s money however. In 1818, 47 people dined at the city’s expense at a dinner given for the Duke of Gloucester at which they ate a turtle weighing 150 lbs given to the city by Lord Howard.

Wood is the chairman of the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).He also ran the Full Stop campaign to raise £280m through events such as a dinner with Bill Clinton and Elton John in St Petersburg.

… supported within five years. The appeal was launched with a dinner in February 2011 hosted by The Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace.

With the close of the session 1943-44, the Branch completed fifty years of useful life and this was celebrated, amongst other things, by the re-election of Professor Smart to the Jubilee Chair. There was a civic reception in the City Chambers, and a Dinner was held. The Astronomer Royal, Sir Harold Spencer-Jones, addressed the Branch.

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