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a director of the History Museum of Lithuania Minor. Two years later together with Alvydas Nikžentaitis he founded Centre of History of Western Lithuania and Prussia (from 2003 – Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and Archaeology) and…

…Šober was elected to serve a two-year term as a director of The International Association of Lions Clubs at the association’s 91st International Convention, held in Bangkok, Thailand, June 23-27, 2008.

Philosophy. He currently works as a professor, teaching in the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić. He is also a Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Podgorica-based Almanah association. His brother Rifat Rastoder is Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro and vice-President of the Social Democratic Party of Montenegro (SDPCG).

…Đặng Thị Minh Hạnh (Pleiku, 1961) is a fashion designer from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A director of the Vietnam Fashion Design Institute (FADIN) in Ho Chi Minh City, she is leading figure in Vietnam’s new fashion industry. She…

His first feature film as a director is 9 which won many awards in various film festivals and was the Official Turkish Entry for the 2003 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He wrote and directed seven feature films including Istanbul Tales (Anlat İstanbul), Ara, Gölgesizler (Shadowless), Ses (The Voice) and Nar (The Pomegranate).

…Øvrum has been a director at Atlas Copco since 2008. She is also a director of the University of Bergen and has served on the board of the Storebrand financial services company. She has held directorships with Ratos, Elkem and Siemens Norge.

…Özgentürk courted controversy with his fourth film, Su da Yanar (Water Also Burns, 1987), which concerned a director attempting to make a film about the life of controversial Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet.

…Éric Assous (born 30 March 1956, Tunis) is a director, screenwriter, dialoguist and dramatist living in France.

… classification. Beginning in 1875, he was a director of the herbariums at the museum. He was a professor at the museum from 1874 until he retired in 1905. Adrien Franchet was his assistant in the 80’s. He was succeeded by Paul Henri Lecomte.

…Åge Vedel Tåning (27 July 1890 – 26 September 1958 in Copenhagen) was a Danish ichthyologist. He was a director of the Carlsberg Laboratory.

Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother and CIA director Allen Dulles had close ties to the United Fruit Company. Undersecretary of State Bedell Smith later became a director of the UFC, while the wife of the UFC public relations…

… official games, and went on to have brief coaching spells in the decade, including six matches with CD Málaga in 1968-69 (after replacing Brazilian Otto Bumbel), which ended in top flight relegation; he also worked as a director of football with Valencia and Deportivo Alavés.

Zuzana Šulajová is a daughter of writer and pedagogue Ondřej Šulaj and actress Anna Šulajová. She is a photographer and actress. She studied Photography at the Academy of Art and Industrial Design (UMPRUM) in Prague. Her sister Katarína Šulajová is a director.

Zuzana Martináková is married (her husband Marián Bednár is a director of the Department of Communication of the Office of the President Ivan Gašparovič) and she is a mother of three sons – Michal, Juraj and Tomáš.

Zubrow is CEO and President of ITB LLC, a private investment firm, and served as a Director of Nuvelo Inc. since February 2, 2004 and its Lead Independent Director since September 2005. He was a Director of GSC Capital Corp, and served as…

Zsolt Richly (born March 23, 1941 in Sopron, Hungary) is a Hungarian animator who worked as a director in PannóniaFilm. His credits include the production of the Kockásfülű nyúl children’s series.

… fellow of the California Council on Science and Technology. He serves as chairman of the board of NanoOpto Corporation, Princeton Power Systems, and StarTek, Inc. (NYSE), President of Polyera Corporation, as a director of The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. (NYSE), and Washington Live, Inc.

Zoé Maria Chatzidakis is a mathematician who works as a director of research at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, France. Her research concerns model theory and difference algebra.

Anglo-Jewish Association of London which protested against Jewish persecution in Russia. He was vice-president of the Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society from 1885 and chairman in 1898-99, a director of the Royal Humane Society of Australasia and a…

Zoran Jolevski married Suzana Jolevska and they have two sons: Pero (1988) a Director at Blue Star Strategies, and Filip Jolevski (1992) an economist at the World Bank Group.

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