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Although most sources place him as Hürrem’s son. He was born in 1522 in Topkapi Palace, the Ottoman Empire, and died at the age of three due to a disease in 1525 in Istanbul. If his mother was indeed Hürrem Sultan, he would be most likely Mihrimah Sultan’s twin given the year of their births.

Zooplankton can also act as a disease reservoir. Crustacean zooplankton have been found to house the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, which causes cholera, by allowing the cholera vibrios to attach to their chitinous exoskeletons. This symbiotic…

Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (ZES) is a disease in which tumors cause the stomach to produce too much acid, resulting in peptic ulcers. Symptoms include abdominal pain and diarrhea.

… cat he was feeding. However, when he found that Dr. Thunderland quarantined the cat because of a disease, Zazie forgave him.

… was head of the navy trials department responsible for acceptance of new ships from the shipyards. He retired in 1986, and after 1990, he was actively involved in Soviet Navy veterans’ affairs. He died in 1998 from a disease of the lungs, and is buried in Moscow next to some of his comrades from the K-19.

Za Bakdaz : The Unfinished Opera is a collection of songs German countertenor Klaus Nomi was working on up until his death in 1983 from AIDS, a disease poorly understood at that time. The album was released posthumously in 2007. The large…

Yuan-ti play significant roles in various Dungeons & Dragons computer games. In Neverwinter Nights, a Yuan-ti is one of the four creatures the player must recapture to create a cure for a disease that is rampant across the city. They also…

… latitudes and the warmer parts of the temperate latitudes around the globe, between the parallels 55 degrees North and 40 degrees South.Contrary to popular belief, rats did not directly start the spread of the bubonic plague. It is mainly a

… and which produced the first known effective remedy for preventing and treating malaria (a disease which prevails in Southeast Asia to this day).

Yellow-band disease (similar to Yellow Blotch disease) is a disease that attacks colonies of coral at a time when coral is already under stress from pollution, overfishing, and climate change. It is characterized by large blotches or patches of bleached, yellowed tissue on Caribbean scleractinian corals.

Yellow fever is a disease also transmitted by mosquitoes native to Africa. Unlike malaria, it cannot be contracted more than once. Like chicken pox, it is a disease that tends to be severe the later in life a person contracts the disease.

Yellow Fever was a disease that caused thousands of deaths, and many people to flee the afflicted areas. It begins with a headache, backache, and fever making the patient extremely sick from the start, and gets its name from the yellow…

… has many problems. Eugenia realizes that his half brother Alexander mafioso be a torment in his life; Juan Manuel will leave by a disease which then pound.Eugenia and Catalina will have to make very important decisions to become happy and this mission will be very complicated because its terrible past the two have in Soul Wound…

… claiming that she only wants to provide for Yasuko’s happiness. Yasuko then turns her attention to the essay The Shrine in the Fields whereupon Mieko reveals that it was intended for her lover who died from a disease contracted at the front…

Xanthosis, or yellows, is a mid 20th century term for strawberry mild yellow-edge virus, a disease in strawberries, cause by the strawberry aphid. The disease is prevalent throughout the Americas.

… be in charge. (Stockdale hears that Irving had ROTC and thinks it is a disease). They report to boot camp, where Stockdale and the equally dim friend, Ben Whitledge, begin the struggle to become airmen.

… contracting a disease or hurting the opponent with exposed toe nails. As a result, wrestling shoes tend to have a high top design to provide ankle support and cushioning.

… coins when they were healed of a disease. Immediately northeast of the spring is the structure traditionally called the men’s bath.

… progression of a disease or condition. Such programs might encourage employees to better adhere to specific medication or self-managed care guidelines. Workplace wellness programs can be categorized as primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention efforts, or an employer can implement programs that have elements of multiple types of prevention.

Woodland elaeocarpus in susceptible to Elaeocarpus yellows, a disease discovered in 1999 and a type of Phytoplasma disease, which causes a chlorosis (Japanese: 萎黄病 io-byo) of the plant. Oxytetracycline has been used to fight the pathogen.

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