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…Ōoka Tadamitsu (1709-1760), a distant relative of Ōoka Tadasuke who had started as a 300 koku hatamoto, rose rapidly through the ranks and was eventually awarded Iwatsuki and 20,000 koku in 1756. His descendants remained at Iwatsuki until…

…Đurađ Bogutović (Ђурађ Богутовић; fl. 1370-1399) was Serbian nobleman. He is a distant ancestor of the Petrović-Njegoš family and the Njeguši tribe.

…Öz Beg’s father Togrilcha was one of the Genghisid princes that overthrew Tode-Mengu (r.1280-1287). Later, he was executed by Tokhta (1291-1312). Tokhta took Togrilcha’s wife and sent his son Öz Beg to exile in a distant region of the Golden Horde: either Khorazm or the country of Circassians.

…Áed mac Ainmuirech (died 598) was high-king of the Northern Uí Néill. He belonged to the Cenél Conaill and was a distant cousin of Columba of Iona. He was the son of Ainmuire mac Sétnai (died 569), a previous possible high king. His mother…

Zurbriggen retired from World Cup competition in April 2015 at age 33 with two victories and thirteen podiums. He is a distant cousun of former Swiss ski racers Pirmin Zurbriggen and Heidi Zurbriggen, and the cousin of Elia Zurbriggen.

Zinsuke: A samurai who wields a katana while relying on fast strikes and quick defenses. Coming from a distant oriental country, Zinsuke is ordered by his emperor to investigate the mystery of the lost continent while working with Rokurouta and Nanami.

Zhang Guan was a distant relative of the ruling family of Former Liang. He was serving as the governor of He Province (河州, modern southwestern Gansu and eastern Qinghai) under Zhang Xuanjing’s uncle Zhang Zuo, who had seized the throne…

… his fictional works in 1901, and several of his stories were published in the journal The New Direction ran by Dmitry Merezhkovsky and Zinaida Gippius. His first collection of stories was published in 1906. His first novel, A Distant Journey, appeared in 1912.

Zar returns to the Enterprise and passes as a distant relative of Spock, who oversees his education and attempts to train him in Vulcan telepathic techniques. They discover that Zar is an unusually strong telepath for a Vulcan; he can…

Zafar married his long-time fiancee Ayesha Fazli, who is a distant relative of Indian actor Aamir Khan, on 28 July 2009 in Lahore, Pakistan. They were blessed with a boy in 2010, and a girl in 2015.

Yvonne McMahon ran for Brantford’s fifth ward in 1976 and 1985, losing both times. She also ran a protest campaign for mayor of Brantford in 1982, finishing a distant second against incumbent Dave Neumann.

Yukio went to Joo-kyung’s retail shop, and bought some clothes for Ji-suk. He gave a delayed reply when Joo-kyung asked for Ji-suk’s size, and requested Joo-kyung to hand over the purchased stocks to Ji-suk upon meeting him, under the identity of a distant relative.

Yuchi is classified as a language isolate, because it is not known to be related to any other language. Various linguists have made claims, however, that the language has a distant relationship with the Siouan family: Sapir in 1921 and 1929, Haas in 1951, and 1964, Elmendorf in 1964, Rudus in 1974, and Crawford in 1979.

… dynasty. Yuan realises that he is unable to do anything to reverse the situation and decides to leave for good, so he sails to a distant land with his companions.

Yuan Taotu was a distant relative of the Chen royal family, with a fief at Yangxia (Taikang, Henan province). He is mentioned in passing in the Spring and Autumn Annals, Zuo Zhuan and Historical Records. In 656 BC, he accompanied Duke Huan…

Yuan Lang was born in 513, as the third son of Yuan Rong (元融) the Prince of Zhangwu, a key official in the Northern Wei imperial government who was a distant relative of the then-reigning Emperor Xuanwu. His mother was Lady Cheng. (It is…

Yuan Cha was the oldest son of Yuan Ji (元繼) the Prince of Jiangyang, who was a distant member of the imperial clan, whose ancestor was a son of Northern Wei’s founder Emperor Daowu. He served as a low level official in Emperor Xuanwu’s administration.

Your home will lie on a distant shore.

Younie ran for a seat in the Alberta Legislature in the 1979 Alberta general election in the electoral district of Rocky Mountain House. He finished a distant third place out of four candidates behind future Social Credit leader Lavern Ahlstrom and John Murray Campbell who won the district.

Young Ralph Pendrel of New York City has written a fine essay on the reading of history. The essay so impresses a distant English relative that he bequeaths an 18th-century London house to Ralph. Pendrel goes to London and explores the…

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