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…Șuie Paparude is a Romanian music band with a cult following in their native country. They are recognized as having a distinct sound and style, comparable with very few other local bands. As such, they were honored with multiple opening…

…Šuto Orizari became a distinct municipality in 1996.

… identifiable work to date. The album is the first of a highly conceptualized trilogy of DIY industrial rock metal operas that denote a distinct change in style for the group marked by aggressive death metal style guitar riffs, gritty orchestral sampling and guttural German spoken vocals.

France and many other countries, popularised the pursuit of cave exploration, introduced the concept of speleology as a distinct area of scientific study, maintained an extensive archive, and in 1895 founded , the first organisation devoted to cave science in the world.

Institute (KCVI) in 1977. In 1980 this became a separate module, serving students in grades 9 to OAC. The establishment of a distinct francophone public high school was first suggested in 1987, and the project came to fruition in 1994, leading to…

… demonstrated, from the initial casting in a prefabricated mould up to the finishing process in a forge. A distinct change in the inhabitants’ diet, in comparison with the previous period, can be observed: at Çukuriçi Höyük now, above all,…

…Çiğli gained village status after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and became a municipality in 1956. It was attached to İzmir’s metropolitan area in 1981, first as a dependency of the district of Karşıyaka, and in 1992 it became a distinct entity…

Zostera novazelandica Setchell is a species of seagrass in the family Zosteraceae found on the shores of New Zealand. It is regarded as a distinct species by some authors but considered as a synonym of Zostera muelleri Irmisch ex Ascherson by others. The Maori names for Zostera novazelandica are karepō, nana, rehia, and rimurehia.

… of the most important Chinese poetic genres. His committee at Princeton University included Chinese poetry mentor Yu-kung Kao and Andrew H. Plaks. This lyric genre emerged from the Han dynasty Music Bureau or Yuefu tradition, cultivated a

Zone III—the nitrogen fixation zone. Each cell in this zone contains a large, central vacuole and the cytoplasm is filled with fully differentiated bacteroids which are actively fixing nitrogen. The plant provides these cells with leghemoglobin, resulting in a distinct pink color.

Zis dialects, also called Balkan II, are a distinct subdivision within the Balkan group. Bugurdži, Drindari and Kalajdži Romani are spoken in Macedonia, Kosovo and in northern and central Bulgaria.

Zimmerit was applied to some tanks and casemate-style closed-top self-propelled guns and tank destroyers produced from December 1943 to 9 September 1944. It was only rarely applied to open topped AFVs. The rough appearance of the coating gave a distinct appearance; for one type, e,g. a shingle-like look.

… clover-like into three leaflets. The centre leaflet is elliptic in shape, 11-25 mm long and 3.5-8 mm wide and the others are similar but slightly smaller. The leaflets are flat and there is a distinct midvein on the lower surface but otherwise the leaf veins are difficult to see.

… leaves and the leaflets are elliptic to egg-shaped, 22-41 mm long and 7-13 mm wide. The leaflets have a distinct mid-vein on the lower surface and a few teeth on their sides near the tip. The leaf stalk is 12-18 mm long.

… with the other two leaflets slightly smaller. The leaflets have a distinct mid-vein on the lower surface and transparent oil glands. The leaf stalk is 2-10 mm long.

Zialo was recognized as a distinct language and studied by the Moscow-based linguist Kirill Babaev, member of the Russian Linguistic Expedition to Guinea, in January-February 2010. Before that, Zialo was considered a remote dialect of the…

… rainfall, a sandy, lime, loam soil, and a distinct day/night temperature, together with the cool, dry summers, Zhuolu may be quite suitable for the production of Vitis vinefera-based wines, such as Cabernet sauvignon.

Zephyranthes insularum H.H.Hume ex Moldenke (i.e. the species named by Hume) is accepted by the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families as a distinct species. Zephyranthes insularum auct. non Hume (i.e. a name applied by some authors other than in the sense intended by Hume) is a synonym of Zephyranthes puertoricensis.

Zamzam water is colourless and odorless, but has a distinct taste, with a pH of 7.5-7.7, indicating that it is alkaline to some extent.

Zamia integrifolia produces reddish seed cones with a distinct acuminate tip. The leaves are 20-100 cm long, with 5-30 pairs of leaflets (pinnae). Each leaflet is linear to lanceolate or oblong-obovate, 8-25 cm long and 0.5-2 cm broad,…

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