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… of 16. He graduated from McGill with a BA in 1957 and a BCL in 1961, although he never took the bar exam. That same year, Zuckerman entered the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned an MBA degree with a distinction of honor. In 1962, he received an LLM degree from Harvard Law School.

Zoophilia is a paraphilia involving a sexual fixation on non-human animals. Bestiality is cross-species sexual activity between human and non-human animals. The terms are often used interchangeably, but some researchers make a distinction between the attraction (zoophilia) and the act (bestiality).

Zombies are one of the basic kind of undead. Essentially, they are people who are dead, but haven’t stopped moving. The zombie activist Reg Shoe makes a distinction between ‘proper’ zombies and mere ‘old memories on legs’, describing the…

Ze’ev Iviansky attempted to draw a distinction as follows. While revolutionary individual terror and traditional political assassination share the common goal, a major political change, they differ in various aspects: tactics, methods,…

… babies, animals, objects (inanimate), etc.; a distinction in the first person plural (“we”) as to inclusive (including the hearers) and exclusive (not including the hearers); a frequent underspecificity of singular/plural distinctions.

… synthesis of opposites which are simultaneously perceived. He then goes on to draw a distinction between the syncretic montage of Pudovkin and the Eisenstein’s montage of collision (pp. 84-86). He prefers metamorphosis to cuts (p86).

Thackeray and became a Fellow of the British Institute of Architects, a distinction that had eluded his energetic father. John Young Junior died in 1910 in Brentwood, Essex.

… at The University of Edinburgh. That course introduced him to working creatively with sound and he went on to gain an MA in Sound Design at Bournemouth University for which he received a distinction.

Yilin Zhong was educated in The Central Academy of Drama at Beijing, China, and achieved a distinction BA degree in Drama Literature and Playwriting.

Yet, for minority language students in an L2 classroom situation, learning in an L2 does not imply that knowledge transfer will occur. It is possible that instead of having bilinguals or monolinguals, schools could produce half-linguals – half-literate in one or two languages. Early research by Cummins (1979) has shown that an ability to use the L2 in the playground does NOT imply that the student has the academic language to perform in the classroom. A

Yanomami languages have a distinction between oral and nasal vowels. There are seven basic vowels: a, e, i, o, u, ɨ (also spelled y), ə. In the Yanam language, u has merged with ɨ.

Yan-nhaŋu pronouns exist for first, second, and third person in both singular and plural forms. In the plural form, a distinction is made between dual and plural (if there are just two people or if there are more than two people.)…

… ancient Egyptians, Yale patented a pin tumbler lock for use in banks in 1851; he patented his pin tumbler lock for use in doors in 1863; in 1865 he patented the pin tumbler padlock, which are still widely used today. Yale’s model of the padlock was smaller, sturdier, more reliable, and innovative, proving to be a distinction among locks of his day.

… integration and consolidation, or materialization, various physical things are formed. Simultaneously, there is a tendency of opening. This tendency is of being strong, vigorous and not materialized. Both tendencies are indispensable, and they are responsible for the apparent distinction between matter and mind, a distinction that Xiong held is not real.

… not directly define the term (Jacobus, 2001). A distinction should be made; theology is a belief system and ethics is a behavior system.

Wright has also been critical of New Atheism and describes himself more specifically as a secular humanist. Wright makes a distinction between religion being wrong and bad and is hesitant to agree that its bad effects greatly outweigh its…

Workload is the amount of work an individual has to do. There is a distinction between the actual amount of work and the individual’s perception of the workload. Workload can also be classified as quantitative (the amount of work to be done) or qualitative (the difficulty of the work).

Workers were staying at home overnight, and would answer telephone queries. In between they could read or watch television. The employers argued that r 15(1) draws a distinction between work at home and work at an employer’s workplace, so when the worker was not working at home he should not be paid.

Word classes considered as syntactic categories may be called lexical categories, as distinct from phrasal categories. The terminology here is by no means consistent, however. Many grammars also draw a distinction between lexical…

Wolfenbarger was the U.S. Air Force’s highest-ranking woman, a distinction held until January 1, 2010, by Lt. Gen. Terry Gabreski, whom Wolfenbarger succeeded at Wright-Patterson.

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