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…Çako is the former husband of opera soprano, Inva Mula whom he married in 1987. According to their divorce files, Çako separated from Mula in 2007 and a divorce was completed in 2010 after 23 years of marriage. Çako and Mula have a son, Anthony Tchako, born in 1995 in Paris France, where the couple shared a dwelling.

Zubeida believes that Ghanzanfar is still in love with her and will leave his family for her so she demands a divorce. Farmaan begs her to stay but Zubeida insists and tells him about Ghanzanfar still loving her.

… her back to shore with the help of a distraught Max. Zoe suffers a severe case of hypothermia, but is released from hospital soon afterwards. Even though Zoe and Max share a kiss after the accident, Max is still angry with his new wife. Max later asks for a divorce from Zoe, but they later become more civilised with each other.

Zimmerman married the actress Ethel Jackson in 1902 at St. James Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.On August 3, 1908 Jackson obtained an interlocutory decree for a divorce without a co-respondent being named.According to the stipulation of…

Zhi Bin and Wang Zi Yu’s marriage was on the rocks with their constant bickering, so Ziyu stopped respecting him and insisted on a divorce. As Haolong felt that Zhibin was a reliable man, he decided to match make him with Qingqing instead.

Zhang’s first marriage resulted in one child and a divorce. She met her second husband, Liu Ming Chung, in Hong Kong and the couple married shortly after moving to America. Liu was born in Taiwan, grew up in Brazil and was trained as a dental surgeon, a career path he left in order to pursue the paper business with his wife.

a divorce. Gu, who makes much more than him, has been hopelessly frustrated by Zhang’s lack of motivation to improve himself, and wants to leave the country after the divorce, with their son. She agrees that Zhang can keep their son if he…

… no-fault divorce was often accompanied by movement toward joint custody instead of exclusive custody by the mother, and that this movement makes it more difficult for a mother to threaten a husband with complete loss of parental rights after a

… certain. Greenlee does not care to listen and soon leaves town. Zach sticks by Kendall’s side and tells her of his love for her. Kendall is afraid of his declaration, and starts to distance herself from him. She asks for a divorce, not admitting…

Yousuke’s parents had a divorce and his father remarried. However, Yousuke refused to accept his new mother and avoided her at home, eventually committing suicide. He is placed in a Death Game against Misaki where they must fight in an arcade game.

… (Joseph Gallison), a young man whom she found wandering in the park with amnesia and who grew more to Victor’s liking. Karen miscarried her baby and agreed to a divorce. Larry wanted to court Merrie again, but she had already accepted Tom’s…

Yoshimi Matsubara, in the midst of a divorce mediation, rents a run-down apartment with her daughter, Ikuko. She enrolls Ikuko in a nearby kindergarten and lands a job as a proofreader, a job she held before she was married, but this time…

Yoo-na has just gone through a divorce with Park Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo’s parents own a jewelry company, which he is due to inherit as the eldest son. But his younger brother Hyun-joon wants the CEO position for himself, and he schemes to gain control of the family business, along with his wife, Sung-eun, a successful jewelry designer.

… side of the road, where everybody suffers non-life-threatening wounds. Paul McCartney had found a romantic interest named Linda Eastman. Paul later married Linda Eastman, and after getting a divorce from their respective spouses, John and…

… fact she cannot make her husband happy. Mary grants her husband a divorce, but he does not want to leave her. He admits he has had an affair with Estelle, but that it didn’t mean anything. They reunite, although John announces he has lost all of his money. The film goes back to present, where Mary is told her husband has recovered from his illness.

Years later, Stephen runs into Helen, now a wealthy widow with three sons. They renew their acquaintance. Laurel is invited to stay at Helen’s mansion; she gets along very well with Helen and her sons. Stephen asks Stella for a divorce, but she turns him down.

… architectural firm, but quit in 1997 due to his phobias. As he ran out of money, he received a loan to buy a truck and began work in the delivery service industry. At the same time he began to isolate himself. He got a divorce in June…

It was Zhang who suggested Xu had been having an improper relationship in order to further drive a wedge between the couple. However, finally their 20-year painful relationship ended with a divorce in 1945. In 1946, Xu Beihong married Liao Jingwen, a librarian who took care of his life and career until he died in 1953. They had a son and a daughter.

… leads to a conflict between Jay’s family and the school. At the same time, Jay’s parents face a divorce. Jay is also given the elbow by other students. All of these consecutive incidents cause Jay to think of the real meaning in his daily routine – taking tests, going to cram school, studying hard, and what he really needs in his future life.

… for amphibians. While he sees her as a messy clumsy oath who pigs out on junk food. Unable to cope with each other anymore the two agree to a divorce after six month of marriage.

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