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… 1964 film The Flood (Poplava), a documentary about the 1964 Zagreb flood. He went on to make a number of acclaimed documentaries in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly dealing with social issues and art.

…İşler Güçler, is a Turkish comedy series which first aired on 28 June 2012 on Star TV and tells the story of 3 actors, with the motto, Modern Muzip Yalanlar.Ahmet, Murat and Sadi are actors who dream of shooting a movie and present a

…Álvaro Vargas Llosa (born 18 March 1966) is a Peruvian-Spanish writer and political commentator on international affairs with emphasis on Latin America. He is also the writer and presenter of a documentary series for National Geographic Channel on contemporary Latin American history that is being shown around the world.

Ząbecki was the subject of a documentary film made by WWFD Czołówka from Warsaw, the People’s Army film division. It was popularized in schools and community centres around Poland during the German trial of Holocaust perpetrator Franz…

… forbidden to protect the archaeological heritage of the site, but with the building of the pools, the local community was able to improve employment of local inhabitants through the funds earned by tourism. She created a documentary film, Blue is my colour: designing as an answer to nature about the project.

… as well as a documentary of the journey are planned for 2010. He also has left the possibility open to re-team with Morand in the future.

Zwigoff worked on a documentary about R. Crumb and his two brothers for nine years, during which Zwigoff said he was “averaging an income of about $200 a month and living with back pain so intense that I spent three years with a loaded gun…

Zuriel Oduwole was born in Los Angeles, U.S to a Nigerian father and a Mauritian mother. Her first venture into media and advocacy was in 2012 when she entered a school competition with a documentary film about Africa titled The Ghana…

Zumbo, as he is known in the culinary world, has also appeared on a documentary television series Zumbo, featuring the daily routine of the chef at his Balmain kitchen business. It screened on SBS One Thursdays at 7:30 pm.

Zoli Téglás, frontman for OC hardcore/punk band Ignite, previously filled in on vocals during the band’s set on the 2009 Smokeout Festival, while Lindberg was filming a documentary, The Other F Word, based on his book, Punk Rock Dad: No Rules, Just Real Life.

… working on Start-Up Karma, a management and leadership-themed book to be released next year and a documentary on recent trips to Haiti, India and Western Africa.

Zoe Dirse looks at the female gaze through the documentary film genre. Dirse, being a documentary film cinematographer, analyzes the aspects of pleasure and viewer identification in her own films. The female gaze can be analyzed both at…

Zipgun released three singles and two full-length albums on Pacific Northwest independent record label, Empty Records and several other singles on various labels. The band toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada and appeared in the Doug Pray film Hype!, a documentary chronicling the 1990s Seattle Grunge music scene.

Zimbalist’s eldest son, Jeff, is a documentary filmmaker, along with his second son, Michael. He also has two twin children named Alex and Ella Zimbalist. He lives with his wife Shelley, Alex and Ella in Northampton, Ma.

Ziering then began work on Derrida (2002), a documentary about her former mentor, the French philosopher Jacques Derrida. She partnered with Kirby Dick, with whom she co-directed Derrida. The film explores Derrida’s life and work while questioning the limitations of biography. It won the Golden Gate Award at the 2002 San Francisco International Film Festival.

Zielen van Napels is a documentary film by director Vincent Monnikendam that was first released in the United States in a special preview at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in 2005.

Ziegler was suspended for two days in 2006 following an on-air confrontation with John Kobylt of KFI’s John and Ken Show. On November 13, 2007, the day after he announced his departure from KFI, Ziegler broadcast his last show. He told a reporter that the decision was due to mental and physical exhaustion, and to his work on a documentary.

Ziad Antar’s short films evoke a world in conflict through a playful tone. In the aftermath of the 2006 Lebanon War, Ziad Antar produced a short film entitled La Marche Turque. The image shows the hands of a pianist playing Mozart’s partition, while the sound is hammered, reminding the one of bombings. In 2002, Antar had directed a documentary film devoted to his mentor, the photographer Jean-Luc Moulène.

Zhang Juzheng (Chang Chü-cheng) is an important character in Ray Huang’s 1587, a Year of No Significance, a documentary book on the period.

Zero Days was among 15 films shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary, but ultimately did not receive an Oscar nomination. The film won a documentary film Peabody Award in 2017.

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