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… in pioneer days, which were half price with the purchase of a dollar coin. Thomas L. Elder, a dealer coming into prominence at that time, spoke out against Zerbe, calling him a huckster whose advertising was misleading and who was bringing discredit upon coin dealers.

Xia Ya chooses a hair salon that is a dollar cheaper than the others, leading to many unfortunate events. When her handbag is stolen along with all her money, she does not even have one dollar to call her parents for help. However, when…

Without a dollar in his pocket, Russell E. Gardner left his home state of Tennessee for St. Louis in 1879. Three-and-a-half decades later he was a multi-millionaire. Gardner had made it big in St. Louis by manufacturing Banner buggies…

Baffin Island and Labrador. She was appointed as the Bureau’s consulting expert on a dollar a year basis. At her own expense, she chartered and outfitted the schooner Effie M. Morrissey. This schooner, owned and commanded by captain Robert…

… hotel with the school for a dollar a year. The lease excluded the south east wing of the former hotel to allow for the housing of the Henry B. Plant Museum. The University prospered for the next few decades, becoming a well-respected…

Avengers. Steve convinces a reluctant Luke Cage to be part of the new lineup after Tony Stark sells the reconstructed Avengers Mansion to Cage for a dollar, and Steve gives Cage carte blanche to maintain the New Avengers team, leading it as he…

… state. Fernando Fournier, the undersecretary of foreign affairs for Costa Rica, said it was his understanding that the Mustangs were sold for a dollar apiece.

With CHUM Limited dissolved, there were a number of changes. Between 2008 and 2009, Corus Entertainment acquired SexTV: The Channel, CLT, and Drive-In Classics from CTV Ltd. for an estimated worth $73 million and $40 million each. However, it was announced that CTVglobemedia would be selling CKX-TV in Brandon, Manitoba to Bluepoint Investment Corporation for a dollar. But that station was closed down on October 2, 2009, after Bluepoint rejected the deal the day before. At the same time, they shut down CKNX-TV.

While happily roller skating, Woody gets bullied by an angry Buzz Buzzard (Dal McKennon) who has just avoided being served a summons. Thinking the woodpecker might want to seek mild revenge on Buzz, law officer I. Gypem (also McKennon) tells Woody he will pay him a dollar to serve Buzz with the summons.

While West Germany agreed not to purchase gold from the U.S., and agreed to hold dollars instead, the pressure on both the dollar and the pound sterling continued. In January 1968 Johnson imposed a series of measures designed to end gold outflow, and to increase U.S. exports. This was unsuccessful, however, as in mid-March 1968 a dollar run on gold ensued through the free market in London, the London Gold Pool was dissolved first by the institution of ad hoc UK bank holidays at the request of the US government. This was followed by a full closure of the London gold market, also at the request of the US government, until a series of meetings were held that attempted to rescue or reform the existing system.

When the third card is dealt, the best cards are the highest cards.  Here the process of in and out is repeated. With the fourth card, the low cards are the best. Then with the fifth and last card, the higher the better. When a player gets three nuts, he or she will get the pot. If three nuts are not awarded within the first round, a second round is needed. With the second round, each player adds a dollar to the pot, so the pot doubles. This continues until someone gets three nuts, and thus the pot.

When the player had given either six correct answers (shown as plus signs on the scoreboard) or six wrong answers (minus signs), each for a dollar amount (killer-card turns were not counted), the game ended and the player won the total in the pot. Thus, the maximum amount that could have theorhetically have been won (add signs the total of all six highest dollar amounts) would have been $1,150,000. The game could also end prematurely if the pot fell so far below zero that it could not become positive given the possible number of correct answers and dollar values remaining; this occurred at least once. The eliminated player who lost would have his/her final dance.

When the piece was installed, in July 2008, viewers inserted a dollar the interrogator figure would pour water onto a rag over the captive figures’ nose and throat, upon which the captive figure would start convulsing.

When the original order-in-council of 1825 was introduced in Jamaica, Bermuda, and British Honduras, the local authorities set aside the mistaken rating of $1 = 4s 4d, and they unofficially used the alternative rating of $1 = 4s. The Bahamas would later adopt this same approach. When the 1838 remedial legislation came into force, sterling was well established in these territories, the Spanish dollar had been barred from circulation, and the authorities had no desire to adopt the devaluation that would have been associated with the correct rating of $1 = 4s 2d. The British shilling, referred to locally as a ‘Maccaroni’, was equal to one quarter of a dollar, and the system was working very satisfactorily.

When the football program was restarted in 1981, money was tight. In fact, there wasn’t enough money to furnish transportation to home games. The Bulloch County school system sold two buses for a dollar each to the team. The buses have been used by the team ever since as transportation to Allen E. Paulson Stadium. This tradition continued even when the Eagles rose to powerhouse status. This briefly ended with the arrival of Brian VanGorder, following his scrapping of the Eagles’ triple-option rushing attack. The tradition was revived after VanGorder’s departure.

When the director was new to the theatre group, and fearful of forgetting names, he used to give kids a quarter whenever he would confuse or blank on their names. Nowadays, he gives them a dollar (adjusted for inflation).

When the bill was brought back to the House floor on April 9, 1872, it was managed by Massachusetts Representative Samuel Hooper, chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency. He went through the bill section by section, and stated the bill would place the United States on the gold standard. In the ensuing debate, other representatives, including Potter and Kelley, showed their understanding of that. The bill now provided for competitive nickel bidding, but was again withdrawn, this time by Hooper, after Kelley accused Potter of trying to benefit New York bullion merchants. This fracas caused other New Yorkers to oppose the bill. On May 27, Hooper presented a substitute bill, which he got passed, 110—13, without it even being read. Among the changes that the House made to Knox’s bill were a slight increase in weight of the subsidiary silver coins (the dime, quarter dollar, and half dollar), making a dollar in them weigh 25 g.

… silver struck into dollar coins, but since there was more than a dollar’s worth of silver in a dollar coin, it was more profitable to sell the bullion to manufacturers and jewelers. So long as silver prices remained high, this effectively placed the United States on the gold standard.

When it was first launched in 2013, the app cost a dollar per download, however upon the advice of venture capitalists Drunk Mode became a free download. Before it became free the app had about ten thousand users, however by November 2014 (after it had become free) the app had about 100,000 users. As of April 2015, the app had 500,000 users.

… the first step of publicity is made out of nearly nothing and the public already splits in pro’s and con’s, sending a dollar each to Professor Jones. At first Jones is furious with Larkey. When he explains, that to get the first page he would have had to pay 5 Million dollars and he got it for free, he realizes that it could turn in his favor.

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