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…Žinčica (in Slovak) or Žinčice (in Czech), Żentyca (in Polish) is a drink made of sheep milk whey similar to kefir consuming mostly in Slovakia. It is a by-product in the process of making bryndza cheese.

Zutho is a fermented drink obtained from rice. It is a drink of the Angami Nagas and is commonly consumed by all Naga tribes in the rural regions of Nagaland.

Zac continually tries to win her back but his attempts prove futile and he fails. After having a chat and a drink with Nate Cooper, Zac ends up drunk and heads over to Leah’s. He climbs onto the roof and Roo and Leah watch him in shock.

Yxaiio pheromones – the aphrodisiac drink (‘Yxaiio’ for short) is a drink from the Austrian company Yxaiio GmbH. The drink is available in 196 ml aluminium bottles. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, Yxaiio’s purportedly effective substance is the aroma, which contains the scent of pheromones.

… ancient Korean traditions have managed to survive the passage of time and are still practiced today, such as debating the quality of a drink before a wedding and having a toddler choose from a set of objects to determine their future. The few…

… angry, he shouts his anger at not being invited and demands a drink. Louhi gets her maid to bring a mug of beer which is filled with serpents, Lemminkäinen removes and kills them and drinks the foul beer. He demands more beer be brought which he will pay for.

… taken to Blackbeard’s fortress and request an audience with him after making him a drink. He tells you a little about the mythology of the brethren but is knocked unconscious in the middle of it by Bone and his men. You fight the men and kill Bone and set sail for Cartagena.

… where Yoo Hee’s feelings for him grow. She invites him to a drink and she asks if they can date but he walks out on her because he has made a deal with her father, just like before. Yoo Hee’s father made a deal with Joon Ha when Yoo Hee and him were both in college. If Joon Ha stop seeing his daughter he would fund Joon Ha’s studies abroad.

Yoghurt is normally made into a drink called Laban. It may be taken either sweet mixed with Vimto or salted and smoked.

… (Ju, Chrysanthemum indicum, 甘菊). Such a drink originated from a famous herbal-drink formula in Qing dynasty called Sang Ju drink (桑菊飲) for expelling an epidemic spread in East China in 1814. It is easily available in East Asia or Asian groceries as a box of ready-to-drink small packets.

World Championship Mode : This mode is similar to a drink, as you have to make 4 runs against all the characters to get the highest score according to the positions you have achieved during your participation in racing. Having completed…

Words Hurt (2003): A girl goes to get a drink at a water fountain, then sees several other girls hanging out. The girls begin to tease the girl, saying things that literally form words and attack the girl. The girl then runs away, as one of the insults chases her. AGENCY: Publicis.

… case the infinitive is rather oddly replaced by the vocative, thus ‘acamit ayoŋ tomat’ to avoid confusion when you need a drink.

With the conflict over and District 13 completely evacuated, the gang lords then decide that it would be better to rebuild District 13 anew rather than try to patch up its remnants. The movie ends with the President authorizing the strike, the District 13 buildings exploding and the president breathing a sigh of relief, stating that he needs a drink.

With his arrival in Düsseldorf, Tristan already makes an impression on the ladies world. When he walks in at the NoLimits, Tanja von Lahnstein accidentally mistakes him for a business partner she wants to hire as a thief. Tristan gets that Tanja was expecting someone else and tells her that he isn’t the one she was waiting for, but he wouldn’t mind having a drink with her anyway.

With her intimate connection to the King, making a drink that could easily conceal poison, Tanya must decide if she will become a pawn in the political battlefield of late 19th century Korea.

… row over a blender he gave her as a gift, which only gets worse when she refuses to believe his story about George’s antics at his parents’ house when he fell in the pool. George takes Bryan out for a drink, initially intending to get rid…

With Christine, his partner who would later become his wife, he even found time to stage conferences for audiences as diverse as funeral directors and dentists, and publish several niche books such as Why Is British Architecture So Lousy? For someone who rarely had a drink and could not play a musical instrument, he was an expert on wine and classical music.

With 45.9 seconds left in the game, a fight broke out on the court between several players. After the fight was broken up, a fan threw a drink from the stands at Pacers player Ron Artest while he was lying on the scorer’s table. Artest then entered the crowd and sparked a massive brawl between players and fans that stretched onto the court.

Burke and Hare have to move the body, on the way they stop for a drink and Hare hears from Fergus, a local henchman of villain Danny McTavish, that Dr Knox pays for cadavers, especially now demand has gone up. Burke and Hare decide to sell…

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