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Tokugawa Ieyasu seized power and established a government at Edo (now known as Tokyo) in 1600. He received the title sei-i taishōgun in 1603, after he forged a family tree to show he was of Minamoto descent. The Tokugawa shogunate lasted until 1867, when Tokugawa Yoshinobu resigned as shogun and abdicated his authority to Emperor Meiji.

Tohoraata is a member of the family Eomysticetidae, a family of primitive baleen-bearing mysticetes (chaeomysticetes). The type species, T. raekohao, is based on OU 22178, a partial skull associated with a thoracic vertebra and five ribs,…

Tohir Malik was born on December 27, 1946 in Tashkent, in a family of military workers. Malik faced difficulties in his childhood in the aftermath of World War II. These difficulties kept Malik from attending secondary school. He instead…

Toh Aik Choon was born in the Malayan seaport of Penang in 1927. He was the youngest child in a family of three, he had an elder brother who was killed in the Second World War, and an elder sister. A.C. attended the Chung Ling High School in Penang before his education was disrupted by the Second World War.

Wintertons transferred the ownership of the flat into a family trust to avoid the inheritance tax threshold. Since 2002 they had paid the rent for living in the flat from their MPs’ expenditure. The Wintertons had declared their intentions to the…

… children without any family to care for them. The younger two were declared wards of the state and sent to live in the Colorado Children’s Home in Denver. As was the practice at the time, when the children reached the age of 12 they were sent to work for a family in exchange for room and board.

Togaviridae is a family of viruses. Humans, mammals, birds, and mosquitoes serve as natural hosts. There are currently 32 species in this family, divided among 2 genera. Diseases associated with this family include: Alphaviruses: arthritis, encephalitis; Rubiviruses: rubella.

Todor Slavov was born on 22 January 1984 in Varna, a family of Slavi (1964) and Tatyana Slavovi. His father worked in the construction field, and his mother in the system of insurance.

Todd was a family friend of chemist Frederick Soddy, then a lecturer at the University of Glasgow. In 1913, Soddy explained to her the research on radioactivity for which he later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1921. He had shown that…

… inspired to create a family production company after Withrow’s experiences working with Francis Ford Coppola on five films, starting with The Outsiders.

… alterations dominate its present exterior appearance. It features a steeply pitched gable roof. Also on the property are several farm buildings and a family cemetery.

Today, this boat is too small, too slow, and inadequate for commercial fishing. In its day, it could support a family, and sometimes two, but it now serves mainly as a pleasure craft. These boats can be found as far north as Alaska and as far south as San Diego. In spite of its downturn, its value as a small craft continues to be seen in similar hulls built in other parts of the world such as South Africa, Chile, Egypt, and India.

… bayou provides a fragile home to a family of alligators with newborn babies. Here, Tab Benoit explains that hope for New Orleans’ future will lie in concerted efforts to not only preserve but restore these wetlands by redirecting the Mississippi River’s silt and re-planting vital foliage.

… and loses his divine powers. As a result, the lean-built Pudding becomes a giant fat cat Sai-sai-lei. Sai-sai-lei is then adopted by as a pet by a family consists of Ng Sau-lung (Louis Koo), his wife Chow Lai-chu (Ma Li), their elder son Ng…

Today, the castle acts as a tourist attraction in addition to being an important historical structure. Theater performances, concerts and readings can be attended on the castle grounds during the summer months, and there is a family museum located within.

Today, the altar, stone burial mound, archway and other artifacts are arranged to replicate the burial area as it was found in Yongtai Village (near Beijing) in 1919. Other tombs in the complex suggest that this tomb was part of a family burial plot, as a number of his sons were buried near by.

Today, the Museum’s 60,000 square feet include exhibition galleries, a Museum Store, Café, a 154-seat auditorium, a library containing 50,000 books and 55,000 slides, a Family Resource Center dedicated to participatory interactive programming and an 11,500-square-foot off-site facility, the Ridley-Tree Education Center at McCormick House.

Today, some Orthodox Jews, particularly the more traditional ones (such as many Haredi and Hassidic communities), continue the practice of sitting shiva for a family member who has left the religious community. More liberal Jews, however,…

Today, Sugar Loaf Farm is a family operated estate that specializes in raising Black Angus cattle. Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley it remains a significant cultural artifact for Augusta County, Virginia.

Today, South Fayette is a fast-growing community benefiting from its proximity to Downtown Pittsburgh, Southpointe, Pittsburgh International Airport and Robinson commercial district as well as its highly ranked school district. In 2013, South Fayette was nominated as the best Pittsburgh suburb to raise a family in a regional survey.

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