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… was from Agbedegbede Compound, Irẹmọ Quarters (the ancestral home of the Giesi). His father is Prince Rọ́pò Ògúnwùsì, a veteran broadcaster. He is the third son in a family of six. He has three sisters.

…Špaček was born in 1986 in Třebíč, Czech Republic, to a family with musical tradition. His father, Josef Špaček Sr., is a prominent cellist with the Czech Philharmonic and his siblings have also studied music. Špaček studied at the Curtis…

… after marrying a woman from Niš and starting a family. Though the family lived in Belgrade, Aleksandar was born in Niš due to his mother visiting her relatives at the time.

…Škoda ForCity is a family of low-floor trams built by Škoda Transportation. ForCity trams were ordered by transport companies of Bratislava, Chemnitz, Eskişehir, Helsinki, Konya, Miskolc, Prague and Riga. As of September 2016, 527 units were ordered.

… got married and started a family. Dragoslav was an infant when the family moved to Belgrade due to his father getting a job at the Ministry of Agriculture.

…Ştefan Odobleja was born into a family of peasants in 1902, in Valea Izvorului (now Ştefan Odobleja), Mehedinţi County, Romania. He attended the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest and became a physician. He practiced medicine as a military…

…Ľubomír Harman (31 March 1962 – 30 August 2010) was a Slovak mass murderer who on 30 August 2010 killed 7 people, including a family, and wounded 17 more in a densely populated suburb of the Slovak capital Bratislava, before committing…

…Đurović was born to parents Danilo Đurović from Sokolac and Mileva Cerović from Rogatica, both active World War II participants on the Partisan side who moved to Belgrade after the war, got married, and started a family.

…Đurić was born on October 4, 1933, in Cetinje, the historic capital of Montenegro, then part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and grew up in a middle-class family. His mother, Vjera Đuric (née Kujačić) was a biology teacher and his father Ranko Đurić belonged to a family of entrepreneurs.

…Černá was born in Ostrava, from a family who had moved to the area from Lvov, Ukraine, after the Russian Revolution. She studied dance in childhood, specialising in ballet but also studying modern dance.

…Óttar of Dublin belonged to what has been referred to as the Ottar dynasty, a family of powerful jarls and sometimes kings of the Irish Sea region and surrounding waters, characterised by the repeated use of the personal name Óttar.

…Óttar of Dublin belonged to what has been referred to as a ‘dynasty of Óttars,’ a family characterised by the repeated use of the personal name Óttar. Over a number of centuries its members were active throughout the Irish Sea zone, often in conjunction with the Uí Ímair, from Caithness in the far north of Scotland to Cork in the south of Ireland.

…Ó Seachnasaigh, O’Shaughnessy, collectively Uí Sheachnasaigh, clan name Cinél nAedha na hEchtghe, is a family surname of Irish origin. The name is found primarily in County Galway and County Limerick. Their name derives from Seachnasach…

…Ó Neachtain was a member of a family who originated in Máenmaige but were expelled to the Fews of Athlone by either the Ua Conchobhair Kings of Connacht or the de Burgh Earls of Ulster. Seán Ó Neachtain was born at Cluain Oileáin in County…

…Ó Maolchonaire, more properly Ó Maol Chonaire, sometimes Ó Mhaoilchonaire, Ó Maolconaire, etc…, was the surname of a family of professional poets and historians in Medieval Ireland. Traditionally it would have been spelled without the ‘h’, but with…

…Ó Maoil Tuile is described as a learned man and a native of Connacht (2007, p. 429); the tract Crichaireacht cinedach nduchasa Muintiri Murchada lists a family of that name in what is now County Galway.

…Ó Gibealláin was a member of a family originally from Elphin in what is now County Roscommon, who were notable jurists and churchmen in medieval Ireland.

…Ó Gadhra was born on a family farm in Feenagh, County Limerick in 1943. His parents had returned to Ireland from the United States. He attended the Feenagh primary school before enrolling at the Scoil Mhuire secondary school in Dromcollogher and De La Salle residential school in Waterford.

…Ó Fialáin was a member of a family associated with Boho, County Fermanagh (see Bhotha Mhuintir Uí Fhialáin). John Ó Fialáin is stated in the Annals of Ulster as been the professor in poetry for the sons of Phillip Mág Uidhir upon his death in 1483.

…Ó Clumháin was a Gaelic bard of a family of poets, originally from County Galway in Connacht. Early members of the family included Gilla Aenghus Ua Chlúmháin, ollamh of Connacht in poetry, who died in 1143, and his son, Aindileas Ua Chlúmháin, who died in 1170.By the 15th century, a branch of the family were house poets to O’Hara of County Sligo.

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