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…ΤΑ ΝΕΑ ΤΟΥ ΑΝΤ1 (also branded on air as ANT1 News) is a famous news television programme in Greece aired by ANT1 since 1989 and is currently hosted by Nikos Hadjinikolaou as well as the rest of the ANT1 News Team.

… village progressed during the Soviet era and is regarded as an urban monument. It is known for being the home of Marija Pečkauskaitė – Šatrijos Ragana, a famous Lithuanian writer (1877-1930).

…Željko Božić (born September 29, 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia; died June 7, 2006) was a famous Serbian stuntman and actor.

…Šventoji is an important archaeological site as the first artifacts are dated about 3000 BC. A famous cane shaped as moose head was also found in the town. It is a former fishing village now turned into a tourist town. The town always…

… close to the border with Latvia. Further north of the town is Būtingė and its oil terminal. Šventoji River flows into the Baltic sea at the town. The town also has a famous lighthouse, which is located 780 meters from the sea. Its height is 39…

…Şükrullah (1388-1488) was a 15th-century Ottoman historian and diplomat. He was born in 1388 in Amasya and died in Constantinople and is one of the earliest Ottoman historians. He wrote a famous universal history in the 1460s Persian…

…Śrinivāsa Āchārya Thakur (May 15, c. 1517 – May 9, ?) was a famous Vaishnava guru, the pupil of Jiva Gosvamin and teacher of Yadunandana dasa and Radhavallabha dasa, among others. He converted King Birahambira to Vaishnava. His daughter, Hemalata Thakurani, was also a guru.

…Ōtsu, a port on Lake Biwa just east of the imperial capital of Kyoto, lay at a famous cross-roads for trading routes and particularly the important highway to the administrative capital of Edo. Here and in the villages near it, there…

…Ōmiya derives its name from a famous Shinto shrine, the Hikawa Shrine, which has been a place of pilgrimage since at least the Heian period. During the Edo period, the area flourished as Ōmiya-shuku, a post station on the Nakasendō…

…Ōkawa was transferred from the jail to a US Army hospital in Japan, which concluded that he had mental instability, caused by syphilis. Later, he was transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital, a famous mental hospital, where…

…Ōji Inari of Ōji, Kita, Tokyo, is known to be the head of Inari Ōkami, it is also a famous place for kitsunebi.

…Ōizumi, now a famous actor, was an unknown college student when the program started.

…Ōchi contains the Memorial Hall of Hideo Murata who was a famous Japanese rōkyoku and enka singer. A major attraction are the Udonoiwaya Buddhist rock carvings. The scores of images of Buddha date from as early as the 7th century. Also popular is the nearby Mikarinotaki (Looking Back Waterfall).

…Ōarai attracts 3 million visitors a year. Tourist attractions include bathing beaches, yacht and cruiser marina, marine sports, camping site, fishing, aquarium, and a famous golf course. It is known for its monkfish.

…İstanbul Toy Museum in Göztepe has on display 4,000 toys and miniatures, from Turkey and abroad; many of the exhibits are antiques, some of which date back nearly 200 years. The first floor of the museum is actually the site of the Eyüp Toy Shop, a famous toy shop that had closed down in the 1950s.

…Đọi Sơn is an aged pagoda. It is one of the typical architectural works in the 12th century. The pagoda is also a famous sight in Hà Nam Province for its beauty.

…Đoàn Thanh Lam (Hanoi, 19 June 1969) is a famous Vietnamese singer. She is one of the four divas of Vietnam.

…Đorđević’s unplugged performance with Arsen Dedić in Terazije Theatre in 1987 resulted in a famous bootleg album Arsen & Bora Čorba Unplugged `87. Bora priča gluposti, released in 1988 features a recording of his poetry evening. In 1996 he released Njihovi dani on which he demonstrated his anti-Milošević attitudes.

…Đenis Đenis (Enis Bešlagić) – He is a famous rocker, that came to Faruk two times to record a hit. Izet got involved and his plan failed.

…Đam San or Đăm Săn (in Ê Đê: Klei Khan Y Dam San; in Vietnamese: Bài ca Đam San)(klei khan: epic, Y: middle name of Ede people for male, literally: The Great Epic of Sir Dam San) is a famous seven-chapter epic of the Ede people of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. It is about the heroic E De chieftain Dam San.

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