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…Östervik chapel is a unique small church which has a fascinating history and architecture.

Zara Mahurin had always shown a fondness for books, and during her student days mathematics was to her a fascinating study.

ZEEK: The Hasidim/Misnagdim analogy is a fascinating one, though I can see how some folks in the Havurah movement might have bones to pick there.

Yugoslav women yearned for other basic feminine products, such as make-up, which were taken for granted in the west. This led to a fascinating disconnect between Western and Eastern European feminists. While Western feminists felt stifled…

With two separate greens, this hole features a fascinating strategy contrast. When the pin is on the left green, a monster bunker protects the hole and the player will need to fight through dense rough. The right green is open, but has a long right dog leg.

… intriguing resemblance of an Indian temple, the Fox Theatre was a fascinating attribute to downtown Oakland. At this time, theaters across the nation strived to be more than just a typical building. The designs of various theaters were inspired greatly by Middle Eastern and Indian architecture.

With lush landscapes and a surreal under-water world, Janbaaz Sindbad is a fascinating world where good combats evil. Mamik Singh is seen playing the role of Arslaan in the series.

With Homer and Lisa re-united, he tells her that it is all right to take risks in life. The two decide to go to the museum after all, by illegally entering since it is now closed. While there, they make a fascinating discovery that the Orb…

… properly have been categorised by history as the first truly German empire: hence the title chosen for this work. In 2002, Pennant magazine described the study as a fascinating history, very well researched and illustrated, while in 2003…

… and James Monroe. For a time, Wirt took advantage of the hospitality of the country gentlemen and the convivial habits of the members of the bar so that he was regarded by other attorneys as a bon vivant, a fascinating, cheerful and lively, companion, rather than as an ambitious lawyer.

… particular, Stettin and St Petersburg) and languished after the First World War. The Johnston Collection, which was gathered by the local photographer’s business between 1863 and 1975 provides a fascinating insight into the history of the town and the industry.

When resources are constrained it is a fascinating management problem to consider how best to manage the health of assets. It is rare that assets can be managed in an unconstrained way as resources are always limited by a need to make efficient use of them.

Valli starts a fascinating journey seeking fresh hopes in life and an environment to suit herself. She hides her own identity in the new environment and tries settling into a new life without any burdens and sorrows. During this period, There comes a new problem which she had never imaged about.

Valeria sets out to save their happiness by proving her husband innocent of the crime. In her quest, she comes across the disabled character Miserrimus Dexter, a fascinating but mentally unstable genius, and his devoted female cousin, Ariel. Dexter will prove crucial to uncovering the disturbing truth behind the mysterious death.

… glowing hemispheric islands in the Uros piece seem to float in mid-air, creating a fascinating illusion that gravity has temporarily disappeared. The biennale show, titled ILLUMINATIONS, was the perfect forum for this computer-controlled light…

Understanding syntax can help a writer avoid ungrammatical, convoluted, and misleading prose – Learning how to bring the units of language into consciousness can allow writers to reason their way to grammatically consistent sentences, and to diagnose problems. Grammar is a fascinating subject in its own right, when it is properly explained.

Ukraine Nature Conservation Society (Ukrpryroda) was founded on June 28, 1946 during an environmental disaster – a drought that triggered a famine. It has a fascinating history of struggle of the founders of the Ukrainian environmental…

… bred. White rhino, blue wildebeest, zebra, impala, gemsbok and many other species are to be seen in their natural surroundings.The area is also ideal for a day trip or a fascinating weekend’s viewing and a pair of binoculars always comes…

Tufts and Knudsen, who also act as producers of American Mormon, were continually surprised and amused by the misconceptions many people appeared to share concerning the LDS faith. Believing this to be a fascinating and worthwhile subject…

Tropical Fishes and Home Aquaria : a practical guide to a fascinating hobby / Author: Morgan, Alfred Powell, Publisher: New York : C. Scribner, Date: 1953, c1935.

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