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Z-Trim was originally developed as a fat substitute by the U.S. Department of Agriculture made of natural dietary fibers. It is currently licensed for manufacture to Z-Trim Holdings.

… compare our father’s conduct to a fat animal, that carries its tail upon its back, but when affrighted, it drops it between its legs and runs off.

Yosemite Sam appears in Wabbit voiced by Maurice LaMarche. His appearance has him depicted to having a larger moustache and a fat body. Yosemite Sam is often shown trying to commit crimes or obtain items where Bugs Bunny always thwarts him. He is also shown to own a lot of cats at his house.

Yipao escapes and plots how he will avenge his brother’s death. He encounters a fat beggar (Sammo Hung) and, impressed by his kung fu, he asks the beggar to become his new kung fu master. After extensive training, the beggar asks Yipao to…

Working with his three friends at their new software development company Skullbocks, Stanford graduate Milo Hoffman is contacted by CEO Gary Winston of NURV (Never Underestimate Radical Vision) for a very attractive programming position: a

… eventually developed. Little Boy was a gun-type fission weapon that used uranium-235, a rare isotope of uranium separated at the Clinton Engineer Works at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The other, known as a Fat Man device (both types named by Robert…

… completely flat and Woody rolls him up. He then takes him over to an advertisement for the gym with a picture of a fat woman on a billboard and pastes him on there like sticker, making fun of his weight. The man emerges from the billboard, but with the backside of the fat woman.

… cancer, colorectal cancer, other cancers excluding nonmelanoma skin cancer in the past 10 years, adherence or retention concerns (e.g., a substance abuse history or dementia), or a baseline diet that included a fat intake accounting for less than 32% of total energy intake.

With the release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and before that, since the move to 64-bit architectures in general, some software publishers such as Mozilla have used the term Universal to refer to a fat binary that includes tailored builds for…

With the CM-5, announced in 1991, TMC switched from the CM-2’s hypercubic architecture of simple processors to a new and different multiple instruction, multiple data (MIMD) architecture based on a fat tree network of reduced instruction…

… camp, while others believe it is a fat camp, military camp, or an acting camp. The kids use the money their parents had paid for camp to buy toys and food. After a little while, they get bored and wonder if they should just return home. Mud…

… every user that has access to a FAT drive also has access to all files on that drive. The FAT file systems provide no access control lists and file-system level encryption like NTFS.

Whitney Way Thore (born April 14, 1984) is an American television personality best known for her appearances on the television show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which the TLC network airs. As a fat acceptance movement activist, Thore has also achieved national recognition for her online campaign for promoting positive body image, No Body Shame.

Whilst on his excursion he sees a coin on the ground, and thinks his good fortune as a way to buy a quick fix of chocolate, only to be dismayed to think the coin must be a novelty, as it is engraved with the image of a fat boy and the…

When performing in concert, Yankovic wears a fat suit and a mask that makes his face appear fat. Due to undergoing laser vision correction surgery, he no longer needs to wear glasses, though he wears glasses with non-prescription plastic lenses in order to help hold on the mask.

When examining the rotator cuff, the MRA has a couple of advantages compared to the native MRI. Through a fat suppressed T2-weighted spin echo, MRA can reproduce an extreme high fat-water-contrast, which helps to detect water-deposits with better damage diagnosis in structurally changed collagen fiber bundles.

… taking her considerable accumulated leave. When the novel ends, Jackrum has reunited with her long-lost son on the advice of Polly, although she has apparently introduced herself as his father rather than his mother, on the grounds that a

… delete. For example, if Windows Disk Management (Windows 2000/XP, etc.) is used to delete a partition, it will overwrite the first sector (relative sector 0) of the partition before removing it. It still may be possible to restore a FAT or NTFS partition if a backup boot sector is available.

When a group of students see the alien with Dicky they forcibly take it and try to cut it but nothing seems to work. At last they try to use a drill and Dicky jumps on them. Dicky tries to hit one of the students but a fat boy stops him…

Wet chemical (potassium acetate, potassium carbonate, or potassium citrate) extinguishes the fire by forming an air-excluding soapy foam blanket over the burning oil through the chemical process of saponification (an alkali reacting with a

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