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Youichi’s classmate. Mitsuko works part-time at Hinode as a waitress in part as a favor to Youichi’s mother and in part because she wants to be close to Youichi (who is largely unaware and uninterested in romance). She gets jealous if…

… buy something on a ghostly plane. She explained that his money was useless in the afterlife and the reason she could contact him was because his fate had yet to be determined. She handed him a Bank of Hell Sulphur Card in return for a favor. He agreed and explained how he had funded some of Mister Code’s seminars years ago and that he had hired Code to shoot Lacuna.

Work on a frame house at the farm was halted by the unexpected death of Smith’s eldest son, Alvin, in 1823. Smith subsequently failed to make payments on the farm. Lemuel Durfee purchased it as a favor to the family and allowed the Smiths to continue there as renters through 1830.

… for advice about what to do next as Worf believes that Kurn will need something to do with his time. At Dax’s suggestion, Worf asks Odo for a favor and gets Kurn a position with Odo’s Bajoran security force. However Kurn loses his position when he allows himself to be shot without any attempt to defend himself.

With only four days until the bar exam, an utterly unprepared law intern, Rick Robinson (Ben Gourley), is given a rare opportunity to score points with his boss, Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer) and without thinking, commits to a favor he…

Ellen to call in a favor from Bryan to bring them home. Sue Ellen then obtains the keys to her mother’s Volvo, and begins stealing from petty cash at GAW to support the family, intending to return it when she receives her paycheck.

Wilson surprisingly responds that he’s been planning to leave his wife anyway and run off to Las Vegas with his mistress, Ellen (Pamela Mason). He tells Fred that he will be doing him a favor by killing his wife. Fred does not believe that…

Willie D, who had signed to Rap-A-Lot as a solo artist in 1988, was added to the group at James Prince’s request as a favor. Willie would later reveal that he was reluctant at first to join the fold, as he wanted to make a solo album. However, his debut LP entitled Controversy, would be released several months after Grip It! On That Other Level.

Will is a werewolf student attending Shadow Falls. He is Lucas’s closest friend. Whenever Lucas asks him for a favor, he would agree to it. He doesn’t believe in the old beliefs of werewolves.

While writing the album, bassist D’Antonio asked Ferret Music if they could sign his band as a favor since D’Antonio illustrated the covers for some of the albums released through the label. Ferret were said to have signed Killswitch…

… unwanted skunk spruce Cappy bought years ago as a favor to a friend. Not only does Bill sell all of the spruce, he also generates orders for all of the lumber the company has and more, all in a single business trip across the western United States, forcing Cappy to send him to Seattle to buy the shortfall from a hard-negotiating competitor.

… special coins be broken in half, with Struan keeping four halves and the other four being distributed by Jin Qua. When a half coin is presented to Struan that matches his own half, he is obligated to do a favor to the bearer. The first favor is called in later in the novel, by the pirate Wu Kwok. The film does not convey this.

… received direction only from Morrissey, and noted that he never saw Margheriti on the set. As a favor for producer Carlo Ponti -whose name was in the Italian poster, but didn’t actually took part in the making of Blood for Dracula- Margheriti…

While relieved he had nothing to do with Minnie’s bad behavior, Luke is shocked when Nanny Sue reveals she was actually called in by Graham and Jane (Becky’s parents) to confront Becky as a favor to them. After observing her behavior at…

… his truck. Doing a favor for an old friend, madam Penelope (Eileen Brennan), he picks up six prostitutes (Daina House, Susan Sarandon, Melanie Mayron, Leigh French, Mews Small, and Valerie Curtin) to bring them across the border. He heads off into the night with the police on his tail, and becomes a folk hero.

These experiences led to his 1995 book for gay and lesbian teenagers, Being Different, which he did as a favor to his editor, E. Russell Primm.

Sakina, fool Tara into thinking that they have got him a spot on a music show in return for a favor. Tara performs badly in front of the musyed by Sakina (Amisha Patel). His friend then gives him tablets that help him prove his singing skills.

While delivering food from his father’s Chinese restaurant, Mu-Ryong becomes involved in a car accident, coincidentally with Yoo Hee. They exchange insurance information and Yoo Hee learns that he lied to her on their date, realizing that he is 1 year younger than her, and that he met her only as a favor to a friend.

… the Emperor in power and from whose ranks the Emperor (or on rare occasions Empress) is almost always chosen. As it is well known that the Dwarfs will always remember a favor (or a foe), the High King of the Dwarfs, Kurgan, ordered the…

… somewhat relieved, Sarah points out that a prominent scar has disappeared, which Leslie cannot explain. Concerned, Josh calls in a favor and surprises Sarah with a vacation at a luxurious hotel. There, Sarah sleeps well and does not experience any of her previous symptoms.

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