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…Željko Lelek (born 9 February 1962, Goražde, Bosnia and Herzegovina), a Bosnian Serb, was the first individual indicted for the mass rape crimes that were a feature of the expulsion of the Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) population of the town of…

…Đuro then caught a bit of break when the award-winning director Emir Kusturica cast him in Dom za vešanje, which became the young actors very first role in a feature film. The fact this was Kusturicas first feature after the directors…

…Ó Criomhthain lived in a cottage or stone cabin with a hearth at the kitchen end and sleeping quarters at the other. A feature of island life much remarked upon by mainland readers of his books was the keeping of animals in kitchens at night, including cows, asses, sheep, dogs, cats and hens.

… first accurate measures of the expansion rate. Cosmological redshift is now conventionally understood to be a consequence of the expansion of space; a feature of Big Bang cosmology.

Zune-branded media playback software is a feature of Windows Phone devices. These phones sync with the Zune software and are compatible with Zune Pass.

… there, and Afghanistan. She interviewed Mullah Zaeef of the Taliban. Her reports from Israeli-occupied Palestine produced some of her finest work including a feature profiling a Palestinian suicide bomber and an interview with the elusive leader of Hamas.

Zoë Kate Hinde Heller (born 7 July 1965) is an English journalist and novelist. She has published three novels, Everything You Know (1999), Notes on a Scandal (2003), and The Believers (2008). Notes on a Scandal was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and was made into a a feature film in 2006.

Zorro and Scarlet Whip Revealed! is a feature that includes The Earthquake Machine, Z-Virus, and Poll Axed.

Zombie was planning to make Blacklight a multimedia franchise that would include the video game, a feature film, and a trilogy of comic books, however the company became defunct on January 8, 2015. The idea was concepted by Zombie…

Zoie Palmer was awarded the Gold Medallion Acting Award for Best Actress in a Feature Film for Cold Blooded by the 2012 Bare Bones International Film Festival; and Best Actor for Terminal Venus by the 2004 Baja Film Festival (Mexico).

Zipcasts do not currently support screen sharing with the presenter, a feature available in competing paid services like WebEx and GoToMeeting. Additionally, presenters using Zipcasts are not able to control the flow of a presentation allowing viewers to navigate back and forth through the slides themselves.

… themselves – only their settings and user files. The product is cited as an alternative to the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard, a feature that has been removed from Microsoft Windows 10 standard options.

Ziering was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for September 1997. She appeared on the cover twice, first in August 1997, then in July 2003, along with a feature pictorial. Prior to Playboy, Ziering was a swimwear model usually modeling for…

Zero stress can be said to be a feature of conjunctions, postpositions, particles and monosyllabic pronouns.

Zero address arithmetic is a feature of a few innovative computer architectures, whereby the assignment to a physical address space is deferred until programming statement execution time. It eliminates the link step of conventional compile and link architectures, and more generally relocation.

… voice acting, but the new ending from The Novel is not included. The remaster also includes a story flowchart, a feature used in the following games, that helps the player track which endings they have completed as to obtain the game’s true ending.

Zenith was the subject of a feature article Macomb Township Chronicle in January, 2015. Zenith was also featured in articles in the Detroit Free Press in May, 2008 and in the Oakland Press, the Royal Oak Tribune and the Macomb Daily in November, 2000.

Zenith manufactured models of television sets in the US in the 1980s, most notably their Digital System 3 line, that had built-in WST teletext decoders as a feature, much like most British/European TV sets. Teletext services in the US like…

Zebra patterning (or zebra stripes) is a feature found on some prosumer and most professional video cameras to aid in correct exposure. When enabled, areas of the image over a certain threshold are filled with a striped or cross-hatch…

Zap aired in the mornings from 1978-1979 on Cleveland, Ohio NBC station WKYC which had a feature similar to TV Powww.

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